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#Hermosa Beach green, Mayor Michael DiVirgilio & Parolee caught

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just thought you might like to read the excellent coverage The Beach Reporter gave to the Upper Pier Ave project and PCH/Aviation which explains exactly what's going on in the City of Hermosa Beach and the reasons why the streets are torn up in case you weren't aware.

So happy to see the PR company the city council hired has done a great job of focusing on getting the message out which will hopefully help business owners gain more business now that the project's benefits have been adequately explained.

Also happy to read there will now be a ribbon cutting ceremony to start educating the public on accomplishments to date and to provide a more realistic completion date for the entire project.

Here's a blurb from last week's paper:

"Work on the Strand Infiltration Trench portion recently finished up and a ribbon-cutting will take place to commemorate it April 22 at 11 a.m. Meanwhile, the Pier Avenue Storm Drain project is currently being worked on and will be acknowledged at the completion of the Upper Pier Avenue renovation, now scheduled for August due to weather and various minor delays in construction."

This is one of a few articles on the greening of Hermosa Beach which Mayor Michael DiVirgilio is pontificating on, City glows green with eco-friendly Strand infiltration trench and storm drain projects

Click on the link and you will be lead to all the other articles too. Probably helps that Michael comes from a PR background and is using this position as a stepping stone to greater political ambitions which is why his name is mentioned out of everyone on the city council, but then again, he is the Mayor...

Wonder if his boss, Rep. Jane Harmon, will be participating in President Obama's visit to Los Angeles, CA tomorrow to support Barbara Boxer. I would assume so. Will be interesting to see if Michael manages to get a photo op there too.:)

Sorry Michael, but I love teasing you (if you're reading.) You do love the spotlight and having represented celebrities in the past I can see one in training in you.

Just saying... That said, congratulations. It's a huge accomplishment and I wish all of you all the best. May it be timely, cost-effective, not ruin local small businesses and ultimately bring new business to Hermosa Beach to rival that of the bar traffic.

And I'll close with this because there might be other crime victims who need to hear this guy has been caught and are unaware of this story: BREAKING NEWS: Parolee arrested in Hermosa Beach robbery, kidnapping


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