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#Daily Breeze coverage of #Steve Poizner's #Hermosa Beach campaign stop

I wasn't able to attend, but just found this article I thought some of you might enjoy. Interesting to me that Steve Poizner is gaining on Meg Whitman. Should be an interesting race now...

Since someone I once considered a friend recently called me a political operative (whatever that means, but totally laughable), here's an excerpt from the Daily Breeze article posted earlier this evening entitled

Poizner campaign stops off in Hermosa Beach

By Nick Green Staff Writer

"In a campaign appearance that at times had an evangelical flavor, it was clear Poizner was preaching to the converted as he hammered home his familiar themes of stopping illegal immigration, cutting taxes and eliminating the state deficit.

Among his platforms: exporting 40,000 nonviolent offenders to out-of-state jails to cut costs and eliminate jail overcrowding, growing the economy to offset the lost revenue from tax cuts and cracking down on employers who hire people in the country illegally.

'There's only one real conservative in this race and you're looking at him,' said Poizner, flanked by twin bright red signs that read, 'Tax cuts for everyone.'

'If you want a third term of Governor Schwarzenegger there's someone else you should vote for," he added. "I do believe in across-the-board tax cuts, she opposes them.'"

I hope that was enough political operative for you.:)


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