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Listening to Johnny Cash reminds me of my Dad

Growing up my Dad used to love to go to garage sales every Saturday which is why his two-car garage was always filled to the brim with stuff.

I wish I had thought to take a picture of it back then because you wouldn't believe it and I can't describe it now. Just think lots of tools, equipment, an old power saw in the middle with boxes upon boxes of stuff.

One such box was his collection of records. Dad had real eclectic taste and used to love to come home and play his finds all morning.

He loves Tijuana Brass, Glenn Miller, Johnny Cash, Mahala Jackson, other gospel singers, and others I'm too tired to remember - just think eclectic.

He also loved comedy albums and we all enjoyed Bob Newhart, Bill Cosby and whoever used to imitate the Kennedy's.

Great comedy - we love to laugh as a family and probably honed our love of comedy through this. experience.

As a result of listening to such a wide variety of music growing up I've always appreciated variety too.

My Grandma gave us transistor radios when I was in high school and I used to hide under the covers listening to classic country when I was supposed to be sleeping late at night.

After my country period I dove into jazz. I'll never forget spending one New Year's at a concert where Miles Davis was performing ahead of my favorite, Al Jerreau. I had. no idea who Miles was and kept wanting him to get off stage because I loved Al Jarreau so much.

Looking back I can't believe I thought that, but how did I know I was listening to one of the jazz greats?

Another concert David Sanburn opened for Al Jarreau at the Greek and I can remember telling my friend we didn't need to rush cuz "some guy" was opening.

After that I dated a guy for three years who loved blues and rock which made me fall in love with that genre too.

I remember standing in line at the old Tower Records up on Sunset to get Perry Ferrell (is that his name? It's been a long day) to sign his CD as a birthday gift for Marc. He loved it. Wonder if he still has it.:)

A friend from my days working at Sony Pictures Imageworks used to throw the best raves and I loved dancing for hours at every single one.

Now, I listen more to the radio, but I love hearing unique music and being introduced to new bands and musicians.

When we lived in Reno, NV we used to ride our bikes to outdoor concerts and eat watermelon as a family.

Back in LA we'd also go to the Holllywood Bowl every summer and enjoy a picnic dinner before the evening's concert.

I guess music has influenced me more than I realize. Lots of good memories and they keep on coming.

Who do you recommend? Tell me, I'd love to know. I need some new tunes and memories.
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