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Nook seems amazing - have you seen it?

Barnes & Noble's latest offering. Nook allows you to increase your memory and change your battery immediately.

Holds 1500 books, very similar interface to an Iphone - visual & touch oriented. Operating system is Android - what Google phone uses.

The initial price is 259, but average new book release is 9.99. B & N bookstore has over 1 million ebooks on all kinds of subjects vs. the Kindle which has less than 500k.

What I like is that is displays like the printed page which prevents eye fatigue. Only 12.1 oz and 7.7 x 4.9 x .5".

I still like hard copy books, but this looks ideal for traveling since the battery lasts up to 10 days.

One lady used to read 3 books a week and now reads 6 as a result of using her Nook. Very interesting.

Very easy to search for book titles too, unlike searching a big book store sometimes.

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Rudy's points: Industrial Revolution, Individuality, Uniqueness

Touting the Kindle because now he can carry all his books, and newspapers; his ipod carries his music, and he's encouraging everyone to get connected or be left behind.

He got elected as Mayor on the theme - "You can't do any worse." drawing laughter.

He reduced welfare by 500k by encouraging people to find jobs, rather than going on welfare.

Dangers of info revolution - we will lose our uniqueness and individuality because there's so much info now.

Prepare for inundation of info. America is the greatest country on earth because we respect the value of individuality.

Ways to prevent this loss:

1. Read! A book, any book. Learn based on what you're interested in. Get a book! Then you'll start to read other books.
Read something that challenges you. He reads something for fun. Then he reads a biography. Basis to form your own opinions!!!! Be yourself and be who you are to analyze who you are.

2. Listen. Ask questions to learn. Talk to people you admire. People love to share with you what they're interested in.

Now he's sharing about his experiences with 911. Haunting stories. They had plans for all kinds of things and it was a result of relentless preparation.

Ronald Reagan taught him to set a few things to achieve and stick to them even when the polls were against him.

If he could speak to one person from history it would be Winston Churchill. He wanted to ask him did he really believe he would make it through? Or was he bluffing?

3. Debate. Talk to people who disagree with you. On healthcare or whatever you're dealing with. He said don't be afraid to listen to the other side.

Then write down your own thoughts, what do you really think?

4. Take time to think. Relax and step back to think.

If you do these things you will take advantage of the info age and become a leader of it.

He's sharing how Bush spent lots of time with the city of NY after the 911 attacks, more than was scheduled.

20k people lined the streets as they were driving by, holding signs, "George we love you."Blowing kisses so happy he was there.

Guiliani leans over and says, "Mr. President do you see these people? None of them voted for you!"

He closed with that story and said you must keep your sense of humor!

Now it's Rob Lowe! Gotta go!
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Standing O for Condolezza Rice!

Musical Artist, Javen, sang God Bless America to open the afternoon sessions.

Ms Rice is inspiring us to motivate others by saying, "If you pay attention to only today's headline, not history's judgment, they are rarely the same."

Her key points real quick.

1. We need to defend the country. We will succeed in defending this country.

2. We have to remember we believe in justice. We need to advocate for every man, woman, or child to have freedom. We need to advocate for democracy.

3. We've always believed it's the energy of the private sector which makes this country strong. It's going to have to be the private sector to rebuild the global economy.

Sometimes people resent our military might, but when there's work to do, they're very glad we're there to do it.

People universally admire our great national myth, is the log cabin. That you can come from humble circumstances and do something great.

It doesn't matter where you came from, it matters where you're going.

Education for her granddaddy (John Wesley Rice Jr.) wasn't going to just lead to a job, but transformation.

Her question today - Are we passing along a good education to our children?

If we're true to who we are (immigrants), then America is going to be alright.

The thing we most need to recover is our optimism. Ask yourself why you have been given so much, never take for granted what you have.

Remind yourself not everything is a crisis, then you'll be healthier for it.

Pursue something that is your passion. It's worth it. She thought her passion was playing piano since she could read music at age 3.

Her life changed when she took an International Politics course taught by Soviet Specialist, Joseph Corbel (Madeline Albright's father.)

Finding your passion is your key to happiness. It's so part of your health & well being. She was so grateful to have found hers.

Americans are, overwhelmingly, the most optimistic people in the world. We really do believe that is impossible one day might be different when we look back years later.

She never let the color of her skin hold her back. When she was growing up in Birmingham, Al during segration her parents never let her believe she couldn't become President of the US.

The world needs us to be optimistic. To lead with optimism, is what America does best.

Just any other country wouldn't have people volunteering their lives to make others better. America is special because we are the kindest, most generous and most powerful.

She just left to another standing O. Love that lady - what an inspiration! Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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Celebrating 25 Years of Motivation

Last time I attended one of these conferences was over ten years ago.

I still remember some of the things I learned and who was with me, but who spoke is long forgotten.:) I know Zig Ziglar was there for sure.

This seminar is called the Super Bowl of Success - does have that feeling. So glad I'm here! Hope you're having a motivating day too!
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Colin Powell is so much more relaxed now

He's so funny. Told us he bought a corvette when he retired and gets regularly pulled over.

He says the country was founded on strong beliefs and arguing both sides is right. But a standstill is not. He wants to bottle up our enthusiam and bring it back to DC to pour it over all the politician's heads.

Oh, and Michael Phelps got two standing O's btw.:)
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