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2006 Goal Gals - Here's who we were and what we did. What fun we had...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Recently I've had the pleasure of seeing women from my previous Goal Gal groups become successful in new ways which made me sentimental. I haven't lead a similar group since, but always dream of finding more motivated women to create and be motivatedwith as another Goal Gal group.

We'll see. It's on my goal list to accomplish this year which is always a good start.

In remembrance of all the women who have blessed my life then and now, here's a blog post I wrote about our experiences together back in 2006:

"Over the past year I had the privilege of leading an empowerment group for women called the Goal Gals. We met every other week to discuss our goals and achievements, or struggles. It started out with Patti, Shana, Jennifer, Cynthia, Monika, Kirsten and Judy. I invited Patti, Jennifer, Cynthia, and Kirsten. Kirsten invited Monika and Judy. Jenn invited Shana. We all began the journey of self-discovery and accomplishment together a year ago in August.

We went to Big Bear together in September and had a Goal Gals Retreat which was a lot of fun. We ate, we drank, we did a spa night, we created visions boards for ourselves and just hung out bonding. C5e8
54df C6f1
In December, we produced a Spark of Love Toy Drive at Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive for underprivileged children. We collected over 350 toys that night and had a lot of fun. Although it was supposed to just be our private Christmas party for ourselves I got a little carried away with planning and over 300 people showed up. Fc08 In January, we had a great brunch and caught up with each other. I gave everyone calendars for the year to keep them on track. We then invited Renee and Deborah to join us and decided to only meet once a month. Joy's 101

This wasn't as motivating and it was hard to get everyone together on a regular basis.  I invited Pearl and Patrizia to join us. Jenn invited Anna. Pearl invited Wenona.

I invited Patrizia to join me at the Spectrum Redondo Bike Tour party and we had a nice time eating and hanging out. Joy's 150 (Notice there's always eating involved?)

My client and I were invited to attend the Spring Fashion Show of Valeria, a famous Italian personality turned designer, and Pearl, Patrizia and Deborah joined us. We were right behind Paula Abdul and for a moment were blinded by the photographers taking pictures of her with us in the background. DSCN0326

I'm sure we're immortalized somewhere in cyber space.  DSCN0327 DSCN0332

Then in April, I decided it was time to include new people and organized a bowling party at Lucky Strike which I announced on my Ladies Who Brunch group. It was fun and that's when Amy joined our group. I recruited her because she was a chef. Just kidding. Can you tell I like food? I also invited Mindy who'd I'd met through a friend.DSCN0347 

Anyway, we then began to meet as a very large group which was difficult. Eventually Deborah, Renee, Kirsten, and Cynthia stepped down because they were too busy to participate.

I knew Amy needed a push to get her business out there and when another client was participating in the Zimmer Children's Museum fundraiser, I offered her and Shana's services. Both of them were scared, but pulled off an amazing event. 

Mother's Day rolled around and to avoid the Birthmother blues, I decided to throw our own Mother's Day party combined with visioning. Goal Gals on Mother's Day Amy hosted it at her amazing house in her backyard garden which was a lot of fun. Summer pix - friends & Cabo & Kirsten 062
Summer pix - friends & Cabo & Kirsten 055 
Goal Gals doing visions2

Who knew Pearl would have so many Martha Stewart wedding magazines? I guess stands to reason since she does lead a relationship group! 

As a result of the wonderful job she did previously at the Zimmer Museum event, Amy later catered a BBQ at a writer's home on a referral from that event which Jenn and I helped her with. Summer pix - friends & Cabo & Kirsten 086 Summer pix - friends & Cabo & Kirsten 092
Then, in June I began floating around from Goal Gal to Goal Gal staying with one or the other until I landed at my parent's home they haven't sold in Torrance. I got to experience 4th of July with Shana & her family. Summer Pix July 2006 082

Then we had a final Goal Gal dinner at Hotel Angeleno in Westwood which Pearl, Monika, Shana, myself and Patrizia attended. It was really nice to hear what everyone had been up to and hear how the group had impacted their lives.Final goal gal meeting of the summer

Over the past few months, I've just been hanging out with the Goal Gals on an individual, or impromptu basis because I decided to focus on myself for a bit. I participated in the Ladies Who Launch Incubator and realized I needed to pull some things together for me. I took two trips - one to Cabo and one to Maui.Summer pix - friends & Cabo & Kirsten 252 Maui, Expiration Date 168 
I began blogging, and put together a PR Insider Secret Workshop designed to teach people how to do their own Public Relations. I also began housesitting up in Los Feliz.

Now, I'm trying to figure out how or when to begin another group if at all. I love the power of groups and the things we were all able to accomplish was amazing. However, it's a big responsibility which I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle again just yet.

Plus, everyone has been making new friends, creating new projects, and moving in different directions as well. We got together for a Spa Day recently which was fun. Weekend fun, spa day 026
Looking back over the year, I'm proud of what we accomplished together and individually.

Many have started businesses that have flourished, others began pursuing careers they'd only talked about, others considered other career options and took on charity endeavors, and some of us cut back on what we were doing to leave room to explore who we want to be.

I had a great time as you can tell by all the photos. I will miss those who have moved on, but know it's simply a season that we are in each others lives - some longer than others."

You may recognize some of these amazing women. And they all are really special. I wish everyone much continued success and love. Now I'm thinking of a Goal Gal reunion.

Or starting another Goal Gal group real soon! Want to join?:)


Ana Vick

Looks like an awesome and successful year! Count me in! (Especially if good food is involved, you know me I love to eat and cook as well!)

Ana Vick

Yes I'll join if you start a new group! Would be fun to meet some fresh faces and expand our horizons together. We could make it our own and do something exciting everytime we get I'm thinking we make a list of our top ten things to do this year and knock them off our lists together?? (pref free or affordable activities of course!) What do you all think? Other ideas? Let's get motivated ladies! :) I'm in!

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