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This year's Bucket List and resolution reflections

By Joy A. Kennelly

Reposting my bucket list from last year because I need the reminder and it's fun to look back to see what I've done and still want to do. Enjoy! 

What is yours?

Let's see, in no particular order, here's my spur of the moment, off the top of my head "bucket list" (from last year) -

1. visit Tahiti
2. see healing of family relationships - (starting.)
3. finish my PR certificate at UCLA Extension (may give up on this one, but we'll see. Not that important to me now.)
4. fall madly and deeply in love with the man I'm to marry and spend the rest of my life with. (Hmmm.:))
5. get my hormones balanced out once and for all - (Hmmm.)
6. lose 15 or 20 more pounds (lost 12 so far!) and keep it off (eating better and joined a gym!)
7. travel the world to exotic places I've never been like Thailand, Fiji, Bangkok, Australia, New Zealand (still want to do this. Better get cracking!)
8. go back to Africa and visit everywhere we lived and traveled to when I was young (love Africa and can't wait to do this.)
9. write my book on my open adoption experience and have it turned into a movie (maybe this is the year? Must join a writing group to organize my current book proposal!)
10. have a syndicated column writing like I do for my blog on whatever I feel like (need to pursue this seriously.)
11. make a difference in my community that changes its course of history forever (well, I guess you could say I've done this indirectly by helping my guys get into office and blocking the decision by the last city council to legalize alcohol on the beach.)
12. be a good role model to my nieces and son and children who are like family to me (trying.)
13. paint more (man, haven't done this at all and need to!)
14. love more (feel like I have done this and can always do more.)
15. share more (getting better at this too.)
16. volunteer more (need to do this more.)
17. trust more (learning...)
18. laugh more (always!)
19. bitch less (okay...!)
20. Enjoy life to the fullest in whatever I'm doing, with whoever I'm doing it with (Done and done!)
21. See The Oprah Show and The Ellen Show live to see great guests and receive great gifts (A girl can dream can't she?!)
22. See loved ones I've been praying for come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and savior (keeping this on the list.)
23.  Be a better friend in a deeper way to people in my life I care about (Believe I've done this, but will have to ask them.)
24. Have my life count for something bigger than myself (still trying to determine exactly what that is, but enjoying the process.)
25. balance my life better (now that I've closed my business, it seems to be happening naturally.)

Trying to decide if there's anything new for this year... Oh yes, here's some new ones...

26. Become more financially savvy is always good. 

27. Find my new career passion. 

28. See my sister and her family in CO

29. Resolve issues with the adoptive family once and for all.

30. Attend the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival and others I enjoyed last year (with or without a Chef this time.)

31. Get more involved with national politics on issues I care deeply about.

32. Create a group of like-minded women who will be supportive and encouraging to pursue our goals together.

33. Get more involved in business-oriented groups (online and offline - WITI, Women in Gaming, Art Lewin's groups, etc)

34. Check out doing voice-overs again.:)

35. Start writing articles for publications I enjoy reading myself. This time for reals.

36. Save up to buy a higher quality camera and take a photography class to better learn how to adjust the lighting etc.

37. Make quality time for friends and family (even when I get busy again.)

38. Start sewing again.

39. Wear more red, blue, pink and colors I look good in rather than black all the time.:) 

40. Write more frequently. Just because.

41. Go to my new gym at a minimum of two times a week. (Buy new gym clothes to make me want to go!)

42. Learn to cook and have more dinner gatherings to showcase new recipes.

43. Find a political campaign I can work or volunteer on for CA's upcoming elections. (Preferably paid.)

44. Create photo albums rather than just keep everything online and share/gift with friends and family.

45. Become a more Godly woman. Find a Bible Study that will challenge me spiritually and stick to it. 

46. Find a nice place to live that is great for entertaining and comfy.

47. Pitch spas and write about my experiences.

48. Take a photoshop class.

49.  Treat my Mom and Dad to nice things more.

50. Enjoy the process of life and let it happen as it may. Enjoy more "Come What May" days.:)


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