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SCOTT BROWN -The truck people have spoken. Long live truck people!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Tonight is so historic politically I just have to say, GOD BLESS AMERICA! And God bless Scott Brown! WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!

This is such a refreshing referendum like no other against the current out-of-control spending, bribing, non-transparent, non-economy focused, tax-crazy, elitist government.

Can you hear me now?

And enough with blaming Bush - it's been a year already. Get over it. This is your fault all the way Mr. President. No progress with only Democrats in control of the House and the Senate - this is all your failure.

Be a man and own it. And move forward humbled and aware in America we operate with checks and balances - not one party rule.

Are you reading this Barbara Boxer? Dianne Feinstein? Jane Harmon? We don't want government healthcare as it currently is shoved down our throats, nor massive debt for our children. We want jobs. We want our lives back.

We're coming after your jobs next. Consider yourselves warned!:)

The truck people are rolling into DC!:)

Here's how historic tonight is for those who don't follow the news or politics and didn't even realize there was a special election in MA that is going to shut down healthcare bills and hopefully open the door for a new, real bi-partisan healthcare bill that won't include bribes, special deals with unions and a whole host of other bogus deals that are unconstitutional. 

Enough with making history - it's been made tonight. God bless MA!

From Gary Bauer:


As of now, it appears as though the people of Massachusetts have sent an unmistakable message to Barack Obama and Washington Democrats: “Change is coming!” While some Boston precincts have not reported, Brown’s lead appears safe. The magnitude of Scott Brown’s remarkable victory – unimaginable just one year ago – is truly historic.

  • Massachusetts has not elected a Republican to the United States Senate in nearly four decades.

  • This election was for Ted Kennedy’s seat, previously held by John F. Kennedy. Obama has ended “Camelot.”

  • Healthcare “reform” was a key issue for Ted Kennedy, and the key issue of this campaign. Brown unapologetically campaigned against Obama’s job-killing bill. Barney Frank said, “If Scott Brown wins, it’ll kill the health bill.” Other Democrats echoed Frank’s fears. The people of Massachusetts voted for Brown. They voted for hope – the hope that we could do better – not for Big Government socialism.

The message is clear. Political and media establishments are in shock tonight. Liberals coast-to-coast are rushing for their Maalox. Referring to the upcoming November elections, one major liberal donor in Silicon Valley said that Brown’s win is, “not just the canary in the coal mine. It’s the flock of dead ravens landing on the lawn.”

Democrats are nervous and running scared. Some aren’t even waiting for the results tonight. Rep. Vic Snyder (D-AR) threw in the towel this weekend and announced that he won’t seek reelection. Recent polls showed Snyder losing by a wide margin, dragged down largely by the voter backlash against ObamaCare. Snyder is a lot smarter than many of his Democrat colleagues. If Obama’s socialism can’t sell in Massachusetts, then scores of Democrats in much more moderate areas of the country are doomed."

Me again. Balance in government is good. We need our checks and balances. Center is good.

Long live America and Democracy with a capital D. Now let's get back to fixing our economy!


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