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Haiti's 2nd earthquake - from extreme happiness last night, to sorrow today

By Joy A. Kennelly

Now that we know the American people are built Ford tough (Scott Brown anyone!?), it's just shocking to learn that Haitians have had to bear yet another earthquake! CAN THEY HAVE A BREAK GOD? WHY? I can only imagine what everyone is going through over there.

Click the blue link to read the latest: Haitians flee in fear as big aftershock hits

Americans are the most generous people on earth and it's being proven in this tragedy, as it always happens for anything else in the world.

I know everyone wants to help, but sending clothes and shoes unfortunately really isn't what's needed right now. Shoes actually are a detriment to their economy because the free shoes end up being sold for less than what the Haitian shoemakers can make them eventually putting Haitians out of a job!

Corruption is rampant and your generosity does have the potential to be twisted into something you never intended unfortunately. Money still is the best way to help because the relief organizations can use it to buy the medical supplies and other resources they need to best help.

I have numerous friends who have been working in Haiti for years with various orphanages and they say this as well as numerous national charity organizations also deeply involved in re-building Haiti.

Be careful who you donate to however. There is a lot of fraud out there that always springs up after a tragedy. Don't respond to email requests for donations - that's where a lot of scams happen. Initiate the donation yourself.

Per professional fund-raisers it is also advised to donate to a charity that has been in operation over in Haiti for years because they will know the needs better than one that has sprung up in response recently. 

My friend's charity, the Hands & Feet Project and Child Hope International are two I know personally and endorse wholeheartedly. They will use your money immediately to help with water, medical needs, etc. If you click on the links above there is news coverage on them. Please help!

I'm very happy to see the Manasseros, a local South Bay couple I know through my Dad and friends at King's Harbor Church, are being supported in their efforts to help Haitian orphans in our local Daily Breeze paper: Redondo Beach doctor goes to Haiti to aid orphanage and also Former South Bay couple struggle to save children in ravaged Haiti

I was also very happy to read in the LA TImes that over 10,000 non-governmental agencies have been working with Haiti over the years. I'm sure many are Christian and if you were to research this assertion I'm sure you'd find I was right.

Haiti has been on the hearts of people everywhere. Perhaps this earthquake will help rebuild this country in the right direction once and for all. One can only pray. Thank you to those who responded to my plea last time. I appreciate you reading.

God be with them and also with you.


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