Rusnak - Night of Luxury with Designer Kevan Hall - Part 1
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#LA Fashion Week - Designer Kevan Hall topped 'em all! Rusnak Night of Luxury - Pt II

By Joy A. Kennelly

Finally have time and energy to continue sharing my experience at the Rusnak Night of Luxury event with Fashion Designer, Kevan Hall. I mean it when I say Kevan Hall topped 'em all during LA Fashion Week.

Here's the info I received from his publicist:

"A grand and opulent one-of-a-kind fashion show featuring the luxury collection of Spring 2010 evening and ready-to-wear by Renowned Designer Kevan Hall. 100_4444
The setting: an 80 foot runway in the center of the grand plaza of Spartacus Square amidst the display and preview of the newest releases from luxury automakers Jaguar, Porsche and Rolls Royce! The Diamond Information Center provided beautiful diamonds to accompany all of Kevan Hall's looks. Hair by Alterna & Make-up by MAC.

2000 VIP Rusnak Guests attended this event hosted by Paul P Rusnak: Chairman & CEO Rusnak Auto Group IMG_8349 His daughter, Liz Rusnak Arizmendi: Vice President Public Relations Rusnak Auto Group was the Event Creator & Director of Rusnak Reveals a Night Of Luxury At Universal Studios Backlot (she did an amazing job! And is so nice too. Here they both are sharing a moment with a guest.)

IMG_8362 (Here Liz is wearing a Kevan Hall design. Stunning, eh?)

Children's Hospital Los Angeles received a $10,000 check from Rusnak Jaguar Pasadena and Jaguar North America as part of this special event for Rusnak's VIP clients."

Now do you see why I consider this such an amazing event? You can only imagine! You haven't even seen the fashion yet! What was interesting to me is that I'm sure many of these people have never been to a fashion show before and now have been permanently spoiled thinking that all fashion designers throw such over-the-top shows.

Only Kevan Hall baby. Only Kevan Hall.:)

After we all enjoyed the delicious buffets, IMG_8340
admired all the luxury vehicles on display throughout Universal Studios Backlot, IMG_8452 IMG_8464 IMG_8454 IMG_8344 IMG_8458 IMG_8459
we began excitedly gathering around the runway for the grand finale - Kevan Hall's spring collection! IMG_8354 IMG_8352Recognize this handsome man? He is John Salley. I met him in Corona Del Mar at an after-party of the horse races at La' Aberge a few months ago. He was nice enough to pretend he remembered me when I said hello.:)

Front row seat baby!

Everyone was really happy to be there - can you tell?:) Recognize our local news announcer Christine from FOX News at Ten? I can't remember her last name and can't find it online right now. She is very nice too. IMG_8357 IMG_8365 I had fun teasing these guys. I asked them if they were there for the cars or the fashion. They said in unison, "Both. You really can't have one without the other." (or words to that effect.) True dat!

IMG_8348 This beautiful young girl is Kevan's daughter. Aren't they cute?  IMG_8366IMG_8368  IMG_8369 This handsome gentleman standing with Liz Rusnak - Arizmendi is A. John Vartanian, MD, one of the evening's many sponsors. Thank you for such a special evening everyone! IMG_8273 

Soon, the stage was set and we all sat there in eager anticipation for what we were sure was going to be an amazing event.

Thank you to Stefhan Gordon, my official Photographer of the night. Thank you too to my F/B friend, Vivien Killea, who provided close-up photographs from the evening by Photographer, Arun Nevader, who she was working with that night. Thanks everyone!

(When the pix are sharp and clear - it's my professional photographer friends.When the pix are photo journalistic in style- it's me! Sorry some of mine are a little hard to see - Santa, all I want for Christmas is a Rebel camera!)

Let me set the scene. We were all seated below the "stage" and it seemed like an endless stream of Kevan Hall's beautiful designs would never stop there were so many models coming one after another.

Now without further ado since you've all been so patient in no particular order...

IMG_8402 IMG_8403
IMG_8409 IMG_8413 

IMG_8418 IMG_8429 IMG_8430

IMG_8433 IMG_8434 

IMG_8435 IMG_8436 

Are these gowns stunning or what? Now for the professional shots to allow you to see the designs and gorgeous models up close and personal. First Arun's work, then Stefhan's because they have different perspectives.

_DSC7669Kevan Hall - 1 ArunKevan Hall - 2  

100_4392 100_4393
100_4408 100_4411
100_4412 100_4417

100_4418 100_4419
100_4421 100_4422
100_4423 100_4424
100_4425 100_4426
100_4427 100_4428
100_4429 100_4398
100_4395 100_4400
100_4403 100_4406

100_4399 100_4401

If you can believe it, I still have more to share with you! However, I'm going to stop for now and continue with the rest of the evening in another blog to come.

Now do you see why it took so long to write about it? I'm still so happy I was there.:)



What an event!


fabulous, fabulous, indescribably fabulous!!!

Joy Kennelly

Thanks! Yes, it was one of my favorites!

Dr. John Vartanian

Just saw the post. It was one of the best events I have ever attended in Los Angeles. Bravo to the Rusnak Autogroup for serving as an important catalyst and sponsor for such outstanding events.

Joy Kennelly

I totally agree with you Dr. Vartanian! Exceptional all the way around. Rusnak Autogroup is First Class all the way.

I felt privileged to have experienced it in person and hope to receive an invite to the next one!

Thanks for letting me know you found my blog.

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