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A Home for the Holidays - whole lotta love going on; then the Healthcare bummer

By Joy A. Kennelly

A Home for the Holidays is one show I have always skipped every year it comes on TV on because of my own adoption (almost wrote "open" adoption, but since the adoptive parents aren't really honoring it...).

Decided to give the show a whirl this year and I'm glad I have. It's filled with so much love and hope I really enjoyed it. Plus, the music was great. I remember when it first came on the air I had pitched my own adoption story because back then I was so happy with everything since the adoption had just happened.

Glad the producers didn't have me participate back then because I would hate to have something like that following me around now. That said, I think this was a very sweet show. I hope all the children and teen-agers get adopted.

If you go to Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, you will find all the details on the show, and how to adopt or foster a child if you have room and love to share as a foster parent. Wish I did - have the room and the resources to do so. I love kids and may have to consider it more seriously once I find a full-time job.:)

Years back I did publicity for a foster care organization called A Home Within which taught me a lot about this topic.  A Home Within "seeks to heal the chronic loss experienced by foster children by providing lasting and caring relationships to current and former foster youth.

We connect foster youth with volunteer therapists through our Local Chapters in communities across the country. We improve the lives of foster youth through direct services, professional training, public awareness, and advocacy.

A Home Within is the only national nonprofit organization focused exclusively on the emotional needs of foster children and youth. You can make a difference by volunteering, donating, or referring a child to our programs.

Need more information? Contact us."

I hope you do contact them if you're a counselor wanting to make a difference in a child's life, a foster parent seeking help with your foster child or children, and/or a media outlet looking for an interesting, heart-warming organization to feature at this time of year, or simply a potential volunteer. They have chapters all over the U.S. and help is always needed.

Now onto another topic that is taking up a lot of news time - the Healthcare debacle. Yahoo had posted comparisons between the House and the Senate bills which you can read here, but I haven't bothered because I'm still so disgusted at Chicago-style politics I could puke.

I hope you have been writing and calling your "representatives" since they need to know your real feelings - although they're not listening. Still wondering where the Constitution and We the People is in all this.

Here's a great web site I just learned about called - you get to grade your representative! "They work for you - remind them." is their slogan.

Isn't that great?

I'm giving Jane Harmon, Dianne Feinstein, and Ms. "Call Me Senator" an "F" on listening to their constituents, an "F" on following the Constitution, and an "F" on doing the right thing for the American people.

What I enjoyed hearing recently is that in ten states numerous Attorney Generals are considering suing since the Government run healthcare (Obamacare) is unconstitutional. 

McMaster, 7 others to probe health care bill


"South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster and top lawyers from seven other states said Tuesday they are looking into whether the federal health care reform bill is unconstitutional.

The move comes a day after U.S. Sens. Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint, both South Carolina Republicans, asked McMaster, who is seeking the GOP nomination for governor, to look into whether a no-cost Medicaid deal given to Nebraska is legal.

U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson, a Nebraska Democrat, got a concession that will give his state a 100 percent federal reimbursement for Nebraska's Medicaid spending. The federal government will reimburse other states at 91 percent under the proposed bill."

Click here for the rest of the article in case you're still unaware of what a major bribe Nebraska took to vote for this damn bill. And you will be paying for it too with increased taxes whereas they are exempt. Don't believe me? Read the article.

As I heard on TV the other night, "Just because it's historic, doesn't mean it's right."

There are also states planning to nullify whatever is created in DC because that is also our right as Americans. Gotta love the Constitution's checks and balances. If only CA had smarter leaders we would do the same, but it will never happen until we get them out of office which I am going to do everything in my power to make a reality.

I, and others, can only pray for God to intervene in this devious, horrible debacle being voted on at 7am in the morning. It's in His hands now.

Now to get back to baking and wrapping.


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