VOX DJs & VOX 25th Year Celebration info/pix coming soon
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

VOX DJs/VOX Entertainment 25th Year Celebration wrap-up

By Joy A. Kennelly

I've been waiting on the professional photographer's shots from the VOX DJs/VOX Entertainment 25th Year Anniversary Celebration, but since it's taking too long I will use my images from the event to share what went on. (Mine aren't as diverse since there were two other shooters capturing the night. If you're my Facebook friend I've uploaded all I shot there - these are highlights.)

Oh what a night!

The turn-out was great with a huge mix of ages. Manhattan Country Club members were invited to join in the 25th Year Celebration because Shawn and his family have had a membership for years and many people wanted to recognize his achievement. In addition, VOX DJs CEO/MC/DJ, KC Campbell, and VOX Entertainment CEO, Shawn Sedlacek, had invited past and present clients, friends and colleagues which made it a fun mix.

Due to VOX Entertainment specializing in lighting and staging, the Manhattan Country Club was transformed into a nightclub like experience with colored lights creating a moody background for the final act of the evening - VOX DJ Raw Styles vs. Drummer Kaumyar performance which built from a slow beat into a huge crescendo with everyone dancing and having a great time.

Here's some of shots to give you an idea of what I'm talking about:

IMG_8617 IMG_8624 IMG_8625 IMG_8626 IMG_8627 But that wasn't all, the guys went all out with a red carpet for arrivals IMG_8507
IMG_8523 IMG_8607
and special step and repeat wall which everyone loved posing in front of.

IMG_8522 VOX DJs CEO/MC/DJ, KC Campbell, Signature Magazine Publisher, Ian Bertrand and girlfriend, Sandra Taupin, with VOX Entertainment CEO, Shawn Sedlacek

IMG_8511 Special logo enhancements glowed on the walls while VOX DJ Andy Rossi played hip hop/dance music and everyone got their groove on. IMG_8527 IMG_8623

I helped with registration for the first part of the night with Annie from VOX Entertainment and can't tell you what went on while I was outside, but by the time I did go inside the party was rocking!IMG_8521 IMG_8533 One room was set up with couches, a private bar, appetizers and DJ Hero which was very popular with all ages. IMG_8531IMG_8532 In the main room, KC got up and entertained everyone with an acoustic rendition of a popular song on his guitar. IMG_8561IMG_8556  IMG_8559
My favorite part of the night was when Shawn got up to speak from his heart about his experience building VOX and the bittersweet feeling he felt now that VOX DJs was run by his long-time friend/DJ, KC Campbell. IMG_8535
I think in this day and age there aren't many rites of passage men go through to signify the end of one stage of their lives and the beginning of another. As a result, this 25th Year Anniversary Celebration was symbolic on many levels; a public recognition of the achievements of Shawn and all the guys who helped build VOX into the powerhouse award-winning event agency it is today and also, a public passing of the torch to KC as the sole owner of VOX DJs.

KC acknowledged the business acumen of Shawn and his friendship over the years when it was his turn to address the crowd too.

IMG_8541 Both speeches were very moving and special. Immediately following, KC invited all the past and present VOX DJs in the house to come forward. It was great to see how many had shown up in support  IMG_8549Current VOX DJs IMG_8552
IMG_8551 IMG_8587 IMG_8534 After the speeches, Shawn and his band, Run for Cover, with lead singer, Johnny G, got the party started with great rock cover songs. Who knew Johnny G, quiet banker by day, was such a rocker by night? And such a good singer too! And Shawn was a great drummer too! IMG_8518 IMG_8563 IMG_8565 IMG_8592 
It was really fun to see everyone having such a great time after all the hard work we all put into making the event happen. Throughout the night, various VOX DJs spun, keeping the party flowing.

IMG_8530 VOX DJ, Tony Hubbard

IMG_8509 VOX DJ Roderick aka Raw Styles

We pulled an impromptu gathering of all the BNI ladies and friends which KC didn't mind.:) IMG_8568 IMG_8570 KC's parents showed up after attending a wedding and were very proud of their son. IMG_8596 IMG_8598 VOX DJ CEO/DJ/MC, KC Campbell and DJ Roderick aka Raw Styles finally relaxing.

Jose, the man who kept things running smoothly behind the scenes. He was very sweet and cut the sheet cake I'd baked to celebrate the guy's anniversary into bite size pieces to share with as many as possible.
Some of the guests in attendance. IMG_8577 IMG_8581
If you missed it, there's always the 50th!:)


Ana Vick

Kaumyar and Roderick had an awesome performance with their drummer and DJ battle. I loved Run for Cover too. And of course your cake was delicious! Perfect way to celebrate 25 years. Congratulations to Shawn, KC, Joy, and all the VOX Djs!

Joy Kennelly

Thanks Ana, I think you are VOX DJs biggest fan and we all love you too!:) It was definitely a great event. So glad you and your posse of beautiful women came!

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