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#LA Fashion Week - Designer Kevan Hall topped 'em all! Rusnak Night of Luxury - Pt II

Rusnak - Night of Luxury with Designer Kevan Hall - Part 1

By Joy A. Kennelly

In light of the recent White House party crashers who are soooo desperate for attention (shamefully so), I thought I'd share some of the amazing parties I've been to over the past few months as a legitimately invited guest.

Trust me, I thought being invited to attend this year's Inauguration couldn't be topped, but two luxurious parties held right here in Los Angeles were right up there as a thrilling experience to attend.

What was funny about Rusnak's Night of Luxury is that I really had no idea what to expect - I just knew I wanted to see Designer, Kevan Hall, since I've been attending his fashion shows since 2006 and love his designs.

After pitching the publicist all I could do was hope beyond hope I would receive an invitation it was so exclusive. Only Rusnak customers, VIP's and other select people were invited - I didn't see any of the usual fashion people I saw at other LA Fashion Week events which surprised me.

Rusnak's Night of Luxury was such a special evening. The best part was it's exclusivity and luxurious feel from the moment you arrived till the very end of the night.

Held on the backlot of Universal, you passed through a gate where your name was checked off by a guard before being directed where to park. (Maybe the White House should consider hiring studio security for their future parties. lol)

As I walked up to the entrance I was welcomed by Rusnak staff offering glasses of champagne and then this scene greeted me which only got better as I continued to walk up the hill to the first buffet and car display.

(Sorry they're a little blurry - have to admit, I was rather excited seeing all the luxury vehicles because I love cars and had no idea they would be on display. My photographer, Stefhan Gordon, arrived much earlier than I did which is why the streets aren't as busy in his shots.)

IMG_8264 100kh_con4323
100kh_con4327 100kh_con4329 100kh_con4343
IMG_8265  IMG_8266 IMG_8269
IMG_8275 IMG_8294
IMG_8295 IMG_8302
IMG_8306 My dinner mates had recently purchased a Jaguar from Rusnak which is why they were attending, but every type of luxury vehicle was on display.

Speaking of jags, the gift bags of the evening were quite a hit and everyone was wearing them. IMG_8304
I saw one boorish man walking out with ten bags,  IMG_8301 but for the most part  everyone was civilized. I love my little kitty which growls when you squeeze it. Don't you love the Jaguar key chain attached to its collar? The cat's meow! IMG_8471 The night kept getting better and better. There were multiple buffet presentations of delicious cuisine, IMG_8340
multiple bars with bartenders serving decadent cocktails, IMG_8345  and lots of amazing luxury vehicles to admire.

There was even a special unveiling of the new Rolls Royce "Shadow" by Miss California (one of the few luxury cars I have yet to take a ride in which is on my list), and the new four-door Porsche Panamera (which is now also on my list!) IMG_8290 The Rusnak family and Miss California.
IMG_8283 IMG_8292 IMG_8267 IMG_8274  IMG_8300
Here's the composite of the Porsche unveiling for your viewing pleasure - it was awe-inspiring to say the least. The crowd gasped when it was revealed since it's the first ever four-door Porsche and is still 0-60 in 5.2 seconds. COMPOSITE REVEAL
IMG_8324 IMG_8336 Please excuse the glare - it was rather hard to grab these shots because everyone was crowding around afterward it was so popular! Here's my view of the unveiling to give you a different perspective. The composite above is courtesy Photographer, Stefhan Gordon.

IMG_8308 IMG_8310 IMG_8311 IMG_8312 IMG_8313 IMG_8314 IMG_8317 IMG_8338 IMG_8339 IMG_8329 IMG_8322 I really liked Rusnak after this evening! Here's some of the sponsors who participated and their mission statement. Isn't that lovely? "Create a positive impact through community involvement, social responsibility and charity." They made a very generous donation to a local charity as part of the evening's events.

IMG_8272 During the evening Miss California was very accessible and gracious. IMG_8341 She is so friendly I'm happy she's representing our state. Here's us sharing a moment. Isn't she adorable? IMG_8342 Now if you can imagine, this was really only the first part of the evening! I saw some people leaving when I arrived probably thinking they had seen it all, but what they missed was the most fantastical fashion show of the entire season by Fashion Designer, Kevan Hall (and I don't say that lightly.)

I'm going to cover the fashion show separately because there's just too many good things to detail and this blog is already rather long.

Part II coming soon!


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