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Keith Hemstreet's misinformation of Hermosa Beach City Council Candidate, Jeff Duclos - response

By Joy A. Kennelly

I have requested Keith to update his : with accurate information, but until he does so I want to clear the air in case people read it and believe what he says about Jeff Duclos which is erroneous.

Because others might have similar questions, here's the dialog that occurred privately between Keith, Jeff and myself. Please take a moment to read it if you will.

Original comment from Keith:

"Hello Joy,
Duclos makes a big point of not accepting tax payer financed health care if he is elected to the Hermosa Beach City Council.  I have found that people are quick to give away benefits they don't need.  Do you know where he gets his health insurance from?  I'm wondering if he gets it from Cal State Northridge?  Wouldn't that be from the tax payers?  I sent him an email, but have not heard back.

Also, have you signed up for his newsletter?  If you do, you get a message asking if you want news from Ron and D Williams  Groups.  I did a search on that name, and I found political contributions around the country.  Any idea who that is?  I'm still looking.


I knew Jeff responds to everyone whose email he receives and figured he just hadn't seen the email and I was right.

Here's Jeff's prompt response to Keith which is what I've asked him to post out of courtesy:

"Thanks for the opportunity to respond.

I did not get your email, Keith. If you don't mind, please resend it to my [email protected] address so I can make sure there is not a problem there.

To your questions: I currently have basic HMO coverage which I pay for. I am only a part time instructor, so I don't get the health care package offered full time Cal State staff. I'd love to have fully paid health care for myself and my family. I do not give this benefit up lightly. I can assure you, my wife is not happy about my decision. But it is not right to do so. To accept these overblown benefits at the taxpayers expense would make me another part of the problem, of a system that is over-compensating senior staff and attracting people to city government for the wrong reasons.
My pledge to serve my community has nothing to do with acquiring paid benefits or political career building. It's about contributing to building a better city and giving back to Hermosa Beach for the life it has afforded my family for 30 years. That's the way the best of our council members from the pat looked at the job. We are about to have three new School Board members taking on a very tough and often thankless job. They are receiving no compensation. But I should ask for paid health care, a car allowance and retirement benefits for a position that is not, by definition, a career job?

As to your last question, I use a system called Constant Contact to distribute my email newsletters and messages. It is very efficient and affordable, but you do have to accept some advertising. I'll look into this company you mention. I was not aware of it on the email and thanks for bringing it to my attention.


And here's my response to Keith:

Hi Jeff, Thanks for responding so quickly to Keith.

Keith - I have known Jeff personally and professionally for a very long time. He is very straight shooting, speaks the truth, thinks about the long-term consequences before making decisions and loves Hermosa Beach.

Please consider voting for him! If you're at all questioning his abilities, please take the time to call him on the phone or meet with him. I'm positive you will walk away with a good idea of the man.

Unlike most PR professionals I've met in Hollywood, he is not a spin doctor and basically operates from a truth-based position (as do I.) Hope this helps! I think the other candidates you're choosing (Fishman and Midstokke) are great selections and Jeff will definitely make a great addition to your roster!

Tell your friends and family. We need quality, straight shooting people in office who put the community first - like Jeff Duclos.

That's all. Just had to clear the air and defend the candidate I believe will do best for Hermosa. My computer has been fighting a virus which has in turn greatly slowed me down, but just bought a new antivirus system and it's whacking away.

More to come.

LA Fashion Week - Designer, Philip Rodriguez in Passion Revealed @ Vibiana

By Joy A. Kennelly

Let's see, where we last left off we all were taking our seats for the Passion Revealed LA Fashion Week shows at the Vibiana if I remember correctly. Now I have to say, it was very hard to hear anything the announcer had to say and apologize if I don't mention everyone who was involved.

I'm mainly interested in the fashion, not the music, the dancers, the artists, etc, although it was very nice. That said, the evening was a delightful insight into the Philippine culture that I haven't ever been privy to before.

Makes me want to visit the Philippines now!

The first designer, Philip Rodriguez, really blew everyone away. It makes sense his background is in the family fabric business because each dress was unique in their fabric choice and exquisitely designed which made every woman (and some men!) want to wear everything that came down the runway. 

His work has so many special touches each evening gown was a stand-out - ruching, chiffon, layers, fathers, embroidery, fringe, ruffles, silk, jewels, beading, organza, and more. His designs are sheer elegance and sophistication.

It's no wonder Philip Rodriguez is known in Asia and internationally as the "Cebu's Fashion Czar". I'm positive his work will be seen on more Hollywood red carpets once the pictures from this evening are seen.

Here's some highlights courtesy of my photographer, Stefhan Gordon:100_2793 100_2794 100_2796 100_2799
100_2803 This particular outfit drew applause in approval it was so stunning in person. I want Philip to design an outfit for me!:) He's soooo talented!100_2802 100_3168
100_2807 100_2816 

100_3153 100_2801 100_2806 100_2800

100_2814  100_3152
And here's some of my shots from the first row - of course not as crystal clear and beautiful as Stefhan's, but squint a little - it helps.:)

IMG_8107 IMG_8115 IMG_8119
Project Runway's Nick Verreos was in the front row too. You can read his coverage of the evening here.
  IMG_8174 Also in attendance sitting next to me were Publicist, Eva Shanni, who I recognized from Smashbox days, and Stylist La Dauphine.

Here's some of closing shots from the show courtesy of Photographer David C. Lee:

IMG_6156 IMG_6157 IMG_6158 IMG_6159

Philip Rodriguez was absolutely my favorite evening wear designer of the night, but the rest of the evening was very entertaining and eye-popping too which I will cover in another blog soon. Thanks for reading.

Passion Revealed at Vibiana Cathedral - Part 1 - Pre-party

By Joy A. Kennelly

Sorry for the delay in writing this wrap-up of last Friday's Passion Revealed event. I think I've been fighting something because I've just been exhausted after my day job which totally isn't like me. Feeling under the weather makes me cranky which is why I'm glad I'm feeling better.

Since I have a lot to catch up decided to break this into a couple parts to at least get the ball rolling.

Real quickly, let me set the stage.

When I heard Passion Revealed was to be held at the Vibiana Cathedral in Downtown LA for LA Fashion Week, I knew I wanted to attend even before knowing about the fashion shows to be held there. I had written about this beautiful location years ago in a press release for the Los Angeles Convention Bureau and have been wanting to visit ever since after learning about the architecture.

My LA Fashion Week friend who had invited me to cover Passion Revealed had also covered all the venues where LA Fashion Week was to take place which made it come alive even more.

Here's LA Fashion's blurb on the Vibiana to let you know what I'm talking about and why I decided to attend not knowing anything about the event itself.

"This glorious and fabled —de-commissioned Roman Catholic Cathedral—  must be one of the most dramatic venues hosting Los Angeles Fashion Week events. This deeply historic venue offers all of the grandeur and opulence that was intended for the era in which it was built. With an original capacity of 1000, this Archdiocese cathedral held 1/10th of the Los Angeles population when it opened its doors in 1876."

You can read the rest of the article on all LA Fashion Week event venues here

Once the decision to attend was made, I then read the invite and learned the following from Pnoy Apparel's site:

"Passion…Revealed!, an artistic celebration with individuals whose names have blazed across the realm of the arts, spotlighting pure talent and ingenuity. It will be a night of pure decadence, unveiling an opulent plethora of designer craftsmanship. With a sea of diverse textures and designs stimulating the senses accompanied by every shade of colour soothing visual hunger, and musical geniuses weaving a blanket of hypnotic ambience, Passion…Revealed will be a fusion between the ferociousness of a New York show and the glitz and glam of Hollywood entertainment.

THE FASHION EVENT (and partial list of participating Fashion Designers)

A fashion show exhibiting stunning creations from internationally-renowned and up-and-coming designers, whose inspirations are rooted in mainstream America and infused with influences from around the globe.

Zar Javier, Pnoy Apparel (

Happy and Kristine Fernandez, Happy Kristine Couture (

Alexis Monsanto, Monsanto Designs (

Furne One, Amato Haute Couture (


It will be a night of the most enjoyable music from seasoned musicians thriving in Hollywood bound together by their love of music.

Various DJs. Electrifying spinning of master DJs that have rocked and shaken famous clubs and lounges in California.

Filipino-American Symphony Orchestra (FASO). Comprising of Filipino-American musicians, they play symphony music with excerpts from Broadway and well-loved Filipino songs.

Following the fashion and music show, everyone will be encouraged to engage the dance floor, network and party. You hear, you feel, you see the perfect recipe for a magnificent night!

THE VISUAL EVENT (and partial list of participating Artists)

Jaja Dario’s The Art of The Spheres (

Bren Bataclan’s Smile Boston Project (

Gray Malin Photography (

Nothing less than the best can house this spectacular event and its honored guests.

Vibiana, formerly known as the St. Vibiana Cathedral, is a magnificent monument centrally located in Downtown LA’s Main street. With its soaring gilded ceilings, deeply burnished dark wood floors, and celestial windows it is simply dazzling.

Net proceeds will benefit HOPE4Children, Inc. (Helping Others through Education and FASGI (Filipino American Service Group, Inc.)"

Doesn't this sound like an amazing event? Well, it turns out this blurb didn't even mention one of the favorite designers of the night, Philip Rodriguez, who blew everyone away with his sophisticated, detailed, stunning evening wear with Spanish influences. Or some of the other major highlights!

Check out  Philip's website to see what I mean about his work here.

So, needless to say, was happy to be attending, but really didn't know what to expect since you never really know how good something is until you experience it.

And this was good. I was surprised at how nice the garden pre-party was which was offering a seemingly never-ending buffet and drinks which really set a nice tone for the entire evening. I was so impressed I called my new stylist friend, La Dauphine, to come join me since I figured the fashion shows should be just as quality if this pre-party was any indication.

Here's some pictures to set the stage.

IMG_8051 This is what greeted me upon arrival. I have better pictures of the exterior coming and will upload them when they arrive.

IMG_8054IMG_8056  IMG_8067 Lots of pretty accessories and jewelry were on display throughout the garden area.

I always see people I know when I attend these events and that night was no exception. Bumped into my friend David who writes for the New York Times, who was there with his business partner,IMG_8053
Micky Flores, my F/B friend (whose picture I messed up by accident - sorry Micky!) and my photographer friend, David Christopher Lee who was there with his friend, Anne Marie. IMG_8077
I know David from my days attending Oscar Gifting Suites and red carpet events with celebrity clients in the past. He's an extremely gifted photographer of celebrities, advertising, editorial and lifestyle clients (including swimwear if any of my beach friends are reading this.)

I highly recommend you check out his website here. Very impressive work.

I actually always meet the most interesting people when I'm out at events and that night was no exception.

My on-site photographer, Stefhan Gordon, had recognized former President of CBS, Mike Lesner, as he was sitting waiting for the event to begin and was talking to him when I approached with a question. 

Stefhan introduced me and we hit it off so well I invited myself to sit next to him in the front row as no seats were assigned which he didn't mind.

He's a very interesting guy and after leaving CBS traveled to Hong Kong for business where he impulsively bought a 92 foot yacht even though he'd never sailed before.Long Beach Magazine wrote up a nice article on his yacht story which you can read here. If you're into sailing you will LOVE this story!:)

Mike's so down-to-earth and funny you'd never realize he was such a powerful guy who sits on the Board of Pepperdine and is President of Animax, except that he told me since I'm such a good interviewer.:)

We shared a good chuckle over his title of "Most Eligible Bachelor" in the article because he's so humble and loves to laugh. Very nice guy.

IMG_8069 Pretty soon all the photogs were in place and the organizers began to call people in. The chairs filled up quickly to standing room only. I was very grateful Mike had saved me and my stylist friend, La Dauphine, seats after seeing the crowd.

IMG_8080 I took one last look at the architecture, grabbed some shots and came in too.

IMG_8075 IMG_8076 

IMG_8065 IMG_8068 These don't do the surroundings justice, but I liked the effect outside the cathedral which is why I'm posting it any way.

Before the actual fashion shows began we were entertainmed by a very young dance troupe. And when I say young, I mean some possibly as young as 11 years old - look at the pix to see what I mean.

IMG_8091IMG_8085  This would have been perhaps more uncomfortable except for the fact the kids were having such a great time you had to be proud they were strutting their stuff on the big stage.

Who knows? Maybe some will go on to dance professionally - and they can say they got their start here.:)

I have to run, but will go into the fashion shows next. It was definitely a wonderful evening with some designers standing out more than others.

More to be revealed! In the meantime, here's some video coverage which you will enjoy.

Slammed today - Passion Revealed, Kevan Hall, Jeff Duclos info coming

By Joy A. Kennelly

I am working on a tight deadline for an event coming up in November which requires my immediate attention, but will write up my blog coverage of all the weekend fashion and political events as soon as I'm done since I've received the publicity information I was waiting on.

Thanks for your patience. I will tweet the info as soon as it's written for public viewing. Thanks for coming by. Appreciate your interest. I'm hurrying!:)

Hermosa Beach City Council Debate & Passion Revealed at Vibiana

By Joy A. Kennelly

Last night's debate was uneventful, but apparently the earlier one had some fireworks! You can watch either or both by clicking on on This is Hermosa's site here.

Scroll down to October 15th and you'll find the links to both. I don't have the time, nor the desire to analyze it - you can do it on your own this time.:)

I have to run to hit Passion Revealed tonight at Vibiana which I'm really looking forward to. 6a010536a22715970b0120a5c10c13970b-800wi
More later!

Reminder: Hermosa Beach City Council Debate hosted by Leadership Hermosa TONIGHT!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just a quick reminder tonight is the final Hermosa Beach City Council Debate from 7 -9 p.m. in the Hermosa Beach City Council Chambers, 1315 Valley Drive, sponsored by Leadership Hermosa.

In addition, Hermosa Beach Residents are invited to join my gracious friends, Kevin & Julie Jennings, for a meet and greet party for our recommended Hermosa Beach City Council Candidate, Jeff Duclos.


Please rsvp to the information listed above. Thank you and may the best candidates win!

Downtown Los Angeles Fashion Week recap - Louis Verdad, SKINGRAFT, Julia Y Renata, Emerging Designers and so much more..

By Joy A. Kennelly

Last night I attended five fashion events back-to-back: The Fashion Angels Emerging Designer Show hosted by the City of Los Angeles and the Department of Cultural Affairs, SKINGRAFT, a Meet & Greet with Julia Y Renata of Mexico City, and Louver by Louis Verdad. Whew! What a night!

Here's some pictorial highlights:

IMG_7877 Despite the rain Fashionistas came out in droves to Geffen Contemporary, MOCA.

First up was Femme Noir by Phong Hong

IMG_7883 IMG_7885 IMG_7889   

Click on the link above for more details on the show since the blogger lists the actual program with more details. What's cool is that Phong Hong is her cousin!

Really beautiful clothing, this designer is extremely talented. Lots of ruffles, raw-edged silk, sheer lace chiffon, hand-twisted raw-edged roses all in muted vintage ivory, rose, and violet. 350ph_9131 
350ph_9223 350ph_9244
Photo Credit Stefhan Gordon formal shots and Joy Kennelly from the floor
IMG_7890 IMG_7891  

Next up was
Fernanda Carneiro. She favored chartreuse, pink, and deep taupe which was soothing.


  IMG_7903 IMG_7905 IMG_7906 350fc_9299 350fc_9366  350fc_9445

  Photo Credit Stefhan Gordon

IMG_7935  We caught up with Fernanda during the break between shows. All the designers and their work were so unique. Perfect for spring!

The next designer duo, Krys and Jack, were much more rough and tumble showing separates out of wood, leather, keys, and metal which surprised and delighted all of us with their jagged-edge mini skirts, vests and tops.

IMG_7912  IMG_7918

IMG_7917 IMG_7921

I enjoyed front row seats next to Nick Verreos of Project Runway who I had met in years past at previous shows. When asked what he thought about all the new venues and producers presenting fashion shows around Los Angeles, Nick said, "It's a good thing to have LA Fashion Week at various venues. We should utilize homes, locations, and galleries as many in fashion did in the 50's and 60's. " 

It creates a less commercial environment although we both agree sponsors are very important. He teased that people kept asking him when he was going to show next and he would ask, "Are you funding it?" Don't blame him. Very expensive proposition.

He concluded by saying, " Yes, it's cumbersome in terms of driving, but it's worth the trip."  I'm still trying to decide if he's right.:) We also enjoyed watching many of the young, young models work their first show. I met two excited mothers there to watch their daughters who were recently selected by Ford Models.

Here's two models who walked, Kristen Randol with her mom at the show during the break, and Nicole Edwards (her promo shot.) IMG_7932 Ford-zoey_model2  I also bumped into my friend, Hair Stylist, Carlos Ortiz, at the Louver by Louis Verdad. Carlos was the one who inspired me to follow fashion shows in the first place and it was great to see him again.

He disagreed with the idea of the variety of locations being an asset, but was very happy to be there and see the fashion industry thriving. My other stylist friends in fashion feel there's too many simultaneous shows and there's no cohesiveness to the scene. It will be curious to see how this season's LA Fashion Week works out. I think those who are producing shows are doing a great job from what I've seen.

When asked why he wasn't doing hair this season, Carlos told me, " It was either make money with Neiman Marcus or play. Money won out." In this economy - smart choice!:) We both adore Louis Verdad and it was fun to share the moment with him.

It was also fun to mingle in between shows --the people watching was incredible. Everything goes when you're in fashion. Here's some highlights from the evening:

My Facebook friends were part of this photographic shoot on display: Stylist, Alejandro Peraza, and Celebrity Manicurist, Nettie Davis. Kudos!

IMG_7934 Eye candy anyone? Some of the evening's sponsors and guests. IMG_7938

IMG_7942 IMG_7943
IMG_7930  IMG_7986


Also in attendance that evening were Award-winning, Internationally published Photographer Lucinda Wedge and Fashion Stylist La Dauphine enjoying Jarritos beverages. 

Next up was SKINGRAFT. Their show started with an explosive, yet graceful modern dance foursome. 350-sg-d_9765 IMG_7955 IMG_7957 IMG_7963 IMG_7964 The intricate leather jackets were only the start of the exotic offerings and people audibly gasped when the next two models came down the runway (courtesy of Stefhan Gordon.) Sg feather Sg feather2 Sg dove Sg all Skingraft designers  IMG_7982 After the fashion show we enjoyed models posing during the break wearing Mexico City's Haute Couture Designer, Julia Y Renata's beautiful whimsical designs which "are worn by such personalities of music and cinema as Jessica Simpson, Winona Ryder, Eve, Ely Guerra and Alejandra Guzmán, in awards shows such as the
MTV Latin America Awards and the Latino Grammys, and in television programs such as MTV's “Fashionista.”
lIMG_7983    IMG_7990

Whats Wear Editorial Director/Fashion News Director, Joseph Ungoco, and I enjoyed the Lincoln Navigator lounge during the breaks too.


 He has the best job in the world traveling to fashion meccas all over the world to report what's hot now. When asked which city was his favorite for fashion Joseph immediately answered, New York. Fashion in Paris is it's own world, but New York among the rest of the fashion world.

I agree. But LA has some amazing designers too. Louis Verdad is a local favorite and here's some examples from his show which LA Times Fashion mavens caught. IMG_7996 IMG_7998 I loved the fact Louis chose to use African American models to showcase his beautiful ivory designs because in seasons past you could count African American models in other shows on one hand.

According to LA Fashion Week, his show was inspired by Michele Obama and numerous high profile sucessful African American females were also highlighted. IMG_7999 IMG_8000 IMG_7992 Backstage prior to the show starting.

IMG_8003IMG_8001  Stylist George Blodwell was in attendance as well. IMG_8004 IMG_8010
IMG_8020 IMG_8011 IMG_8012 IMG_8014
IMG_8021 IMG_8022 IMG_8024 IMG_8033 And now some close-ups from my photographer, Stefhan Gordon.

Verdad Verdad2
Verdad3 Verdad4 Verdad5 IMG_8040 Afterward, backstage he was interviewed prior to heading over to a private after-party. Louis Verdad was a huge hit! Love his work.

And that's a wrap. Hope you enjoyed the review. I sure enjoyed the evening!

Fashion Palooza w/Designers Cowgirl Heaven, Rochelle Carino, Leondra Renee & Lola Summers

By Joy A. Kennelly

I haven't covered LA Fashion Week for a few seasons which is why I was excited to check out this year's designs and designers.My first LA Fashion assignment was Fashion Palooza. In an unusual move, all the models came out to the red carpet area to pose with each of the four designers before the show. Lola Summers

 IMG_7693 She is the mother of Designer, Houstina Summers of Cowgirl Heaven Fashions, and was absolutely thrilled to have her first fashion show.

Houstina Summers of Cowgirl Heaven Fashion: IMG_7703 IMG_7704 "My line of accessories and clothing are uniquely handmade design pieces that fulfill the need to find new meanings in every day objects and transform them into heavenly ones;"

Leondra Renee: IMG_7724 "The Leondra Renee line provides cutting-edge fashions which brilliantly compliments your “girlish figure”. As a designer, she hopes her work will help highlight the beauty of all women at a price that is accessible to everyone.

Rochelle Carino of RumpleMunkeh: IMG_7742 Ara - fp6 Ara - fp9

Photo Credit Ara Gougher

"With the irresistible mix of modern urban chic and the flowing, red carpet ready sophistication of gowns and dresses that could easily fit in the Golden Age of Hollywood, RumpleMunkeh is a unique fashion line hugely attractive to both retailers and consumers with an irresistibly cheeky and playful vibe;"

Music interludes from up-and-coming music acts Amanda & Travis Marsh entertained us prior to the shows starting. IMG_7773 and Destenee performed during an intermission.IMG_7816 (We also received their music in our goody bags.)

Definitely a palooza of talent. Some, more than others, but that's par for the course. What I didn't like, my photographer/friend, Ara, loved. To each her own which is what makes fashion and music so fun.

Here's some highlights to give you an idea of the range of styles showcased courtesy of LookBookLA:

Fashion P2 Fashion p3 Fashion p4 Fashion p5 Fashion p6  Fashion palooza If you look in the distance you can see me  sitting in the front row. I was given primo seats to enjoy all the clothes. Really makes a difference to sit close because then you can see how well they're sewn and the fabrics used.

Brocade, satin and chiffon was popular with lots of deep jewel colors.  There was also a heavy Asian influence. The star of the evening was the final designer, Houstina Summers of Cowgirl Heaven Fashions

When you attend a fashion show, the designers who surprise and entertain generally are the most well-received and Cowgirl Heaven was great! Towards the end of the show, three models at a time came out and performed choreographed dance moves which made the crowd go wild.

By the time all the models did their final parade all together, the entire crowd was on their feet cheering and clapping enthusiastically.

What I especially enjoyed about Fashion Palooza as a whole was the variety of models. Normally, you see one African American model in other designer's shows, but this evening was primarily African American models with a few European and Asian too. Loved the diversity!

Their skin tone was perfect for the rich, deep colors and multi-colored fabric of the clothing they were wearing too. It was definitely a unique experience. This whole event turned into a great evening and definitely set the bar high for any other fashion shows we will attend.

Once I have my videos prepared, I'll upload them.

Really enjoyed Fashion Palooza last night!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Attended my first fashion show of the season last night over in Santa Monica called Fashion Palooza. Now I have over 100 pix to edit and prep for you to review. I promise to have a blog by tomorrow.

But in the meantime, here's a few to whet your interest...

IMG_7706 IMG_7753  The Lollita's from TX...

I'm very pleased to announce I've been asked to write for LA and will be posting excerpts of my coverage there as well.

More soon.

2009 Hermosa Beach City Council Debate Re-Broadcast Schedule & Internet site

Here is the latest Time Warner Channel 8 and Verizon FIOS Channel 31 Re-Broadcast Schedule for the The Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Assoc. City Council Candidate Debate that took place this past Thursday, October 1, 2009 at the Hermosa Beach City Council Chambers.

2009 Hermosa Beach City Council October 1, 2009 Debate Re-Broadcast Schedule:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

4:40 pm and at 9:40 pm


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2:10 pm and at 7:10 pm


Thursday, October 8, 2009

2:10 pm and at 7:10 pm


Friday, October 9, 2009

2:10 pm and at 7:10 pm


Saturday, October 10, 2009

2:10 pm and 5:10 pm and 7:10 pm


Sunday, October 11, 2009

2:10 pm and 5:10 pm and 7:10 pm


 Monday, October 12, 2009

 4:40 pm and at 9:40 pm


This 2009 HB City Council Candidate Debate can also be viewed on the Internet from the City of Hermosa Beach website, by clicking here. If that link doesn't work, click here.

This information provided courtesy of The Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Assoc.

"Neighbors working together for a better Hermosa Beach"

Lukas Rossi & Juke Kartel w/Wooden Robot @ Brixton South Bay w/Ara & Angelique

By Joy A. Kennelly

Since I've been so serious covering politics thought you might enjoy a change of pace. I know I needed one this weekend!

Had a great time today. Hit the MB Hometown Fair for a few hours, saw Love Happens (which I loved; especially Aaron Eckhart's performance, but even Ms. Jennifer Aniston was enjoyable which was a pleasant surprise), and then dashed off to Brixton South Bay to watch Lukas Rossi & Juke Kartel w/Wooden Robot perform courtesy of my friend, Kim Koury, SPIN PR publicist extraordinaire and the ever amazing Koffeehouse.


I invited Ara and Angelique to join me because we always have a great time hanging out together. We're all so different in so many ways that it's a good mix with fun energy whenever we get together.

Here's a few pictorial highlights from the evening. May I just say quickly that I'd never really heard any of these bands play and absolutely loved Juke Kartel. I was so surprised since it's not my normal taste in music, but must have been one of those nights.:)

Lukas Rossi you may recall, won Rockstar Super Nova contest, and was theatrical as always. Check 'em out!

IMG_7646 Ara Gougher aka Beyonce. All the single ladies, all the single ladies. Put your hands up...

IMG_7648  Angelique Chacon aka Joan Jet. I love rock n roll. Put another dime in the jukebox...

IMG_7673 Myself, Joy Kennelly aka Sugarland. I just want to oooooo, oooooh, ooooh, oooooo, oh just want to love you.

IMG_7650 IMG_7645

IMG_7656 My long-time friend and colleague, Kim Koury joined us later that evening.

IMG_7660 IMG_7679

IMG_7671 IMG_7676
Now for tomorrow, I mean today! Another fun one planned. Good morning...:)


Hermosa Beach City Council Debate questions & televised schedule

This blog post courtesy of Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Association newsletter (in edited form). Their motto is "Neighbors working together for a better Hermosa".

"See you tonight at the Hermosa Beach City Council Candidate Debate sponsored by the HBNA. If you can not make the Candidate Debate, it will be broadcast live on Time Warner Channel 8 and on Verizon Channel 31.

The debate will also be re-aired on Channel 8 and Channel 31 at 12noon on Friday, October 2, 2009. The public is invited to (attend tonight's debate scheduled at  Hermosa Beach City Hall located at 1315 Valley Drive and) ask the candidates questions during the debate. All candidates campaign information is located here.

(Personal aside from Joy - I recently heard that a convict who had been released from prison at 9am in El Centro made his way to Hermosa and was arrested by 10pm that same evening. Due to the state's budget crisis, thousands of criminals are going to be released back onto the streets. Is Hermosa now a mecca for criminals and is that really what we want for our community? This year alone there were increased sexual assaults and robbery. Hermosa Beach monthly year-to-date crime stats can be viewed here. )

Hermosa Beach City Council Candidate

Debate Format & Questions

 Sponsored by the

Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Association

Thursday, October 1, 2009 – 7pm to 9pm

Hermosa Beach City Council Chambers

 7 p.m. - Start Time

 Open Comments by Moderator regarding the debate format.

 City Council Candidates Opening Statements:

 Each City Council candidate will have 2 minutes for an opening statement. 

Debate Question 1:

Building a large 500 car multi-level parking garage in Hermosa Beach could provide around 400 new "in lieu" parking spaces. 

Under current zoning law in Hermosa Beach, these 400 new "in lieu" parking spots would now make possible the knocking down of existing single-story commercial buildings to be replaced by 30-foot tall, 2-story buildings with zero setback.

Is building a new 500-car multi-level parking garage in Hermosa Beach a good idea? How much of the existing single story commercial buildings on Upper Pier Avenue should be knocked down to be replaced by 30-foot tall, 2-story buildings with zero setback?

Each candidate has up to 1 minute to respond. 

 Debate Question 2:

A recent Upper Pier Project status report presented to the Hermosa Beach City Council states that there is a Projected Project Shortfall of over $1,300,000.  This is the projected amount that is needed to complete the Upper Pier Project.

From the September 22, 2008 Hermosa Beach City Council Meeting - Quote from the PIER AVENUE STREET IMPROVEMENT PROJECT STATUS REPORT: 

"Staff will come back to Council on October 13th to get formal Council authorization to advertise for bids. 

 Included with that item will be the list of project elements that can be constructed at a later date.
The main elements include new streetlights, street trees, and raised median with landscaping.
These items will be bid as "bid alternatives" which can then be eliminated from the construction contract as needed to bring the project within budget."

Small business owners on the south side of Upper Pier Avenue have stated that the loss of the storefront parking would cause them economic harm or possibly close their business.

Regarding the Upper Pier Project's possible "bid alternatives which can then be eliminated from the construction contract as needed to bring the project within budget"--

What is your opinion regarding eliminating the 5-foot wide, curbed center median with landscaping, for budgetary reasons?

Eliminating the curbed center median would also address the public safety concerns, brought up by the Hermosa Beach police and firefighters, because the 5-foot wide curbed center median would cause an unwanted obstruction and may slow the emergency response of police and fire vehicles on Upper Pier Avenue.

What is your opinion of also eliminating the proposed 30-inch wider sidewalks for budgetary reasons?

Eliminating both the 5-foot wide curbed center median and the 30-inch wider sidewalks would also allow the additional street width and keep the existing slant parking as is -- both without the loss of any storefront parking for on Upper Pier Avenue.

 Each candidate has up to 1 minute to respond. 

Debate Question 3:

According to the California Department of Justice - Criminal Justice Statistics Center – CJSC for each of the seven years from 2001 to 2007, Hermosa Beach has had more than double the number of adult misdemeanor arrests a year, on a per capita basis, when compared to Manhattan Beach or compared to Redondo Beach.  Why?

Each candidate has up to 1 minute to respond. 

Debate Question 4:

A new law passed in March 2009 in Hermosa Beach that granted any restaurant that closed by 10 p.m. the ability to obtain an ABC On-Sale Beer and Wine license by right.

This new "alcohol by right" law eliminated the Conditional Use Permit process for restaurants that close by 10 p.m. and that want to obtain an ABC On-Sale beer and wine license.

In the past, all Hermosa Beach alcohol outlets had to go through the Conditional Use Permit in order to obtain any ABC On-Sale license, no matter what the closing time.

Before this "alcohol by right" law was passed in 2009, all Hermosa residents and homeowners within 500 feet of the new ABC license were notified by mail and the Hermosa Beach Planning Commission held public hearings and voted to approve or deny any new ABC license to sell beer and wine in a restaurant.

Should the City of Hermosa Beach restore the notification of all residents and homeowners within 500 feet of the new ABC On-Sale license to sell beer and wine, no matter what the closing time of the restaurant?

Should the Hermosa Beach Planning Commission restore the holding of public hearings and then vote to approve or deny the new ABC On-Sale License to sell Beer and Wine, no matter what the closing time of the restaurant?

Should the Hermosa Beach City Council restore the holding of public hearings and vote to approve or deny any new ABC license to sell beer and wine, no matter what the closing time of the restaurant?

 Each candidate has up to 1 minute to respond. 

Debate Question 5:

What are the Hermosa Beach Police Department officers’ opinions regarding adding or upgrading alcohol outlets after midnight? 

In 2008 and currently, what would be a rough estimate of the percentage of the number of people arrested in Hermosa Beach that are in some way involved in alcohol related crime or intoxicated at the time of their arrest?

Would strict enforcement of the 50-50 law with verified documentation reduce the alcohol related problems that the HBPD has to deal with from restaurants that over-serve alcohol?

Is there a net economic benefit to the city from adding more alcohol outlets or alcohol sales after midnight in Hermosa Beach?

 Each candidate has up to 1 minute to respond. 

Debate Question 6:

Would you add new or upgrade existing adult-oriented businesses in Hermosa Beach? 

Under current zoning, businesses such as bars, nightclubs, pornography stores, massage parlors or tattoo shops are allowed to open on Upper Pier Avenue and in the rest of the Hermosa Beach commercial zones.

Is there a net economic benefit to the city from adding more adult-oriented businesses in Hermosa Beach?

 Each candidate has up to 1 minute to respond.

Questions from members of the public:

 Members of the public can come forward to ask questions from the podium.

Each member of the public will be limited to one question. 

Questions from the public will be directed to all candidates.

Each candidate will have up to 1 minute to respond to a question from the public.

City Council Candidates Closing Statements:

Each City Council Candidate will have 2 minutes for a closing statement.

End of the debate.