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John Wooden, Boston Celtics All Star Paul Pierce and Vice Chairman & CEO of McDonald’s Jim Skinner -Today just keeps getting better and better

By Joy A. Kennelly

May I just say after such a hard week last week, this week has simply been fantabulous!

Ever feel like you're just getting better and better in all areas of your life? That's how I've felt yesterday and today. Maybe I have so many friends praying for me God is showing me some grace, or maybe there are other positive factors at play.

Whatever it is, I'll take it!

Got a lot accomplished today which is always a good feeling. Then received a call for possible consulting work which is encouraging. Then, as if it couldn't get any better, got approved to attend the inaugural John Wooden Pyramid of Success Awards as a guest of Bank of Manhattan.

The event will be held at HAX (Hangar Athletic Exchange), which is a gorgeous facility and really wonderful place for sports. I visited there during the Super Bowl and here's some pix I took then.

Have to admit, none of these names mean anything to me because I don't follow sports, but since they were on the wall, I'm sure some sports fans will be excited to see them:





There's a specialty store on-site too with one-of-a-kind sneaks which I guess is also a big deal. Not into tennies myself, but some of my guy friends were impressed.:)

This is Jason Olive who gave us the tour.

IMG_5619 IMG_5620 I think this was a Michael Jordan shoe, but it's been so long I can't remember. Anyone recognize it?


Here's the invite copy to my unexpected wonderful experience: "The inaugural event will honor not only legendary basketball coach John Wooden, but also Boston Celtics All Star Paul Pierce and Vice Chairman and CEO of McDonald’s Jim Skinner.  This promises to be a memorable and entertaining evening."

You betcha! Even me, who is not into sports, am delighted to be included in this event because I have enjoyed hearing Coach Wooden speak on an online Ted seminar.

I am sure I will walk away inspired, encouraged and thrilled. Thank you John! Thank you Bank of Manhattan! YEAH!:)


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