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So happy to be out of the South Bay! San Jose is gorgeous!

By Joy A. Kennelly

When my friend told me about this tech conference starting tomorrow it took me all of 72 hours to decide to spontaneously make the trip up to SJC. Found an inexpensive hotel and then pitched myself to cover some of the higher end hotels which came through with the Hotel De Anza.

Drove all day up here which was very interesting and exhausting too. Then drove around some more night sightseeing. It's really pretty up here. I've never been to SJC as far I can remember and love all the old architecture and trees.

Tomorrow's conference should be very informative and hopefully good for my career too. Just nice to not be thinking about what's going on in the South Bay and have an intellectual, mental, and physical break from life down there.

I do have more thoughts on the issue of under-age drinking and excessive drunkenness that happens during the Six Man, but you'll just have to check back later. I will tell you though, that if a bar that makes a ton of money during Six Man is so disgusted by these kid's drunken and disorderly behavior enough to want to close next year to avoid possible legal troubles for over-serving because everyone's so wasted when they come in, then that says something.

(And if that last sentence doesn't make sense, it's only because I'm writing while sleeping.LOL)

And that's all she wrote. G'nite. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. I plan to.:)


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