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Jeff Duclos for Hermosa Beach City Council - He gets it, unlike others running...

Jeff Duclos for Hermosa Beach City Council - local news first and then....



Hermosa Beach, CA  Hermosa Beach Resident and Award-Winning Environmentalist, Jeff Duclos has pulled papers as a candidate for City Council for the upcoming November 3, 2009 General Municipal Election. During the last Municipal Election (11/6/07), Duclos was narrowly eclipsed for a seat on the Hermosa Beach City Council by incumbent Pete Tucker by a mere 95 votes.

 A staunch critic of the City’s redevelopment project for Upper Pier Avenue and advocate for a more open and transparent city government, Duclos is compelled to run again to ensure all aspects of the community are fairly represented and to tip the scale against prevailing special interests in decision making. An award-winning environmentalist and dedicated community volunteer, Duclos has a pulse on Hermosa Beach’s needs and issues.

 A 29-year resident of Hermosa Beach, Duclos first ran for City Council in November 2005 where he was the highest vote-getter not elected in a field of 10 candidates. He eventually was forced to run in a June 2006 Special Election when re-elected Council members Michael Keegan and J.R. Reviczky refused to appoint him, as highest un-elected vote-getter, to a vacated Council seat.

Among his endorsements for the 2006 Special Election were the Hermosa Beach Firefighter's Association, Hermosa Beach Police Officers Association, Hermosa Beach Teacher Association, California Teamsters Local 911 and the Daily Breeze.

A former member of the Board of Directors of the Surfrider Foundation, Duclos led the effort to get the city to institute a "Pesticide Free Zone" within the Green Belt. For his work in eliminating an unnecessary health risk in one of the City's most heavily used open space areas, he was named recipient of VOICE's (Volunteers and Organizations Improving the Communities Environment) 1999 Environmental Hero Award. Duclos is also the recipient of the Surfrider Foundation's 2006 Board of Directors Award for his many years of distinguished service in protecting our coastal environment.

Jeff Duclos is a former member of Hermosa Beach's Green Building Committee, a forerunner of the current Green Task Force; a Board member of Hermosa Beach Art Walk and  Leadership Hermosa Beach; and member of the City’s Volunteers in Policing (VIP) program. In addition, he was a member of the City's original Leadership Hermosa Beach class.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in San Diego, Duclos holds a Bachelor of Science degree from San Diego State University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from UCLA. He currently teaches in the Journalism Curriculum at California State University, Northridge. His wife, Christine Duclos, has taught in Hermosa Beach schools for more than 20 years. Duclos is a homeowner and his two children were raised in this community. He and his wife reside in Hermosa Beach.

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