Jeff Duclos for Hermosa Beach City Council - local news first and then....
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Jeff Duclos for Hermosa Beach City Council - He gets it, unlike others running...

Hermosa Faces the Future

JEFF DUCLOS announces candidacy

Rejects costly taxpayer funded city "perks" (unlike Michael Keegan who feels he deserves them. Just telling the truth - can you deal? lol)

Neighbor, I view representing and working for you on your City Council to be among the highest forms of public service.   

And if I earn the honor of your support I will always remember that I serve you.

Public Service, or Public, Serve Us? 

Voters Decide 

"Public Service" means a representative puts the concerns of Hermosa residents and businesses above special interests every time.

As your Councilmember, I will do just that.

Putting you first requires me to reject the costly "perks" given city council members at your expense. I will not accept:

  • a taxpayer paid automobile allowance
  • a taxpayer paid health insurance plan
  • a taxpayer paid retirement benefits package

In this time of diminishing resources our community faces both tough choices and opportunities to restore our potential as a great little city. Your input can guide positive reforms at city hall.

When questions of balance arise, you can rely on me to seek input from all sides and apply fair, long-term solutions.

We craft better solutions when we work together. And everyone deserves a seat at the table where decisions get made.

So please keep in touch with me. 

Invite them to learn more and get involved.

Here's my phone number, 310 374-6921, and my email address, jeff (at) jeffduclos (dot) com.

I'd love to hear from you. 





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