Palihouse Party last night w/VOX DJs & Signature Magazine
International Surf Festival in an ideal world - starts this Friday...

VOX DJs & Signature Magazine July Party recap

By Joy A. Kennelly

What a whirlwind couple of days. I think I needed some fun single activities to help put my sadness of losing my uncle and my sister going back home into perspective. I'm good now. Just in case you were curious.:)

First things first.

Coverage of my client, VOX DJs, participation in the recent Signature Magazine's July issue showcasing Model/Actress AnnaLynne McCord at the uber cool Palihouse for your reading and viewing pleasure.

I arrived around 9:30pm and by then, the rooftop, where the main part of the party was held, was packed with what seemed like all of young Hollywood. There was a continuous slide show of Signature Magazine's July Issue images playing in one corner while people gathered in small groups around heat lamps, the raised grassy knolls scattered throughout the space, or looking out over the magnificent city views while listening to VOX DJs play.

Here's some quick pix to set the stage.

Scene Scene2 Signature Vox signage Rod - good
VOX DJ Roderick was spinning when I arrived. It was nice to see how many people came up to him afterward to compliment him on his music selections.

VOX DJs in the house! They just came off spinning at the ESPY pre-party before this event. Now why wasn't I invited to that party is what I want to know! I love me some athletes.:)

VOX DJ CEO/DJ/MC KC also just returned from working the four-day Romance Writers of America conference in Washington, DC. That conference he can have all to himself cuz I'm not into that, but I'm sure it's really wonderful for writers in that genre. I'm also positive KC had a blast knowing him as I do!

Now do you see why it's so hard for me to pin him down for information? KC's one busy dude. We're working on it though.:)

Here's the core group of VOX DJs.

Sales Manager, Roderick aka DJ Raw Styles, DJ Andy, CEO/DJ/MC, KC, and Operations Manager, Kyle. Vox - 2 Vox - 3 Roderick, Andy, KC, Kyle again with Tony, also a stylist, thrown in.
Rod- girls
Apparently Roderick travels with a harem. I had fun shooting him and his girls. Aren't they cute?
Rod & his posse Vox & girls Andy3 VOX DJ Andy took over when VOX DJ Roderick left to spin downstairs. Palihouse has this very comfortable living room type environment downstairs with really cool art and a restaurant with a glass roof which you could see when you looked over the edge from the roof.

Before we left, Signature Magazine showcased a special short film of one of their photographer's shoots which KC announced.
Kc2  It was a very interesting film to watch because I ended up standing in front of one of the photographer assistant's who kept a running commentary explaining the shoot since it was a silent movie except for the East Indian music playing  in the background.

Yes, I admit, I eavesdropped, but in my defense, he was talking loudly.:)
Oren & rod This is Oren Levy of Signature/LA Direct Magazine with VOX DJ Roderick. Very nice marketing guy.
Andy w police If you look closely in the background you'll see the police. I guess what they say about a party not being a success until the police arrives is true.:)

We left KC hanging out with old and new friends before heading downstairs to check out that scene.
Kc & friend Writer w KC2
Despite the elevator not working between the four floors later on in the evening, everyone was in good spirits and settled into the cozy living room type setting available in the downstairs area after walking the stairs.
Posse Female vox VOX DJ Mixine was playing old school R & B which made the Signature Magazine Cover Model/Actress Annalynne McCord of 90210 dance on the table. I bet the paparazzi wished they'd been inside. I mean no harm, and simply thought it was cute she was having such a good time which is why I grabbed the shot.
Model Kid 
I also liked this guy's look which is why I had him pose. Gotta love someone willing to take the MJ glove to the next level, right?:)
Party! VOX DJ Tony was having a great time too in case you didn't notice.
Vox4 As I left, VOX DJ Roderick was getting ready to take over from VOX DJ Mixine. I don't think the police shut the party down either.:)

That's all for now. Have a good one.

Opening Day at the Del Mar Race track next.


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