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Hermosa Beach Small Biz Tax Increase - fails to pass

Thought you might enjoy reading this follow-up to last night's Hermosa Beach City Council meeting. This is from my bud Pete Kesterson.

I would like to sincerely thank the numerous BCRC Members from all over the South Bay, the many local business owners, and the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce who came out this evening to speak to the Hermosa Beach City Council about the proposed increase in the Business License Fee.  Tonight shows that being involved with what goes on in your community is important for all.  I am happy to report that the proposal was defeated 3-2.
I would also like to thank Mayor Kit Bobko, Mayor Pro Tem Michael DiVirgilio, and Councilman Peter Tucker for so thoughtfully considering the concerns of the citizens and business owners and defeating this measure.  It is refreshing to see where some are decided or undecided that they will listen, consider, and vote thoughtfully.  It is clear that down the road as this issue comes up again that the Council will work with local businesses to more fairly and openly discuss issues that effect the business community. 
I would like to invite all who are receiving this email to get involved with their community. Remember, all politics is local.  Whether you support or oppose an issue it is your civil obligation to participate in the governance of your community.  We are a nation that is "of the people and by the people".  We must never stop being vigilant and supportive of our local  government.  It is your obligation to speak up regardless of your opinion.  And the greatest power you have is to vote out those that you disagree with.  The people are the ultimate in term limits.  We need to stop electing people (at all levels) just because they are the incumbent.  Pay attention and make your vote count!
What can you do each and every day to make a difference?


Pete Kesterson


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