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Hermosa Beach Small Biz Tax Increase - fails to pass

Cable News should chg to Cable Opinions by blowhards - all channels!

By Joy A. Kennelly

I haven't posted in awhile because I've been slammed and also enjoying my visiting sister and her kids, but after turning on the "news" today, just felt like sharing in case any of the "NEWS" BLOWHARDS who happen to stumble across my blog see themselves and realize they're making politics a joke - all channels and all sides.

I just wish there was one station other than the BBC which simply reported what was going on without personal commentary and bias. Just give me the news. I don't CARE about your personal opinion. If I wanted to know it, I would ask.

I bet if some news company actually did that, then they would get a viewership just for being unique in this day and age. I could be wrong, but I wish someone would just try. Enough with your bias, personal opinions and other nonsense. Just tell me what's going on and let me draw my own conclusion.

Oh, and for the record, sending me an email supposedly from Obama telling me Sotomayer is wonderful doesn't ring true either. Kind of makes me sick to my stomach actually. What about fixing the economy buddy? The "stimulus" plan now being positioned as "recovery" plan is what we call in certain circles a "spending" plan. Spend first and then figure it out afterward.:) Doesn't always work does it?:)

Lastly, in case you care, tonight, July 14, is the night to attend the Hermosa Beach City Council meeting to speak out against the proposal re: increasing business taxes unequally throughout the city. I know I've been a proponent to raise business taxes in the past, but not in this economy, not so unfairly, not favoring bars and psychics to the detriment of hard-working small business owners who are struggling enough as it is.

Here's a link with all the details: City Council Agenda & location details I know a lot of people are planning to attend, but since I'm on a "mini-hiatus" from Hermosa's political scene, I'm skipping it to attend another event. I've had enough of the BS.

Have a good one. I plan to.


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