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BIZBash Expo Part III - this was recovered so enjoy...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Okay, here's the final update regarding last week's BizBash Expo part of the one-day conference for event professionals held at the LA Mart in Downtown LA.

Kcr VOX DJs CEO/DJ/MC KC Campbell, BizBash Editor-in-Chief, Chad Kaydo, and VOX DJs DJ/Operation Manager, Roderick Gaerlan standing at the entrance to the expo floor after the Awards Ceremony.

Kar KC aka DJ KACE and Roderick aka DJ Raw Styles caught up with another BizBash friend enjoying the gold furniture offered by  which my Facebook friend, Candice Bradley, represents in case anyone is interested.

This chair is my favorite and DJ Raw Styles is the king here...
Dj raw styles Kr & guest There were lots of furniture vendors and the woman above is also a local South Bay resident both KC and Roderick have worked with in the past.

Here's some examples of other furniture vendors from the floor. This is Classic Party Rentals on your left and another company I don't remember, but you can find them on BizBash's exhibitor list I'm sure.Vendor5 Vendor2
I was surprised at how many venues VOX DJs had relationships with, but I should have known since they've been around for 25 years. Sofitel Luxury Hotels had a booth where KC was greeted warmly since they're one of their preferred DJ company referrals. Sofitel2
Who knew? Simon LA, for those not from LA, is Chef Kerry Simon's restaurant on-site. Chef David Linville was featured in the LA Magazine Food Event with him last October.

Moving right along. Spencer invited me to "do lunch" which I think I'm going to take him up on since I've enjoyed my previous experiences there and want to learn more about what they have to offer.
 Sofitel - good VOX DJs had a full-page ad in the magazine the Sofitel passed out which has been drawing a lot of interest which is a good thing.

Got to keep getting out there!
Ciudad Here's another vendor VOX DJs has worked with, Border Grill and Ciudad. If you haven't been Downtown to visit Ciudad, you really must make the trip. They have delicious food and their mojitos are just right.

If you want something closer to home, visit Border Grill, but just know they're two completely different vibes - Ciudad is more Downtown chic whereas Border Grill is family friendly and more casual.

In my humble opinion, both have delicious food, but are totally different.
La live This is a mock-up of the new Downtown LA Nokia Center called LA Live which I'm dying to visit. Since I'm not a huge sports fan, nor are most of my friends, it's not something we would normally go to, but it's very popular from what I hear.

I remember when this was still in the discussion stages while I was writing for the Los Angeles Convention Bureau (LA Inc) and it's great to see it come to fruition. Totally revolutionizing Downtown!

Me3 This costumed partier was part of another booth and one of my favorites right from the start because she was so unusual and had delicious cupcakes.:) Sorry, their name escapes me, but I think it's Champagne Girls?

Here's some more examples of other costumes they have to offer. I think this would jumpstart any special event immediately! Don't you? I love the glass tables they drag around cutting quite a path.
Champagne girl Betst Bags Me & denzel Vendor Voxdjs3
What would a special event in LA be without goody bags, celebrities, backdrops, and Bolthouse VOX Events or VOX DJs? Did you know VOX DJs is the preferred DJ service for all Barry Manilow conferences, his birthday and fan events in London, Los Angeles or Las Vegas?

Or they DJ'ed Pat O'Brien's birthday party? And the after-party of the Lion King at the Pantages Theater?

I remember the Signature Magazine launch party cuz I took one of my celebrity clients there and we had a great time. I didn't even know VOX DJs back then and there they were!

VOX DJs have performed at over 1500 weddings, over 600 corporate events, over 400 college and universities, over 100 bar/bat mitzvahs, over 600 private special events, and over 200 nightclubs and lounges.

But I digress, back to BizBash.

That wax statue of Denzel Washington is just one of the wax celebrity figure guests will enjoy at the new Hollywood Madame Tussaud's  Wax Museum which opens on August 1. If you click on the link you will find all the details.

Here's another funny one of me "talking" to Denzel (who I recently enjoyed in Pelham 123. John Travolta was great too!) "Yes, Denzel, you are a great actor and deserve to be waxed," I told him.
Me & denzel 2 Vegas
There was even a little taste of Las Vegas there. Craps anyone? Or whatever this is...:)

Now here's some more of my favorites: Garden How does your garden grow? This one grew truffle pops that were melt in your mouth yummmm. Hotcakes Another temptation that I found hard to resist. Mrs fields Mms2 Both of these vendors were showcasing their ability to put whatever you wanted branded on their products. I took a Mrs. Fields cookie that had a picture of the founder.

When I looked at it later it was falling apart. I guess that's how the cookie crumbles. Sorry, couldn't resist. I've been saving that one for a couple of days. LOL

PatinaPatina Restaurant Group was represented and is another company VOX DJs has worked with. See what I mean? They are connected! Vendor7
 I liked this hat vendor appropriately called Party Hats because she was so passionate about her products.

Reminded me of the Warning, When I Am Old I Shall Wear Purple poem when I saw all the crazy hats which are popular props among fundraisers and other special events.

This just begged to be shot cuz it is so hilarious. This Lucky Strike pin was rocking to Guitar Hero!!! Guitar hero He made a lot of people smile as he walked by.  Lucky strike Lucky strike2
The woman air kissing him good-bye used to work for Lucky Strike, but is now working for The Doheny in Downtown LA. Her card is so elegant I can't wait to visit the actual location. If I can get in... Check out a recent review on the link above. It's so LA! At least I know my friend!
Rod & skam artists Silly SKAM Artists kept the party flowing and these silly guys had us all laughing. I don't think the guy in red beret meant to be funny either. I think this is his normal clothes, but I could be wrong.

Here's some random pictures of some of the other vendors exhibiting. Enjoy!
Vendor3 Vendor8 Vendor9 Video tatto Wine Me
Thus ends our daylong BizBash Expo experience. I hope you've enjoyed the tour and will explore using some of their services through the BizBash site.

Or hire me and I'll hook you up!:) That's all for now. Have a good one.


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