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The more things change, the more they stay the same...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Recently attended a fun event conference by Biz Bash at the LA Mart which I'll cover later on today, but just to wrap up this alcohol on Hermosa Beach issue once and for all thought I'd share some new information.

Just found this letter to the City Council of 1998 and thought it just goes to show, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Here's the letter sans the author to protect their innocence. =

Dear Hermosa Beach Councilmembers of 1998,

I have viewed and recorded your words and actions for close to seven years, agreeing with most, disagreeing with some and strongly disagreeing with a few. I consider this a very normal ratio as I don't think any two people can agree all of the time.

I have believed that your actions usually reflected your acceptance of the adult "parental" role of governing as "the City Fathers (and Mothers)" and your acceptance of the fact that one of the hardest tasks a parent must do is to say "NO" to a child, or as a councilmember to say "NO" to a friend, constituent. or colleague.

For this reason I beg you not to abandon your responsibility to the city and to its citizens by legalizing alcohol consumption on our beach for the sake of a colleague's "special event". Please, remember your own words at the last meeting in denying dog owner's access for their pets on the beach, "Unfortunately Hermosa Beach is too small to be the only city allowing dogs (alcohol?) on the beach...we could become a magnet for people throughout the county to bring their dogs (parties?) to our beach...we do not have the manpower to clean-up after irresponsible dog owners (party-goers?) or to administer or enforce obedience to any policies that might be adopted."

Attempting to limit permits to residents only is questionable as:

1. we were told it could not be done for dog owners;

2. any party-minded young person (and how many are not?) can go in with a number of roommates to rent an apartment and become a resident; and,

3. most people in our neighboring cities and a large portion of Los Angeles County know a resident of Hermosa Beach to ask for a permit.

There are many other arguments that can be made for not allowing alcohol on the beach such as potential city (personal?) liability, potential property damage, potential discrimination, tradition, unenforcability, abuse of political power and on and on. There is only one argument to be made to allow alcohol, "I don't want to be a grown-up, I want to have fun."

Please, reconsider and put the City of Hermosa Beach and its citizens first. Please, do not adopt this ordinance.


Hermosa Beach Resident

Oh, and on a funny side note, if I remember correctly, the Daily Breeze article highlighting the fact Hermosa Beach might (or has depending on which account you caught from that publication) approve alcohol on the beach was a huge story.

(Click here for the glorifying story.) Now, that it hasn't passed, it was relegated to a simple sidebar mention. Funny how things work down here isn't it? Alcohol - YEAH! RESPONSIBLITY - No!

Or, it could just be that since the Daily Breeze now owns the Beach Reporter and the Beach Reporter ran a HUGE story on this they thought let's give it a rest since more people read that paper than ours? (Once it's uploaded I'll provide a link, but here's a link to the letters to the editor that ran earlier.)

Who knows? I'm just glad the word is getting out and plan to do all I can to help it get out. So, for the record - Hermosa Beach Summer Concert Series - Thank you for abiding by the No alcohol on the Beach rule - $300 citations for those doing so. It is against the law and will be enforced this year.

Got it? Good. Keep Hermosa beautiful and prosperous! Spend your money at the local restaurants and bars before, during and after the concerts.

Concerts begin at 6PM and continue until sunset on the south side of the Pier for three consecutive Sundays. Bring a picnic dinner, lawn chairs and a blanket to wind down the weekend with a free concert at the beach. For more information, please contact the Community Resources Department at (310) 318-0280

This has been a Public Service Announcement.


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