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The more things change, the more they stay the same...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Recently attended a fun event conference by Biz Bash at the LA Mart which I'll cover later on today, but just to wrap up this alcohol on Hermosa Beach issue once and for all thought I'd share some new information.

Just found this letter to the City Council of 1998 and thought it just goes to show, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Here's the letter sans the author to protect their innocence. =

Dear Hermosa Beach Councilmembers of 1998,

I have viewed and recorded your words and actions for close to seven years, agreeing with most, disagreeing with some and strongly disagreeing with a few. I consider this a very normal ratio as I don't think any two people can agree all of the time.

I have believed that your actions usually reflected your acceptance of the adult "parental" role of governing as "the City Fathers (and Mothers)" and your acceptance of the fact that one of the hardest tasks a parent must do is to say "NO" to a child, or as a councilmember to say "NO" to a friend, constituent. or colleague.

For this reason I beg you not to abandon your responsibility to the city and to its citizens by legalizing alcohol consumption on our beach for the sake of a colleague's "special event". Please, remember your own words at the last meeting in denying dog owner's access for their pets on the beach, "Unfortunately Hermosa Beach is too small to be the only city allowing dogs (alcohol?) on the beach...we could become a magnet for people throughout the county to bring their dogs (parties?) to our beach...we do not have the manpower to clean-up after irresponsible dog owners (party-goers?) or to administer or enforce obedience to any policies that might be adopted."

Attempting to limit permits to residents only is questionable as:

1. we were told it could not be done for dog owners;

2. any party-minded young person (and how many are not?) can go in with a number of roommates to rent an apartment and become a resident; and,

3. most people in our neighboring cities and a large portion of Los Angeles County know a resident of Hermosa Beach to ask for a permit.

There are many other arguments that can be made for not allowing alcohol on the beach such as potential city (personal?) liability, potential property damage, potential discrimination, tradition, unenforcability, abuse of political power and on and on. There is only one argument to be made to allow alcohol, "I don't want to be a grown-up, I want to have fun."

Please, reconsider and put the City of Hermosa Beach and its citizens first. Please, do not adopt this ordinance.


Hermosa Beach Resident

Oh, and on a funny side note, if I remember correctly, the Daily Breeze article highlighting the fact Hermosa Beach might (or has depending on which account you caught from that publication) approve alcohol on the beach was a huge story.

(Click here for the glorifying story.) Now, that it hasn't passed, it was relegated to a simple sidebar mention. Funny how things work down here isn't it? Alcohol - YEAH! RESPONSIBLITY - No!

Or, it could just be that since the Daily Breeze now owns the Beach Reporter and the Beach Reporter ran a HUGE story on this they thought let's give it a rest since more people read that paper than ours? (Once it's uploaded I'll provide a link, but here's a link to the letters to the editor that ran earlier.)

Who knows? I'm just glad the word is getting out and plan to do all I can to help it get out. So, for the record - Hermosa Beach Summer Concert Series - Thank you for abiding by the No alcohol on the Beach rule - $300 citations for those doing so. It is against the law and will be enforced this year.

Got it? Good. Keep Hermosa beautiful and prosperous! Spend your money at the local restaurants and bars before, during and after the concerts.

Concerts begin at 6PM and continue until sunset on the south side of the Pier for three consecutive Sundays. Bring a picnic dinner, lawn chairs and a blanket to wind down the weekend with a free concert at the beach. For more information, please contact the Community Resources Department at (310) 318-0280

This has been a Public Service Announcement.

I'm on top of the world! NO ALCOHOL ON HERMOSA BEACH STILL!

By Joy A. Kennelly

I know many younger residents who like to party aren't going to like reading this, but for those of us who are older and wiser - WE WON! NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED ON HERMOSA BEACH STILL! YEAH!!!!

What a huge relief! I doubt this is a dead issue because it's been brought up over and over again, but for now, let me enjoy this sweet victory. Because it truly is a victory for our community whether certain people want to see it this way or not. The rest of us know it is.

There's just too many problems surrounding allowing alcohol on our two mile wide strip of gorgeous beach. Now to spread the word that the police are going to start enforcing the no alcohol law even during the Sunset Concert Series.

No more sneaking wine in boda bags, no more wine bottles people - just old-fashioned listen to music and get your drink on in our neighboring Pier Plaza and other restaurants on Hermosa and Pier Avenues before, during and after like people normally do when visiting the beach and they're thirsty.

Support our Downtown businesses! Look at it as helping our City and do your part to help spread the wealth around as Obama keeps touting. Gag... But seriously, this is the right thing to do. If you must drink, drink responsibly and in a Hermosa Beach watering hole.

That's all. I'm tired after sitting through the three hour City Council meeting (which included a non-resident demanding that we allow nude sunbathing for all our European visitors seeking an "even" tan. The characters who come to visit and live here are hilarious! Really makes attending these meetings entertaining to say the least.)

Guess I didn't miss much with the Laker game outcome either; although I'm sure it was an exciting game. Just getting into sports so don't care too much. There's always the next one, right?

Am bummed I missed my new friend Amanda's karaoke birthday bash, but she understood this was important to speak on as an issue and said we'll get together another time.

Now to celebrate! YAY!!!! I'm on top of the world!


Hermosa Beach - Increased homeless, suicides, and beloved resident's death

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just because many people who read my blog don't always read the local papers I thought I'd share this recent survey about the increase in the homeless population here in Hermosa Beach entitled Stop Hermosa Beach from becoming Haven to the Homeless

If you agree, feel free to sign the petition. This small beachside community is quickly becoming more and more like Venice and Santa Monica... And not in a good way.

And two people recently committed suicide on our beach which is just another reason I'm so opposed to allowing more and more alcohol into this community. Although I'm sure many will disagree with the link, I believe it's directly connected.

Are recession, job loss taking a toll on lives?

Cancer-stricken resident commits suicide on beach

And as a reminder at how drunk driving has also recently impacted our local community causing death of beloved residents and others, read these articles and blogs:

A grieving father's message to team; MADD reacts to tragedy

Tragedy shatters Costa baseball community

Let these tragic early deaths not be in vain and urge Hermosa Beach City Council not to approve the ordinance legalizing alcohol on the beach.

Thank you.

I'm on KNX & KFWB right now! 980 & 1070 on your AM Dial

By Joy A. Kennelly

If you're near a radio, turn on KNX or KFWB. KNX is - 1070 on your AM dial
and KFWB is - 980 on your AM dial to hear my interview ok?

I'm oposing the ordinance being voted on by Hermosa Beach City Council tonight at 7pm to allow alcohol on the beach. City Council Meetings: Second and Fourth Tuesday of each month in the Council Chambers, City Hall, 1315 Valley Drive, at 7:10 P.M. Agendas and Minutes are available online.

Here's a link to tonight's agenda and the letter I've written to all the city and state officials:

We're most concerned about item 6C on the agenda which gives blanket approval to serving alcohol on the beach since this is opening our city to increased liability and setting a bad precedent.

Just because people have been drinking illegally in the past, doesn't make it ok now, or in the future. Sorry Charlie.

Plus, the City of Hermosa Beach's deed doesn't allow for commerce on the beach so anyone thinking allowing alcohol on the beach with this ordinance will open the door to selling alcohol or sponsoring alcohol based events has another think coming.

Or another lawsuit brewing...

Why I have to even point this issue out is sad because you would think having an attorney for a mayor Kit Bobko would know the potential liability and the ramifications, but I guess because he's young and influenced by his peers...

And for the record, the Daily Breeze is inaccurate in its reporting today that the City Council approved alcohol during the Sunset Concert Series at the last meeting. A resolution was made to send it to staff for tonight's meeting and what it has morphed into is any and all city events.

Might want to correct that Mr. Sanfield.

Funny how that happened isn't it? The morphing I mean. And the inaccurate reporting to actually. I wonder who's influencing this broad stroke?

I wrote the Daily Breeze Reporter Andrea Woodhouse because of her bias and lack of balance in her recent coverage of Hermosa Beach which has been very pro-party line and not good journalism. As a reporter are supposed to share both sides.

I don't because this is my personal blog and although I have a journalism degree, this is my personal opinion and perspective. Not so, Andrea.

Here's the letter I've widely distributed just to make it easier to find and because I want to focus on hearing myself in this interview. LOL

Talk at ya later.

May 28, 2009


John (Jack) Ainsworth

Deputy Director Coastal Commission

South Coast District Office

200 Ocean Gate, Suite 1000

Long Beach, CA 90802-4302


RE: Proposed Alcohol Activities on Hermosa Beach


Dear Mr. Ainsworth,


Thank you for responding so quickly and efficiently regarding other issues related to illegal activity on our beaches I have raised in the past. I am hopeful the following issues in Hermosa Beach will be addressed in the same manner.


At the May 26th City Council meeting in Hermosa Beach two measures were raised on whether or not to allow alcoholic beverages on the beach during the upcoming summer concert series and whether or not to continue to provide tacit city approval of the illegal Iron Man Competition.


Myself, and many other residents feel there are enough problems with illegal and disruptive alcohol use in Hermosa Beach as it is and approving such measures will only add to the city and county liability, public nuisance, trash, drunk and disorderly behavior, increased costs to the city and other issues alcohol on the beach brings.


I am hopeful you will consider these as serious issues as we do and investigate why city officials, parks & recreation, the local paper and the police are opting to wink and nod at the flagrant abuses of alcohol on our public beach. I am happy to provide referrals to others who hold my same viewpoint and documentation to prove this as fact.


It appears there is an implied contract between the City of Hermosa Beach and the illegal Iron Man Competition to allow drinking alcohol on the beach, AND exclusive use of the beach by the illegal Iron Man Competition.  


If the Iron Man event is to continue then there should be provisions made for the organizers to go through the city permit approval process, to provide a medical tent and portable restrooms, security fencing around the parameter, insurance that is separate from the city, and security provided by the organizers – not police oversight as is currently the case.


This only opens up the county and the city to liability which is unneeded right now especially in light of the pending McPherson Oil lawsuit.


It is our sincere desire as residents of Hermosa Beach that we continue to keep our beaches alcohol free and safe for all to enjoy. I appreciate your help with this issue as it deeply affects our community’s future safety and well being for years to come.


It’s time Hermosa Beach is recognized for our flourishing business and residential community, beautiful beaches, surfers, amazing entrepreneurs, wonderful non-profits, quality schools and a receptive, fiscally responsible City Government -- not as a party town to come get wasted as it has been marketed for way too long.


We look forward to hearing your response to this letter.


Best Regards,



Joy A. Kennelly

2nd Generation Native and Current Resident of

Hermosa Beach


CC:     Teresa Henry, District Manager Coastal Commission

            Chuck Posner, Coastal Planner Coastal Commission

            Santo H. Kreimann, Deputy Director of Department of Beaches and Harbors

            Hermosa Beach City Council, et al

            Michael Jenkins, Hermosa Beach City Attorney

            Steve Burrell, Hermosa Beach City Manager

            Greg Savelli, Hermosa Beach Police Chief

            David Lantzer, Hermosa Beach Fire Chief


What a day, what a day, what a day...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Today was a very productive day. My shoulder and arm still hurts, but it's manageable and not preventing me from wrapping up another client's work. I need the space to work on my others and look for work so...

Anyway, today's first meeting of our TLC Empowerment Group went really well. We had a small, but motivated group of people participating. Sherry had some great hand-outs and we all set our three month goals. Now to work on them!

We're going to allow others to still join us next time we meet (not next Wednesday, but the Wednesday after), but after that we're a closed session. Space is limited to three more, but if others want to join we'll consider starting an evening event to accommodate those people too.

Call 310 798-5400 and ask for Mindy or Annabell ok? They're the Pharmacists hosting us at TLC located at 845 PCH, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 on alternate Wednesdays from 12- 1:30pm. For those of us wanting to lose weight we had our weight and body fat measured. OY!!!!!

Now to see TAIslim in action I guess. Oh, that's another thing I'm ending now. I will no longer be representing the products although I still believe in them, just have decided it's time to move on. Out with the old, in with the new.

Got a lot of work done today for Financial Expert, Steve Bloch of MHB Financial Group, which is always a good feeling of accomplishment. We shall see what transpires now.

I haven't written about Hermosa Beach in a long time, but feel the need to share because if I don't, I'm sure you'd never even know this was happening unless you took the time to watch the city council meeting from last week.

Apparently, there are measures in front of the City Council to allow drinking on the beach during the upcoming summer concert series. For some reason they don't seem to realize that this isn't a wise decision in light of the ever increasing homeless problem (due in part I believe to the TWO glowing five page articles the local paper, The Easy Reader, decided to write about how wonderful it is here to be homeless - hello? Yes, you read it right. Don't get me started....!)

Also, all the other issues this will bring to our community when we just finished cleaning up Pier Plaza. Why move the same set of problems over to the sand? Where's the rationale for increased police and trash collection that will be necessary?

I've tried discussing this rationally with some who believe there's nothing wrong with it, but I give up. I guess the old adage nothing comes between a man and his drink is true. Okay, that's not really an old adage, but it should be don't you think?

There really is no arguing with someone who likes to drink because they have a disease and it's not something they can control. Kind of like me and eating chocolate. Wish more would see the value in Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon, but that's none of my business.

Okay, that's all, just felt like sharing because I feel like whatever is decided at the next City Council meeting will directly affect our community for years to come (and in my opinion, not for the better.) I'm entitled to my opinion and you're entitled to yours right? Gotta love America.

Oh, and speaking of which, since when did America become a Muslim nation as Obama claimed today? Give me a fricking break. Okay, I really need to stop. Starbucks is closing and so am I. lol Too much coffee right?

Have a good night everyone.

Recovering slowly, but surely and other good news

By Joy A. Kennelly

For those of you wondering how I'm doing almost a week after my bike accident, quite well thank you. Although I did overdo yesterday and am paying the consequences today. Everyone keeps telling me that I experienced a trauma to my body and I need to take it easy.

That's easy for them to say, they don't have a business to run. However, I'm learning the hard way that some days you just need to listen to your body and rest. That way I will recover faster and better in the long run.

So, if you think of little 'ole me, say a prayer for complete healing and recovery. Also, that I will find full-time work since I'm definitely ready for the next stage in my career whatever it will be.:)


And for some fun festivals and an important conference to consider attending, please click over to my professional blog called The Joy Writer PR ( to see what I've been promoting the last few days. 

I'm wrapping up things to open up myself to new opportunities.

Can't wait to see what the future holds!