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I'm on top of the world! NO ALCOHOL ON HERMOSA BEACH STILL!

By Joy A. Kennelly

I know many younger residents who like to party aren't going to like reading this, but for those of us who are older and wiser - WE WON! NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED ON HERMOSA BEACH STILL! YEAH!!!!

What a huge relief! I doubt this is a dead issue because it's been brought up over and over again, but for now, let me enjoy this sweet victory. Because it truly is a victory for our community whether certain people want to see it this way or not. The rest of us know it is.

There's just too many problems surrounding allowing alcohol on our two mile wide strip of gorgeous beach. Now to spread the word that the police are going to start enforcing the no alcohol law even during the Sunset Concert Series.

No more sneaking wine in boda bags, no more wine bottles people - just old-fashioned listen to music and get your drink on in our neighboring Pier Plaza and other restaurants on Hermosa and Pier Avenues before, during and after like people normally do when visiting the beach and they're thirsty.

Support our Downtown businesses! Look at it as helping our City and do your part to help spread the wealth around as Obama keeps touting. Gag... But seriously, this is the right thing to do. If you must drink, drink responsibly and in a Hermosa Beach watering hole.

That's all. I'm tired after sitting through the three hour City Council meeting (which included a non-resident demanding that we allow nude sunbathing for all our European visitors seeking an "even" tan. The characters who come to visit and live here are hilarious! Really makes attending these meetings entertaining to say the least.)

Guess I didn't miss much with the Laker game outcome either; although I'm sure it was an exciting game. Just getting into sports so don't care too much. There's always the next one, right?

Am bummed I missed my new friend Amanda's karaoke birthday bash, but she understood this was important to speak on as an issue and said we'll get together another time.

Now to celebrate! YAY!!!! I'm on top of the world!



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