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Hermosa Beach - Increased homeless, suicides, and beloved resident's death

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just because many people who read my blog don't always read the local papers I thought I'd share this recent survey about the increase in the homeless population here in Hermosa Beach entitled Stop Hermosa Beach from becoming Haven to the Homeless

If you agree, feel free to sign the petition. This small beachside community is quickly becoming more and more like Venice and Santa Monica... And not in a good way.

And two people recently committed suicide on our beach which is just another reason I'm so opposed to allowing more and more alcohol into this community. Although I'm sure many will disagree with the link, I believe it's directly connected.

Are recession, job loss taking a toll on lives?

Cancer-stricken resident commits suicide on beach

And as a reminder at how drunk driving has also recently impacted our local community causing death of beloved residents and others, read these articles and blogs:

A grieving father's message to team; MADD reacts to tragedy


Tragedy shatters Costa baseball community

Let these tragic early deaths not be in vain and urge Hermosa Beach City Council not to approve the ordinance legalizing alcohol on the beach.

Thank you.


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