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Recovering slowly, but surely and other good news

What I've learned from this experience

By Joy A. Kennelly

Today is the first day I can sit up and not feel like I'm rolling around on a ship from the dizzyness. I finally feel like everything is going to be ok and it's finally okay to cry over the trauma I've experienced. I don't cry easily, but I'm learning it's ok and helps in the healing process.

Caught up on the missed final episodes of Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy which always pulls my emotions out (Grey's more than Desperate). I realize that my accident could have been so much worse. I could have not had the help I received almost immediately. I could have been hurt much worse, but I'm not.

Doesn't make the pain lessen, or the loss of time spent with friends come back, but at least today I can take a shower, put on clothes, put on my new sunglasses purchased to hide the hideous black eye and bruising on the left side of my face, and go out into the world to catch the tail end of this holiday weekend.

Perhaps live a little normally for a few hours, enjoy BBQ corn and other things everyone else has this weekend. This experience has taught me how vulnerable I really am and even though I'm very strong, I still need people to encourage and support me just like anyone else.

I'm also going to need help doing things I'm responsible for professionally if I'm to accomplish them in a timely fashion. That's the hardest part - asking for help, but it's necessary. I'll keep you posted.

I'm just very grateful I'm not hurt worse, for the people who were there to take care of, my parents who have been watching and helping me these last few days as only your parents know how, and all the good wishes and prayers offered on my behalf.

Thank you. It meant a lot and I believe has helped me heal faster.

Now to get back to my life. I miss it.


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