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What I've learned from this experience

By Joy A. Kennelly

Today is the first day I can sit up and not feel like I'm rolling around on a ship from the dizzyness. I finally feel like everything is going to be ok and it's finally okay to cry over the trauma I've experienced. I don't cry easily, but I'm learning it's ok and helps in the healing process.

Caught up on the missed final episodes of Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy which always pulls my emotions out (Grey's more than Desperate). I realize that my accident could have been so much worse. I could have not had the help I received almost immediately. I could have been hurt much worse, but I'm not.

Doesn't make the pain lessen, or the loss of time spent with friends come back, but at least today I can take a shower, put on clothes, put on my new sunglasses purchased to hide the hideous black eye and bruising on the left side of my face, and go out into the world to catch the tail end of this holiday weekend.

Perhaps live a little normally for a few hours, enjoy BBQ corn and other things everyone else has this weekend. This experience has taught me how vulnerable I really am and even though I'm very strong, I still need people to encourage and support me just like anyone else.

I'm also going to need help doing things I'm responsible for professionally if I'm to accomplish them in a timely fashion. That's the hardest part - asking for help, but it's necessary. I'll keep you posted.

I'm just very grateful I'm not hurt worse, for the people who were there to take care of, my parents who have been watching and helping me these last few days as only your parents know how, and all the good wishes and prayers offered on my behalf.

Thank you. It meant a lot and I believe has helped me heal faster.

Now to get back to my life. I miss it.

I've had a change of heart about Obama - shocked, eh?

By Joy A. Kennelly

Nothing like a life-threatening accident (ok, it wasn't that bad, but when it was happening sure felt like I was going to die from the pain), to make you stop and smell the roses, or in my case, stop and watch more TV News shows to gain perspective on the Cheney vs. Obama debate.

After listening to the Leherer Hour (sorry, I know that's not correct, but it hurts too much to sit here very long so Google it yourself - lol), I can see that Obama isn't all wrong, nor is Cheney all right. I apologize to those who were offended by my disrespectful words and retract them publicly here.

Otherwise, not much new to report. Laying on ice packs all day still hasn't diminished the extreme pain I'm feeling between my shoulders - like someone took a log and smashed me one. Isn't there a saying that God tries to get your attention with little things and then hits you over the head with a log, or words to that effect. lol

My attention has been gotten. HA! My mother promises me I don't look like a monster, but I've never had a black eye before and the swelling on the left side of my face really isn't attractive. Needless to say, I'm hiding out this weekend rather than going to a very cool music event at The Bachelor house this weekend I was invited to which I'm extremely bummed about.

However, the drive to Malibu would have killed. I'll just have to enjoy the pix along with everyone else once they're posted. I'm also not going to be registering voters on Sunday which is kind of a relief to be honest. ha ha

My friend Shana teased me saying that now I don't have to be upset at all the drunken activities that are sure to happen this weekend too. She is one of my best friends and totally opposite of me which is why we get along so well. Iron sharpens iron as they say.

So...a retired Cougar can change her spots (or in my case, freckles) and decide that maybe it's ok to let good 'ole Obama give it a whirl and see what he accomplishes with this new tactic against whatever his new nickname is for them!:)

Oh, and once I'm feeling better remind me to share my community service with you. I've really been enjoying it because I'm meeting the most interesting people with the most interesting backgrounds and I would never in a million years ever have crossed paths with some otherwise.:) I love the diversity!

Must go. Hurts to sit too long no matter how much I want to share everything. Thanks for popping by. Please be safe out there! Remember to wear a helmet and don't drink and drive please!

Thank you to everyone who helped me after my bike accident!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Life has a funny way of slowing you down when you're doing too much. I didn't think I'd be off the tread mill so quickly, but when you flip off a bike over the handlebars going full-speed because my bag hit the spokes, then it's time to take it easy.

I'm very grateful to the woman who called 911 and stayed to make sure I was ok, the HB Fire Captain (whose name escapes me because I was so out of it when he stopped to help me who was on his way to his daughter's graduation and stopped out of the goodness of his heart), Lifeguard Mike Miller for staying with me until the ambulance came and then taking care of my bike so I didn't have to worry about it afterwards, and all the kind EMT's and hospital nurses and doctor who helped me immediately after at Little Company of Mary.

Especially Nurse Ruth for that pain killer shot - what a relief! and Rolando with all the tats who might have scared me in another situation, but was so kind and caring I really appreciated him. And my parents who are caring for me now. The left side of my face and eye is extremely swollen and I look like Igor from some horror movie, but other than intense back pain and overall soreness, no broken bones or serious injury.

God is good! That's all I have to say. Now hopefully everyone who knows my real age won't blab it around. If anyone asks, I'm in my thirties. LOL

Now to get back in bed - I need to continue icing everything. So happy my parents are taking good care of me because I'm not supposed to be sleeping alone for the first 24 hours to make sure I don't have anything else more serious. Wish it was a boyfriend taking care of me instead,

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Don't do what I did and be safe out there!

Why won't Obama release the positive results of the interrogation already?

By Joy A. Kennelly

This has been an extremely busy day which included waking up at 3:30am for whatever reason, a political debate with a new Iranian friend I met doing community service - (don't ask, I'll tell you all about it soon I promise because it's a very entertaining story), the capture of more potential terrorists announced upon my return home, my TLC Empowerment Group event at Luna G with Pharmacist Mindy Oumi, Coach Sherry Marshall, and Personal Shopper, Greycie which was fun, a quick visit with Coach Lori Ketkar during her amazing Standup Leadership launch event at The Shore, a quick visit to the tail end of the Republican meeting, and wrapping it up listening and watching the "debate" of Obama's view on terror vs. the former Defense Secretary and VP, Dick Cheney.

All I want to know is, why won't Obama release the positive results of the terrorist interrogations. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. If he doesn't have the guts to present both sides in a "transparent" manner as he throws around so frequently, then shut up about the entire thing and get on with protecting our country from terrorist threats.

I don't care what he nicknames them, just get 'em out of the realm of possibility and stop pussy footing around like he doesn't know what the hell he's doing. I can't stand men who don't say what they mean and do what they say. Let your yes be yes, and your no be no already!

Be a man Obama and enough with the teleprompters already. I will enjoy the day when someone takes a recent speech of O's and speeds it up to show what a puppet he looks like moving his head from side to side so frequently. This isn't a court of law - this is the office of the Presidency - it's ok not to be perfect, just do what's right.

That's all. Another early, busy day again and I'm exhausted from this one. Could be why I'm feeling rather short-tempered about the whole thing.

SOOOOO looking forward to the weekend!

Luna G in Hermosa Beach - today at 4pm! Happy "Healthy" Hour early

Drop by and check out one of the more popular designer clothing stores for men and women in Hermosa Beach, Luna G, located at 323 Pier Ave. It was THE place to shop for women attending the Hearts of Hermosa recent fundraiser and three women were photographed wearing dresses Greycie helped them choose.

The Shore is also sharing wine & cheese while TLC Pharmacy is sharing TAIslim & GoChi Juice tastings, and Biz & Life Coach Sherry Marshall is sharing love and wisdom as she does so well.

You may recognize her name from the real estate world, but what you may not know is that she has been successfully coaching individuals and small business owners for over 1000 hours during the past three years.

She's helped me when I've needed an outside professional perspective which is why I asked her to run the TLC Empowerment Group which kicks off today. Weigh-in at TLC Pharmacy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays if weight loss is your goal.

We will start the official meetings on June 3 whichwill run alternate Wednesdays for six weeks. The fee is $75 non-TAIslim participant and $45 TAIslim participant.

If you're curious, come on by. It's casual, wear whatever kind of open house.

Love to meet you and share some Hermosa love.


In light of all the earthquakes... First Responder's Congress a must attend!

Presented by Joy A. Kennelly

First Responders Congress is proud to announce that Dr. Christopher Jones, Director of the National Center of Domestic Preparedness, will speak at the 2nd Annual First Responders Congress. Dr. Jones will speak on the 8th anniversary of 9/11 at this year’s First Responders Congress.

The First Responders Congress is a forum to embrace the guidelines laid out in Homeland
Security’s National Response Framework, bringing together personnel from many areas,
organizations, and disciplines to share knowledge and expertise. The primary goal of the FRC is to share knowledge, stimulate interdisciplinary communication, and develop more efficient and better coordinated responses to disasters of all types at all levels: national, state, and local.

The First Responders Congress is a meeting place for professionals on the frontline of
defense of America. Whether it is a local or national response to accidents, natural disasters, or terrorist activities, this front line of emergency response is critical to our Homeland Security and the protection of the people of the United States. The FRC consists of emergency response personnel from a diverse array of organizations that include: firefighters, police, military, Homeland Security, DOE, NRC, national, state, and local emergency response organizations, search and rescue, EMT, equipment and services providers, trainers, and other related professionals.

Our Goals
1. Facilitate implementation of the guidelines found within Homeland Security’s National Response Framework.
2. Provide attendees with cutting edge information, training, and education to facilitate best practices in the field.
3. Foster a conference with networking and collaboration between the diverse first responder communities a priority.
4. Inspire and stimulate attendees to courageously think outside the box in the face of mounting obstacles and bureaucracy.
5. Showcase the latest in equipment, products, and instrumentation.

First Responders Congress is honored to award complimentary tickets to the first 150 emailed/faxed registrants. Registration must be accompanied by a valid email address, contact phone number, and a letter of approval to attend from the registrant’s supervisor.   [email protected]      818 992-1323

Tax & Financial Expert, MHB Financial Group Mging Partner, Steve Bloch

By Joy A. Kennelly

I’d like to recommend the Managing Partner of MHB Financial Group, Steven J. Bloch, Esq., CFP® as a financial expert you can call upon for assistance and interviews. His firm offers comprehensive financial planning and creative tax planning services to high net worth individuals, business owners and families. Steve has over 15 years of financial services experience.

A tax attorney, Certified Financial Planner™ professional and a Registered Investment Advisor representative, Steve is highly qualified. Steve is frequently asked to provide opinions on a variety of financial topics and was recently selected to speak on “Setting Your Financial Course” and “Launching Your Savings Future” at the AARP/Ariel Investments financial security event in Los Angeles, CA.

Steve operates with a total picture of a client’s financial landscape and provides a simplified service model that delivers consolidated reporting, a broad and multi-generational view of wealth management, unbiased tax and investment advice, and coordinated and well-timed service delivery.

Located in Redondo Beach, CA, Steve and his business team at MHB Financial Group, serve the entire South Bay and Los Angeles. For more information, please review, or call 310.798.0251 to contact him directly.

Thank you for your interest.

Sad news, but happier times soon. Mark 5/21 on your calendars!

By Joy A. Kennelly

For those of you who are interested in the latest news regarding all the cool projects and people I'm working with on a freelance basis, check out my professional blog:

I haven't written such a good long one in a long time so please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think ok?:)

Today has been kind of gloomy day and as a result I have been a little down. Doesn't help that earlier I was reading the book, The Girls Who Went Away: The Hidden History of Women Who Surrendered Children for Adoption in the Decades Before Roe v. Wade (Hardcover) which brought up emotions because I could relate to so many of these women's stories despite my adoption being open and  a totally different experience.

I think loss is loss not matter how you slice it. Sometimes it just hits a little harder than others.

Speaking of which, just learned that someone I enjoyed parrying with on our local This is Hermosa forum, Gary Mallette, died on May 7, 2009 which is very sad news.

Here's a link to his obituary - Gary M. Mallette.

If you knew him, please consider clicking through to the link and leaving a condolence message for his family. I'm sure they'd appreciate it. A memorial service is planned later this summer.

Now just because generally I'm a happy person, here's an article to ponder: Happiness Is ... Being Old, Male and Republican

How do you like them apples LV? I guess one out of three aint bad. lol

Moving right along. Here's a link with news on who and what to vote for on Tuesday, May 19th special election (Vote for Teresa Hernandez!) and I quote from the site:

The Southern California Republican Coalition is taking the lead in the grassroots opposition to Proposition 1A.

The Governor may want to increase your taxes....  The California legislature's Democrats may want to increase your taxes....  The California Republican Party and its Chairman may not be willing to take a position....  The Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County may not be willing to take a position....

But make no mistake grassroots Republicans know a HUGE TAX INCREASE when they see one -- and so does the Southern California Republican CoalitionThe SCRC emphatically OPPOSES Proposition 1A.  It is a tax increase disguised as a spending cap that has not teeth.  The public employee unions may love it, but every tax payer in this state knows better.  The SCRC is leading an advertising campaign against 1A - Please click to donate today online.

"Prop 1A is a huge tax increase disguised as a shame, weak spending cap. The voters are not as ill-informed as legislative and party leaders may wish them to be.  The tax payers of California are not buying their lies.  The Democrats lied, and the Economy Died - and we refuse to go along to get along!" says Southern California Republican Coalition Chairman, James Crean.

"We oppose raising taxes for so many reasons.  We are in a serious economic downturn and increased taxes means there is less money to spend to spur the economy which is needed to lead to real job growth.

"The legislature just increased our taxes by $42 Billion dollars and now they want to add another $16B in tax increases.  That will do only one thing - cause everyone who pays taxes to look at moving out of California, especially those that run businesses in order to lower their product costs in order to stay competitive when prices are dropping across the country," says Crean.

There were no real cuts made in the legislature's prior budget, nearly all cuts were shame cuts in job positions with no one in the job or they were reductions in the year to year growth without any real decrease.  The Democrat legislature does not have any backbone for real cuts and the more taxes we give them, the more ways they will find to grow government and continue to pay off the public employee unions, such as the California Prison Guards union, the California Teachers Association union, and the Service Employees International Union.

In a time when real citizen's 401K and retirement savings accounts values are dropping, the unions are bankrupting the state with enormous retirement benefits that often lead to union employees earning more in retirement than when they were employed by the state of California.  Yet the unions are making no concessions, preferring to raise everyone else's taxes to pay their addiction to tax payer's money.

"The only informed vote on Proposition 1A is NO," says SCRC Chairman Crean, "and we are taking a lead position with grassroots voters to inform voters to vote NO on 1A along with NO on the other propositions.  I hope folks will go to and make even a small contribution to save us from more tax increases."


If you want to hear a great speaker, consider putting this on your list of things to do for Thursday, May 21:

Beach Cities Republican Club Next Meeting

Club President: Peter Kesterson

Next Regular Meeting: Thursday May 21st, 6PM Dinner (no host), 7PM Speaker

Speaker: Ron Prentice, CEO, California Family Council

Topic: Ron Prentice is the CEO of California Family Council, formally associated with Focus on the Family and also working alongside Family Research Council.  California Family Council (CFC) was formed in 2003 with Ron as the founding director.  With offices in Southern California and Sacramento, CFC’s mission is to protect and promote Judeo-Christian principles in California’s culture.  They do so by communicating the analysis of current legislation, creating pastor and grassroots coalitions, and educating the general population on the issues of the day.  Ron also serves as the Chairman of the – Yes on 8 Coalition, working with dozens of national, state, and local groups to bring about a victory for traditional marriage in California.

Location: Sizzler Torrance, 2880 Sepulveda Bl. (Between Crenshaw & Hawthorne).  NOTE: we now have the full meeting room due to the large monthly turnouts.  No more standing room only!

All are welcome - Members and non-members alike! This event is Free

Click Here for Membership Information

And for those of you interested in making positive changes in your life, don't forget to sign up for the Standup Leadership seminar entitled Leading Change at which will feature Coach Lori Ketkar and distinguished Naval officers, CAPT Luke and First Brigade Commander, Juliane, at The Shore Restaurant and Lounge from 5:30pm - 8:30pm.

Here's a link to a recent teleseminar so you have a taste of what to expect from this amazing evening:

Lastly, for those who want to learn more about our upcoming TLC Empowerment Group which starts June 3, 2009 at TLC Pharmacy, join Business and Life Coach Sherry Marshall, TLC Pharmacists' Annabell and Mindy, me and Perfect Body from 4pm - 6pm at Luna G located at 323 Pier Ave in Hermosa Beach, CA that same Thursday night, May 21.

Check out Luna G's latest designer clothing for men and women and unique gifts, taste GoChi Juice and TAIslim, meet Perfect Body trainers and the rest of us and have fun mixing and mingling.

Just think? Two great events on the same night! Hermosa Beach is the place to be Thursday night!

Back to your regularly scheduled Sunday.

I've been enjoying mine since I rode my neighbor's bike to the Healthy Living Festival in Manhattan Beach at the Metlox Plaza and blogging. 

Time to go home and get ready to go out for drinks at that new Redondo Beach restaurant named Maison Riz.

That's my kind of place if you're taking notes. :) Gotta run!

Don't miss the TLC Empowerment Group - starts June 3, 2009

TLC Empowerment Group
A Positive Network for the
Health & Success Conscious

Create Your Life…

Instead of Having Life Create You


Join like-minded people in a transformative group designed  to create change in your life by taking positive actions with your career, personal and weight loss goals through coaching and TAIslim. Bi-monthly meetings are held on location at TLC Pharmacy and are facilitated by Certified Life and Business Coach,

Sherry Marshall.

During the six-week TLC Empowerment group you will:

  • Network with peers
  • Create three month goals to improve your health & life
  • Share successes and challenges with members every other week to gain insights and assistance
  • Be held accountable by Coach Sherry & group members
  • Most importantly, form a supportive community of new friends in which to create  empowering strategies and action plans to improve your life.

Confidential Weigh-Ins at TLC Pharmacy for those seeking to lose weight as their goal

May 18th thru May 29th Monday—Friday 9am-5pm (by appointment)

TLC Empowerment Group Meeting Time & Days:  Wednesdays


Starts 6/3, 6/17, 7/1, 7/15, 7/29, Ends 8/12

Location: TLC Pharmacy

845 Pacific Coast Hwy.

Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

(310) 798-5400

Registration Fee: TAIslim Members: $45.00

                        Non Members: $75.00

The use of TAIslim in this program is not required.

About TAIslim

Backed by clinical research and with three patents pending, TAIslim is scientifically designed to provide an innovative and targeted solution to the problem of unsightly and unhealthy belly fat and can help you to reach your healthy weight.

About TLC Pharmacy

Your neighborhood compounding specialists are dedicated to creating customized pharmaceutical solutions in order to better serve the special needs of physicians and patients. 

About Sherry Marshall

Sherry is a licensed Life & Business Coach specializing in Energy Leadership with many satisfied and successful clients during her three year coaching career. Sherry has led workshops on leadership, time management, goal setting and creating a positive mindset. 

As facilitator of the TLC Empowerment Group, Sherry brings structure,  positive momentum, and encouraging accountability to help you create an unstoppable mindset.


Ode to the Adoptive Parents of my son, Eli

By Joy A. Kennelly

Earlier tonight I called the adoptive couple to speak to my son, Eli, who just turned 10 yesterday. Some of you know I have a son, some of you don't because I don't talk about him all the time and he lives with his adoptive parents out-of-state.

However, since Cinco de Mayo was his birthday I feel compelled to give an update because I'm so proud of him and so proud to know the adoptive parents. When I was struggling with my pregnancy, not knowing which way to turn, I made the difficult decision to choose an open adoption for me and my son.

This has affected my life and probably will until I die. However, I'm happy to report that I'm content with my decision because in spite of everything I know my son is well loved, well adjusted and one helluva kid.

He's on the honor roll (again!), over 5 ft tall at age ten (like me at that age!), is a voracious reader with an imense vocabulary for a child his age (just like me!), loves music (like all of us), and loves computers (like all of us!). It's been very wonderful to hear how he's doing from his godmother, Elaine.

She broke down in tears when we were talking and thanked me for making the sacrifice to place him with them. That touched my heart so deeply since it isn't something any of us talk about very often. Then tonight, when I was talking to the adoptive mother, my heart just swelled with love and pride for choosing such wonderful people to raise my son.

Not only have they raised my son to be all that he can be, but since the husband has retired from the military and now has more time with his new job, they have been studying to be foster parents. It was a little over a week ago that they just took in three brothers to love and provide a stable home life for with Eli's blessing and his urging.

They've been discussing foster care for many years and Eli has ALWAYS wanted siblings. Now that he has 'em, I'm not so sure he realized he'd be sharing a bedroom. It was so cute after we had talked about his new computer game (which he advised me to check out on the Nintendo site - he spelled Nintendo to make sure I knew where to look which made me smile), and about everything else, I asked him how he liked having all his new brothers. That part he loved.

Then I asked how he liked sharing his room to which he soto whispered to me (since they might have been around), "I don't like it very much." which makes me giggle even as I'm writing this. I never liked sharing a room with my sister's growing up either (even though now that I think back I don't think I did that often since I was the oldest come to think about it.)

My heart swelled with love and apprectiation for the adoptive couple for graciously opening their home and their hearts to three little boys who really needed love and stability for reasons I don't know, nor need to know.

All I do know is that God is alive and well in this family. I'm so proud to be a part of their family by default. I can sleep easy tonight knowing my little guy is thriving and he is so loved. I'm proud of him too for wanting to open his heart and home to other children at such a young age too because it's a huge adjustment for everyone.

Can you imagine? Now they have four little boys - two 10 year olds, and a 6 and a 7 year old I believe. As we were talking, Amy was doing laundry and I bet that is an even more regular occurence now. I'm just so happy for all of them. I know they have lots of love to give and will provide what these little boys need in all ways.

Just felt like sharing because it touched my heart so much and hope it touches yours too.

That's all for now.

God bless!