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Tax Day Tea Parties, Miss California debacle and other "extreme" politics

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just returned from a wonderful trip to Scottsdale, AZ and will be writing about that on my professional blog - since it's client related.

However, right now, I just need to unload this since it's been on my head ever since tax day. Read on at your own risk. Consider yourself warned, extreme politics ahead. lol

If you're not in the mood to read my political viewpoint, wait awhile and I'll have another blog on cool Scottsdale places to stay and things to do shortly. Just give me some time because it takes awhile to upload pix, create links etc.

I'm going to quote a lot of people in this blog because they say it better than I could, but before I get into that, since when does a major Queen get to tell another potential Queen she doesn't receive her crown just because she happens to hold a different opinion than the first said Queen?

You know what I'm talking about don't you? The Miss USA pageant heard round the world. Of course, the entertainment media is spinning it that the Miss California contestant was the one in the wrong, but sorry, judges who hold political and personal viewpoints that are contrary to popular opinion don't get to dictate what the general public still holds dear.

85% still believe that marriage is between a man and a woman no matter how hard this is spun. Here's back up if you don't believe me, hunt around, I'm sure it's on there. You might actually enjoy the read, click here

You can read more about it here: "The way miss California answered her question lost her the crown, without a doubt!" Perez told Access Hollywood after the pageant.

I'm sorry, but this is wrong. Since when does a gay man dictate who represents the US in beauty pageants and especially the Miss USA pageant? Apparently the organizer is also gay hence the question, but it was really wrong and not the right platform for the gay agenda in my humble opinion.

Here's his BS reasoning:
Trash blogger retracts apology to Miss California USA; invokes the “c-word”

And more on good 'ole CNN's Larry King in case you missed it - especially notice the comments if that's your thing. Leave one why doncha? 

In Case You Missed It…

I'm sure there are those who disagree, but I'd love to hear from those who agree because I'm sure I'm not alone in this sentiment. Don't be shy. I've been trying not to blog about gay marriage because I'm not in the mood for the hate that automatically comes by expressing a religious opinion in this day and age, but this BS by Perez Hilton takes the cake.

Enough already! Okay, I feel better. Moving right along.

To: Friends & Supporters
From: Gary L. Bauer

Tea Party Triumphs

The coast-to-coast Tea Parties protesting outrageous government spending were a tremendous success. By one estimate, more than 340,000 Americans participated, and that is probably a low number. Fox News recorded an incredible boost in viewership because Fox was the only network where anyone interested in the events could get fair and balanced reporting.

For example, Susan Roesgen of CNN engaged one protestor over a sign he had suggesting President Obama was a fascist, and the supposed reporter called it “offensive.” But when covering a rally in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, she took no offense to a protestor dressed as George W. Bush with a Hitler mustache and horns.

(Click hereto see a comparison of Roesgen’s biased reporting by our friends at the Media Research Center.) But far worse than Roesgen’s bias were the vulgarities and gutter humor expressed by other so-called journalists at CNN and MSNBC. I doubt one person in one hundred understood their inappropriate jokes, but our media elites sure had a good laugh.

How about our politicians -- did they get the message? Not Nancy Pelosi. She said the Tea Parties weren’t grassroots but Astroturf funded by “some of the wealthiest people in America to keep the focus on tax cuts for the rich.” They don’t get it. The issue is government spending and an ever-expanding bureaucracy that is encroaching upon our liberty. Pelosi was joined in her scorn by liberal Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), who condemned the Tea Parties as “despicable” and “shameful.”

Actress and liberal activist Janeane Garofalo went even further, telling MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann that the protestors were just ignorant bigots. Here’s what she said: “Let’s be very honest about what this is about. …It’s not about taxes. They have no idea what the Boston Tea party was about. They don’t know their history at all. It’s about hating a black man in the White House. …This is racism straight up…”

The Left’s vitrol is proof that the Tea Parties were a success. If they had flopped, no one would be talking about them. But the Left’s reaction illustrates the cultural war that continues to rage in America. The Left has great tolerance for obscene homosexual “pride” parades, protests by illegal aliens, anarchists and anti-military, anti-America radicals like Code Pink and ANSWER. Yet when hard working, decent Americans protest the government’s growing demands on their liberty and labor, the Left loses its tolerance and derides its fellow Americans as “despicable, shameful racists.”

Elections have consequences. And the past two elections have given us the most leftwing president and Congress in history. In just a few short weeks, they have given us a $1.5 trillion “stimulus bill,” a $410 billion “omnibus” spending bill and a $3.5 trillion “bankrupt us” budget bill. You, your children and grandchildren are going to get stuck paying the bill!

But the Tea Parties will be meaningless if the activism of April15th is not translated into effective political action in November 2010. I pray that everyone who attended a Tea Party will get active in their community, engage friends and family members, register new voters, volunteer for conservative candidates and support conservative organizations like Campaign for Working Families. Working together, I believe we can make America “a shining city upon a hill!”

Are You on the President’s Enemies List? (Joy's note: You might be an extremist if... click here for the DHS report on 'right-wing extremism.)

Last week, Barack Obama’s message to the world was: “the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam.”  This week, Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security’s message to conservatives was:  the United States may soon be at war with you.  Earlier this week I told you about the new Department of Homeland Security report warning of the threat from “right-wing extremism,” which I’m sure was just coincidentally released as the Tea Parties were about to be held.

In my Human Events column today, I explore the report further and remark on what it says about an administration when it seems more concerned about an imaginary threat from its citizens than it is about actual terrorists who have attacked us and promise to do so again.  You can read and comment on my column here.  Thank you.    

Gary Bauer wrote the above and he's not the only one with this warning.

Check out this article entitled:
Md. Guard Issues Warning to Staff about Local TEA Party Protestors

Can someone please tell me if the gay rights movement ever warranted a national guard response? What about during the protests for gay marriage? Still trying to see how people like the ones I've taken pictures of during the South Bay Tax Party and others I've received via email warrant police action.

Here's some videos first to give you an idea of almost 350k people who stood in to make their voices heard all over the Southland.

Van Nuys Tea Party videos here.

Radio Talk show Host Kevin James at Tea Party Van Nuys

And my absolute favorite,

Victoria Jackson at Van Nuys Teaparty Apr 15, 2009

Gotta love a former SNL Comedian who prays and speaks out against Obamanation. Whoops, that's very close to abomination isn't it? No pun intended, but... Back to the pictures.

Obama sign
Peter & speaker2 Pete Kesterson, the local South Bay GOP leader, invited him to speak at an upcoming meeting. I'll let you know...Or just check out and sign up for the newsletter which will give you all the details of any upcoming TEA parties and much more!
Signs5 Watch out! These sweet ladies are extremists in disguise. GIVE ME A BREAK!
Dockweiller & flags

Obama2 This man spoke and struck quite a chord because he actually is opposed to Obama's welfare nation concept. He was afraid to come out to the rally, but was so warmly welcomed it made him tear up. I think I even recognize a local Joy in there too. See her smiling face? You never know who you will find at these events. All good people though - just fed up!

Or read this article on the protesters in Temecula:
TEMECULA: Turn out high for Temecula 'tea party'

I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. -- Winston Churchill

Here's some pix that are circulating the internet. If you're the photographer, I hope you don't mind my posting them here. Shoot me your name and I'll give you credit. Otherwise, happy to remove too. Your call in spreading the news...
Image011 Better watch out, grandma's after Obama.
Oh my!
Image013 Baby, you're in trouble now! Growing up to be a regular 'ole extremist now. Uh huh, uh huh. OY!
Image014 The cute brunette is Michelle Malkin, a noted conservative blogger. Guess you might be an extremist if you have the "audacity of hope" to challenge the status quo?
Image019 My personal favorite is this one! Give me freedom, or give me chocolate!
I find it ironic since so many people believe Obama is such a wonderful leader to quote this real great African-American leader, but so be it. In my mind there is no comparison between the two men on so many levels.

"Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals."  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Getting back to my original point, after watching the film, State of Play, over the weekend it's beginning to make sense why there are all these "military" responses to people standing up for their rights and why all the CIA documents were revealed. (More after this special report.)

Here's today's report prepared by the staff of Campaign for Working Families which also helps explain this drastic breach of confidence:

“Inexcusable Lapse”

Last week, President Obama made public previously secret details of the government’s interrogation methods used on suspected Islamic terrorists. Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, former CIA Director General Michael Hayden told host Chris Wallace that he, current CIA Director Leon Panetta and three other past CIA directors all objected. Hayden added that he called three top White House officials to warn against the declassification of this sensitive information.

Friday, Investors Business Daily published a scathing editorial entitled, “Inexcusable Lapse,” regarding the president’s decision to publicize the interrogation memos. Here are some excerpts:

“We are told by President Obama’s senior adviser David Axelrod that the president agonized for four weeks over the ‘weighty decision’ to make public memoranda detailing the specifics of the CIA’s tough interrogation of high-value terrorist detainees such as 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad. For most other presidents, it would have taken maybe four minutes, required little soul-searching and resulted in the opposite choice.

“…What could have possessed him to make public the steps our interrogators go through, the limits of pain and discomfort they (but not the prisoners) know they will not exceed, and the analytical classification and specific purpose of each of the various techniques? …

“What the president has given to our enemies is a treasure chest of defensive weapons. Within the caves of the mountainous Pakistan/Afghanistan border, Islamofascist plotters must wonder how self-destructively corrupt their American adversaries have to be to allow such materials to land in their hands. The piece of information that may be of most value to terrorists is the government’s assessment that waterboarding was ‘the most traumatic of the enhanced interrogation techniques’ and implicitly the most effective. ...Presumably the issue is academic since the Obama administration has officially prohibited waterboarding.

“There is no more valuable tool for subjects of interrogation than to know what they will be subjected to. How in good conscience could our president have given this gift to those trying to destroy us?”

Now for those of you who have seen the movie, you'll know what I mean when I say I think Obama is preparing the country for privatization of government security. If you don't agree, watch the film and get back to me. I'm sure you'll see how much money is involved and your eyes will be opened once and for all.

This is an excellent film. All the acting is SUPERB! Brilliant casting, suspense, writing and directing. Especially loved the commentary on the media, blogging and politics. But that's me! They were speaking my language.

Okay, that's all for now. This oughta give you something to think about for awhile. Just know, you are not alone in this and there are more people than you realize who believe the same way as you and me. Speak up! Or forever lose the right I'm afraid.


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