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Congresswoman Jane Harmon & Beyonce's latest

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just a couple little video quickies to keep you occupied while I begin crafting my Scottsdale, AZ travel masterpiece and client updates. lol

What is the story on Congresswoman Jane Harmon? Anyone know the truth? I've met her and find her extremely dynamic which is why this is disheartening to say the least. How trustworthy is Gawker?

Here's their coverage - anyone know anything please leave a comment. That means you Alex and Michael.:)

Congresswoman Waddles Into Israeli Spy Storm

Jane Harman's Media Tour Gets Off to a Bad Start

Jane Harman Caught on Tape, Peddling Influence

Okay, enough of that. If you have an opinion or information, please share it because I'm sure we'd love to know the truth. Heavy Sigh.

Now on to something fun and entertaining highlighting one of my favorite Beyonce songs - If you like it put a ring on it. (I've linked to a blogger with a very interesting take on the lyrics and message - check it out and then check out the cool dance video below!)

Beyonce 100 Single Ladies Flash-Dance Piccadilly Circus, London for Trident Unwrapped

Gotta hand it to the Brits. They may have bad teeth, but man can they dance! Okay, now I've got some blogging to do. Have a good one everyone.


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