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Here's video coverage while mainstream media pretends this didn't happen

KFI 640 John & Ken's Tax Revolt 2009 in Fullerton, CA photo essay

By Joy A. Kennelly

All pictures posted here are copyrighted and require photo credit of my name, Joy A. Kennelly, if used in paid media. Please contact me to request permission.

Please note, I am posting my personal experience of this fun day attending KFI 640 John & Ken's Tax Revolt 2009 in Fullerton, CA with my friend Joe. It's nothing I've ever attended or listened to on the radio before, but wanted to be part of because I have a feeling this is the tipping point for our generation.

I do not agree with every sign every person held, but do agree with the spirit and overall message of the event. I hope that as a result of people making their voices heard our Government wises up and realizes "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it any more!":)

Flag man2
Child2 Child3 Flag man Sign13 Sign46
Sign26 Tyranny T-shirt
Tea bags
The tea bag theme continued and it was the hot accessory.
Goth Total recal Kfi Sign47 Atm Card Joe3 Card2 Joe2 Camera man Crowd Crowd2 Crowd3 Crowd7 Crowd8 Crowd10 Crayons
Crowd12 Debt
This was a child wearing this one. Very sad commentary on the future of our children.
Cute girl
Flags Flags2 Games There were games for people to play. I liked the shoe throwing one the best.
Shoe Shoe3 Shoe4 Games2 Germans I liked these two old guys the best. It would be a great picture with or without their signs. Just two old friends out at the
Sign Girl My Republican friend Joe who took me was very happy her shirt said she only dates Republicans. Here's Joe against the crowd when we arrived. Joe

Heads on a stick It was a very male-domination themed event - Heads on a Stick were some of the rallying chants. Also, all the crushing of Arnold's previous movie memorabilia was a little too aggressive for my taste, but again, I just think people are getting fed up with being ignored. When you mess with people's money, then they have a tendency to get mad.

Interviews There were lots of interviews going on everywhere, but I don't know who for. I'm assuming independent filmmakers and newspapers. No major news coverage, but I think it's because they didn't realize how huge the crowd was going to be. I expected a few hundred, but police estimates the crowd over the course of the day was around 15,000.

It was a lot of fun to be there and feel like you were making a stand against excessive taxation. Now to see if any of these politicians actually listen.

Kfi announcers 


Patriot Parade3 Parade Even before we arrived at the main area there was a parade that wrapped around the block with people carrying flags and tooting whistles. Everyone really got into it and there were plenty of costumed people making statements.
Pirates Ronnie sign Sign50 Sign3 Sign30 Sign2 Sign4 Sign25

Sign5 Sign6 Sign24 

Sign7 Sign8 This one was one of my favorite representations of taking "lemons" and making "lemonade" out of the budget crisis. Too hilarious. 

Sign11 Sign12 Sign32 

Sign14 Sign22 Sign34 


Sign53 Sign41 

Sign16 Prop 1A should make everyone angry. Apparently it's not a "Spending Cap" at all, but an extension of higher taxes by two years thus still giving them what they want, only delayed a little. Very interesting way of doing politics - hide and manipulate the facts.

Sign48 Sign52



Sign49 Sign44 Sign45 Sign42 




Sign36 Sign33 








Joe4 Afterwards Joe & I went to get something to eat and come down from the event. People had moved from the central area and taken their messages to the streets. Drivers were honking in agreement as they drove past.

It was a really fun afternoon and I really enjoyed seeing that I'm not alone with being fed up in how my state and country is being dragged down by excessive taxation. What I liked most about this rally is that there were all ages, all politics, all races represented.

Now to see if Sacramento and DC listen. I'm sure this isn't the last time you'll be seeing protests and I would bet they become more and more frequent AND bigger and bigger until REAL change takes place.

I'm going to suggest Hermosa Beach Pier Plaza as a possible gathering place for another Tax Revolt event because I'm sure there's plenty of people who would show up and it would boost our Downtown economy big time if the dining and dishing I saw in Downtown Fullerton was any indication. What a pleasant area.

On another note, I wonder if O and Arnold will put John & Ken of KFI640 on their radar now... LOL I'm sure Rush could use the break. These are the radio announcers who helped recall our last Governor, Grey Davis. They don't mess around and mean business. I hope Washington and Sacramento take heed.

That's all for now. I do have more to share about what else has been going on aside from politics, but need to get out and enjoy the sunshine a little bit today.

Have a good one!



Thank you for the post. I was in attendance at the rally and you got a great shot of me. I am in the “Guy Fawkes” V mask. We are being treated as “Subjects” with no representation. We have been ruled, not governed, by two parties for too long.

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