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Hermosa Beach Tax Revolt party bus to Pasadena April 11, 2009 9:30am

My friend just sent me this - Enjoy!:)

JOIN THE BEACH CITIES REPUBLICAN CLUB AS WE GATHER A ROWDY CREW AT HERMOSA BEACH PIER. We will then caravan to old town Pasadena on a party bus equipped with a sound system, bar set-up, U-shaped seating for 40, strobe lights, and flat screen TVs! BYOB and make some new friends while you fight for an important cause! What a great way to meet other patriots and do some networking!

In Pasadena, we will be marching with the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition to exercise our first amendment right to gather, protest and voice our opinions against the increasing assault to our wallets!

•We will meet at the Hermosa Pier at 9:30am for our Tax Tea Party. Public parking lot is at 13th St. and Hermosa Ave.
•At 11:00am, we will board the bus to head to old Town Pasadena.
•At 12:30pm, we will join our friends in Pasadena for another tea party and rally.
•We will depart Pasadena at approximately 3:00pm to return to the South Bay.

There are limited seats on the party bus, so you must purchase your tickets in advance for $19.50 online at www.socalgop.com

If you only want to attend the Hermosa Beach event, and not the party bus to Pasadena, you can! It's free! Bring your friends!


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