KFI 640 John & Ken's Tax Revolt 2009 in Fullerton, CA photo essay
Taking a break - need to focus on other writing for now...but...

Here's video coverage while mainstream media pretends this didn't happen

By Joy A. Kennelly

I didn't taken any video, but found these online and thought you might find them as interesting as I have.

I'm posting this talking head guy's video first because he is explaining why this is Tax Revolt by John & Ken from KFI 640 even had to happen. "We're not being represented well and people are angry about it.... Apathy is consent. If we don't stand up to the government then it will happen down the road again."

Click here to watch more of this guy's measured take on the issues. He talks awhile first and then shares video. Please watch and learn. This one has what John & Ken were talking about, the parade I reference and new signs I didn't see because we arrived at 4pm after it had started.


Our state has been filling up with illegal aliens over the past few years and we're spending 13 BILLION dollars a year to pay for them. We've lost 1 million people last year alone who've left because they've had it with the state of our economy, the government and our issues as a state. I'm seriously considering leaving myself and I love California.

Here's video to elaborate on why people are so frustrated:

Here's a clip of people chanting: Heads on a Stick! Heads on a Stick! Click here to view.

Here's a clip of the sounds of the event! It was quite exciting. Click here to view.

And more of the barbaric actions - it was funny... Click here to watch and see for yourself.

Okay, that's all about that, but here's some future events planned which I will probably cover as well. Time to take action people. Take our country back from elected officials who are robbing our children and our children's children.

There are more Tea Party events planned nation-wide which you can learn about here at: http://taxdayteaparty.com/teaparty/california/

You can watch more videos, see other's pictures of this day and learn about additional protests at this Pajama TV website: http://www.pjtv.com/?cmd=view-event&event-id=140

Have a good night and realize you can either complain and do nothing, or do something. I choose to do something. I hope this helps you realize that you too can make a difference too. And I leave you with this other blog called Just Americans Making Ethical Statements. Check out some of their great articles and pictures of other events and issues you might appreciate.

And this one too which will really make you think: Obama White House Parties on as “Rome” Burns because I don't think O really gets it. Do you?

That's all.


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