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Any dentists available for pro bono work please?

A friend I trust just sent me this plea for help and I thought to help her I'd publicize this in hopes some kind-hearted people would consider helping her out. It's really awful and just another reminder, that there, but for the grace of God go I seeing as I don't have healthcare either.

(And now is not the time to tell me you think Papa O is going to save me and provide this - if Hillary couldn't get universal healthcare taken care of in eight years, I don't see it happening any time soon myself. But this isn't about politics, it's about a single mother's desperate plea for help.)

Here's the original request:

Hi my friends,
I am reaching out to you as most of you know Tamalin (my best friend/ business partner) was in a terrible accident and has shattered her jaw and teeth.She's a single mom raising a 13yr old daughter with a music career.  She has gone in for surgery for her jaw and has recovered from that but now she's starting her procedure for her teeth. Unfortunately before she can start any cosmetic surgery she needs 9 root canals. Unfortunately Medi-Cal keeps rejecting the Dr. request for her treatment especailly when she needs it as she is starting to get infections in her gums. Please  help us raise funds for her first root canal procedure!!! Every little bit counts. She only has 23 days to meet her goal otherwise she won't receive any funds.

Thank you

Azumi Williams

If you, or someone you know, is able to help, please contact Azumi directly, or pledge directly on this woman's site. God bless you all.


william j turman

I certainly feel for you< I live here in texas and pro bono dentists are rare indeed>my wife was a teacher for 33 years and helped a lot of kids but when its her turn for help nobody is there< where have all the real people gone??????jerry the tv man

los angeles teeth whitening

Thank you so much for bringing up this issue,if Hillary couldn't get universal healthcare taken care of in eight years, I don't see it happening any time soon myself. Just keep up the good work.

by: florence

veneers los angeles

There are lots of dentist who wants to work or give their services for free, I hope with your post, many dentist will contact you to help you.


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