Another weird sleep day - Go Steelers!
He's Just Not That Into You movie is great!

Wasn't today's Super Bowl an amazing game? And I never watch football...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Today kind of ebbed and flowed. Lack of sleep always affects me. I was really off my game today running the slide show at my church - jumping the gun more times than not. However, everyone was really nice about it.

Had a really nice time at my friend Melinda's Super Bowl party at her home and got to meet her lovely hubby. Seems like everywhere I turned this weekend I was meeting someone's new husband or baby or seeing someone's new house. Kind of made me wish I had one of those to show off too. Really. Truly.

The game sure was amazing today wasn't it? I never watch football and really don't like it, but for some reason today's game was quite captivating. LOVED, LOVED Bruce Springsteen's performance too. That man is hot and I've never thought he was till today either. Must be something in the air.

Visited an amazing new athletic center that was converted from a huge airline hangar called Hangar Athletic Xchange or HAX for short as a quick jaunt to see another Super Bowl party. Click here to check it out. Total state-of-the-art space with top athletes involved like my friend Jason Olive and his friend Sinjin Smith. Those names ring a bell anyone?

I only wish they made the font size on their website a little bigger because the older I get, the harder it is to read the fine print and I really want to read all of it! Definitely a space you're going to be hearing more of soon I'm sure.

They have a shoe store in there that has shoes that only 100 are made and this store sells them. I believe the term is drop or something like that. I took a pic of the ones for Kobe and LeBron which I'll share once I've uploaded all my pix. Just know it's very cool. I could totally see an Entourage episode happening in this place somehow.

Really enjoyed touring it and sharing time with my friends. Dashed back to Melinda's to catch the last five minutes of this exciting game and totally loved the hilarious Office episode. Should have ended the night after watching that show, but needed to pop by the folks to pick up laundry I had left from the day before.

Big mistake. My Dad is one of the few people I know who doesn't value my life experience attending the Inauguration simply because I didn't make any money while being there, or because I was there. Everyone else in the world thinks it was fabulous and amazing I went. Him? Why did I bother? DAMN!

Needless to say, left their house feeling demoralized, but after uploading a bunch of my favorite commercials to Facebook tonight and laughing at some of them again, I felt better. You can check out all the commercials from today at - I highly recommend the Dorritos, SNL, and ones the most.

I also enjoyed listening to the CSpan interview with the new RNC Chairman, Ron Nehring, which if you're curious about you can listen to here. I find it very interesting because I can't wait to see what the new guy, Michael Steel does now that he's been elected (in case you didn't know, he's an African American. Very interesting!)

Okay, that's all. Just felt like sharing so those of you who think I'm wonder woman (believe it or not, there are a few) will realize that I'm definitely not. I wish I were, but I'm just not. Now to sleep off this last bit of malaise and hit the ground running tomorrow for another interesting day in the life of Joy (as more than one good friend has told me how they view my life. Now if only I made the mony an interesting life like this normally does, then it will be all good. HA!)

Was going to hit the 7am Rotary Club meeting in MB tomorrow, but think I really need my rest. Probably shouldn't have stayed up so late, but just wasn't tired. This is really all.

Have a good one. I know I'm going to try.


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