DC "We are One" Concert pictures - in no particular order again
Finally! Inauguration Day pix and stories from my DC Trip

Pre-Inaugural Brunch w/Congresswoman Jane Harmon & Civil Rights Legend, John Lewis

By Joy A. Kennelly

Monday morning started out bright and shiny because Jeannette really wanted to hear her favorite news show, Morning Joe, at the Dubliner Restaurant in the Phoenix Hotel. Ironically enough, that's the hotel my pre-inaugural brunch with Congresswoman, Jane Harmon, and Civil Rights Legend, John Lewis, was going to be held later on.

We arrived around 7am, but the line was around the block because people had shown up at 4:30am to get in line. We decided to head off to Union Station to get warm and grab a snack since Jeannette was going to be a volunteer at the Martin Luther King Day event later on.

Here's some pix of Union Station to give you an idea of the Obamania and great marketing job Pepsi did. Too funny. The first one is my favorite, can you tell why?

Joy Joy2
One for all  Obamamania Oh boy Together Yes you can Vendors Protesters Outside Union Station protesters continued.
Outside PHX Entry
Outside and then inside the Phoenix Hotel. Don't you love how close it is to the Capital? When we returned Jeannette was able to catch the tail end of her event which was fun.
Morning with joe
Jr jane me I bumped into my Hermosa Beach Mayor, JR, upon arrival and we grabbed this pic with Congresswoman Jane Harmon before she got too busy. What a fireball of energy! Group shot at jh There were actually quite a few South Bay residents in attendance. I met Torrance Mayor, Cliff Numark and his lovely wife, Executive Producer of Extreme Makeover, Diane Korman, and Manhattan Beach Mayor, Richard Montgomery and his lovely new bride, Diane.

Government officials L to R - MB City Council Member, Nick Tell, Torrance Mayor, Cliff Numark, State Assembly Member 53rd District, Ted W. Lieu, HB City Council Member, Michael DiVirgilio, HB Mayor JR Reviczky, and MB Mayor, Richard Montgomery.

Group shot  L to R - Torrance Mayor, Cliff Numark and spouse, Diane Korman, Civic Couch Founder, Brad Jacobson & MB City Council candidate and spouse, Kathleen Paralusz, two people I don't know, HB Mayor, JR, Councilwoman 15th District, Janice Hahn, Congresswoman, Jane Harmon, former MB Mayor, Jim Aldinger, MB City Council Member, Nick Tell, MB School District member I believe, Amy and her son.

Group shot with JH Janice Hahn is the one wearing orange and is the sister to Jim Hahn, our former Los Angeles Mayor candidate.
Congresswoman, Jane Harmon gave a very inspirational speech celebrating Democrats and our new president. It was a little hard to listen to, but I figured hey, her candidate won and God bless everyone for feeling victorious! I was just thrilled to be there at all. Apparently thousands of people had applied and only 198 received tickets. I am very thrilled and blessed to have experienced this wonderful trip.
Dr buzz aldren Astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldren in the foreground
Guests Everyone listened wtih rapt attention.
John & jane Jane warmly welcomed Civil Rights Legend and personal friend, John Lewis to the podium to share his thoughts on Martin Luther King day. It was extremely moving. I only wished my son, Eli, could have been there to hear him speak.
John lewis
John Lewis & Jane
John Lewis & Jane2
Sidney & John Lewis Sidney Harmon was very instrumental in the Civil Rights Movement and good friend of John Lewis too. He is a really neat man. No wonder Jane is so successful. What a team.
Jane & richard Buzz & john John & hahn Jr & JOhn Jr & john2 Me & john Me john jim Me with ted Michael, dayna, jr2
MB residents Alex & me  This is Alex, Staff Assistant, who was very helpful this whole time. Thanks Alex!
Captial As I left, the sun had risen a little more.
Mayors & MD3 Our South Bay Government Officials.
South bay at lunch We all went out for lunch afterwards. RB Mayor, Mike Gin, is in the foreground. I really enjoyed getting to know people outside my area better and learning what they're up to in their cities. It was a really fun time.

I then dashed off to attend the mixer Airbed and Breakfast founders, Nathan and Brian, had thrown for everyone at Oya. It was a little too high-end for the attendees, but still nice to see others.
Airbed founders Obama O's Chinatown Chinatown - isn't it fun? Check out all the vendors all over.
Vendors2 Vendors3 Bens chili bowl2 This was my first stop for dinner, Ben's Chili Bowl, made famous by the fact President Obama ate there. Lines were around the block when I came home that day. I really wanted to buy this guy's magazines, but didn't have cash. Then I forgot.:)
Vendors4 Jnet Jeannette received a beautiful certificate commerating her volunteerism. Very cool.
Peta Gotta love PETA, right? More later.


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