Merry Christmas everyone! Have a blessed day...
And people wonder why I don't cook at home...

Just another sunny day in CA - I told you so...

By Joy A. Kennelly

What you can always count on in CA is that even if you're experiencing one or two days of grey, pretty soon the sun will peep through and you'll have sunshiney weather once again. Today is no exception. Yesterday was grey and gloomy with rain showers off and on and now... beautiful weather!

Just love it. I had a very nice day yesterday with the fam and hope you enjoyed yourselves too. I promised them I wouldn't write about it, but I do have to share this funny moment because we all were laughing. My aunt who hosted the party is doing some remodeling and recently completed their beautiful new bathroom.

The big highlight of the day yesterday was learning how the new bedat works (the toilet that washes your privates - what's that called again? I'm not spelling it correctly, but you know right?)

Since everyone's faces are hidden I just have to post this one pic because it's so funny. I don't think my uncle ever figured it out, but we all had fun anyway.

Bdet lesson
What an amazing meal and lovely time was had by all. Now to decide what to do with the rest of the time off!:) Have a good one everyone!


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