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Actor Domiziano Arcangeli honored by 72nd Annual Southern CA Motion Picture Council

By Joy A. Kennelly

Finally have a moment to catch my breath and upload some pix from the 72nd Annual Southern CA Motion Picture Council's Awards Ceremony Socal logo honoring Actor Domiziano Arcangeli Arcangeli_Domiziano_0263 with a Golden Halo Award for Acting Achievement due to his acting work in Italy and the United States in more than sixty films, ten Television series and numerous theatrical productions, nationally and internationally.

Here's a close-up of the award. Isn't it pretty? 


The Golden Halo Award was presented to Domi Domi & Margaret with award by Academy Award Winning Actress Margaret O'Brien (Meet Me In St. Louis, Little Women) who is one of the few actresses in Hollywood to be recognized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with four stars. If you remember, she played the daughter of Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis. She continues to act to this day.

She's a Board Member I believe along with Judy Garland's only son with Producer Sid Luft named Joey Luft who also was in attendance as was Actor Jerry Maren, one of the original munchkins and recent Hollywood Walk of Star recipient. They all helped cut the beautiful cake which was delicious.

Actor Randal Malone who is the President and Chairman of the Board was the Master of Ceremonies and was delightful. Cutting the cake

For those of you old enough to remember the Dick Van Dyke Show (or catch it on cable reruns), Rose Marie, the actress who played the gruff speaking, ballsy female secretary was there and is just the same as that character going strong despite a recent hospitalization. 

Domi, rm, rm, jm

 We all were able to sit together and enjoyed numerous talented musical and dancing acts while dining. I don't think I've seen Domiziano this happy ever! He plays bad guys a lot and is always straight faced, but this honor was a nice recognition of his entire career and very appreciated.

Me & Dom best  

Actor Patrick Kilpatrick came out to support Domiziano too which was very nice.  Domi & Patrick at table Patrick is one of the celebrity guests of tomorrow's Hermosa Shorts Fest Kick Off Party at The Shore Restaurant and Lounge as well.

Here's a pic of he and I to give you an idea of how tall he is seeing as I'm 5' 10"! He plays a lot of bad guys. Can you see why?

Me and Patrick

And here he is in comparison to Actor Jerry Maren, who has a new book out called Short & Sweet: The Life and Times of a Lollipop Munchkin. Bet you didn't know Jerry was the original Buster Brown, did you?

Patrick & Jerry Maren  
Martin Nolan and Darren Julien of Julien's Auctions were honored with the Philanthropy Award that night too because of their wonderful work supporting the 72nd Annual Southern CA Motion Picture Council over the years with all their silent auctions.


Domiziano's good friends, John, Actress Emma Bering, French Director Jean Veber showed up to support him as well. Table shot

Jean elea dom

Domiziano was so touched to be introduced by Margaret O'Brien and shared a personal story of always watching Meet Me in St. Louis with his mother on Christmas Eve growing up as part of his acceptance speech. He also bought an art deco painting she created to memorialize the evening even more. It's really beautiful and will go quite well in his Hollywood Hills home.

Margaret & Domi

Here's a quick pic of me, Randal and Domiziano prior to his receiving the award.

Joy, randal, domi 2

Actress Kate Linder of The Young and The Restless surprised us because we didn't know she was there till the end of the evening. She and I met during a UCLA Class on how to secure celebrities for your events years back. She's very nice and we always enjoy seeing each other at events.

Kate domi - best

Overall, this was a really special evening filled with lots of famous legendary Hollywood stars which made it quite fun and memorable. Their next major event is a special Christmas dinner in December so keep your eyes open if you're interested in participating.

And with that, I'll leave you with this last fun picture of the Award-winning Actor of the evening, Mr. Domiziano Arcangeli! Congratulations and wishing you many more!

I am a winner


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