Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.
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I'm going to the Inauguration! What an amazingly great day!

By Joy A. Kennelly

For those of you who have known me for awhile, or have been reading this blog for awhile, it may come as a shock to your system to hear that I've been accepted to receive a ticket to attend the Inauguration, but join the club! I'm right there with you!

Like I told my chef tonight, I feel like if Obama loves me, then f all the rest. (Sorry Christian friends, I have a problem with swearing, but I'm working on it.) I think it's a huge honor and definitely going to be the most exciting day of my entire life to date to participate in such a historic swearing in. Now to figure out all the details because I never in a million years expected to be accepted, but am so thrilled now that's it's a reality! I have so much to organize!

I also was invited to attend the pre-Inaugural brunch and I pushed the envelope to see if I could bring the adoptive parents and my 9 year old son who live out near DC too because I'd love for Eli to have this life experience and realize he can aspire to be whoever he wants to be in this world.

I'm not sure they're even available because I know Jeff just retired from the Pentagon and their whole life is in a huge transition. He may have a new job by then and who knows where they'll be living. I just really, really hope everything works out on all sides because nothing would make me happier.

For those of you who don't know, my son Eli is mixed - half Nigerian and half me. What's so cool is that the adoptive couple are interracially married and you'd never know he wasn't their natural born child. I looked for a very long time to find this couple and God was totally in our adoption. He is one happy, smart kid. I haven't seen him in awhile and would love to spend time with him doing this. We shall see!

The other cool thing that happened today is my good publicist friend, Lynne Hasty of Green Galactic throws an annual Christmas party for all the cool women in her life and believe me she knows a ton. She's an amazing music/arts publicist and so generous, loving and kind.

I just love her and always try to make her events because they are gauranteed to be among some of the hippest, most unique, artistic, musical, interesting events you'll ever attend. If you are looking for a music publicist, look no further and call her ok? You'll be so glad you did. She's awesome!

Tonight was her 17th Annual Christmas gathering that I would say over 30 amazingly accomplished women attended. Although I was later than I anticipated because I was having the best brainstorming session with my new "power partner" (that's Business Networking International speak for someone who's your best referral giver and receiver), Ryan of My Website Design, I still caught my favorite part of the evening which is when we go around the room telling a little about ourselves to help facilitate networking afterward.

I saw some friends I haven't seen in years, the lovely, talented Lynne of course, made some new friends, and the best part was finally able to share face-to-face with live people that I got to attend the inauguration! I believe there was a collective gasp and then excitement for me which was very gratifying.

I've always, always, always said I'm a moderate and despite my rabid Republican politicking during this campaign, I love that I will be participating in such an auspicious occasion in our country's history. Now I understand what my African friend in England was trying to tell me the night of the election. It may take me awhile, but I do eventually get it.

My good friend Shana who is such a staunch Democrat her very young boys talk about politics (which cracks me up) teased me today and said she can see me becoming Democrat yet! I laughed at that because although I really do see value in both parties, I still lean way more right than I ever will left. However, that said, I respect others who do and love the diversity of the friendships in my life because of that fact. I LOVE politics. Who knows? Maybe while I'm back there I'll look for a job! LOL

Stranger things have happened. All I know is, I'm ecstatic and regardless of anything else I'm also very proud to be included. Makes all the pain, heartache and other struggles I've encountered holding strong to who I am and what I believe in all worth it.

The other really cool thing that happened recently is that one of my best friends from high school who I always had the best time with, accepted me on Facebook as a friend which touched me deeply, deeply, deeply because he recently married his gay partner. His acceptance by reaching out and accepting me in friendship despite our differences continues to move me even today.

When people can look beyond politics, religion, and everything else that can divide us as people and simply love and accept each other as individuals, that's what love is all about. He blessed me on a day I really needed to feel loved and I will be very grateful to him for that for a long time.

God always knows when we need to feel His tender touch through humans and sometimes it doesn't always come in the package or way we expect it. I totally didn't expect my friend to accept me and when he did, I just broke down crying.

What was a little embarrassing is just then I received a call on my landline which I never get and had to check who would be calling me. It turned out to be the woman who had interviewed me to be a press agent for the Academy Awards telling me that although she really wanted to hire me, due to budget cuts they weren't able to bring anyone on after all. She was so sweet about it too. What a great boss she would have been! But who knows, maybe that will come true later on in the year. You never know.

What's so amazing looking back on this call now, is if she had called to say yes, we want you, I might have been working rather than free to attend the Inauguration! Isn't that amazing how God works? He replaced one wonderful thing for something even more wonderful! I am truly blessed.

So, that's all for now. Just wanted to share and would have shared earlier except for the fact I couldn't get into my blog for some reason. Thanks for reading. I love having a place to vent. As I was driving home from Downtown tonight all I could think about was either dancing, running around on the beach, having a bite, singing loudly, or blogging. Ok, I'll admit, sex too. LOL

I always know I'm going to have a great night if I'm driving and my favorite Cold Play song, Viva La Vida, comes on. When I'm singing at the top of my lungs and driving fast it's the greatest feeling in the world. Makes me feel like all is well in my world. Hearing it tonight I felt it was just another great addition to an already great day.

It's great nights like these that I miss having someone special to share these moments with. So gentle reader, for tonight, you are my someone special. Thanks for being in my life.:)

That's all. I really must get to sleep because I have another busy day tomorrow and three parties in the evening. I'm having the best Christmas season this year! I'm telling you!

Merry Christmas everybody! Happy Hanukah too!


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