Another gay protest story which is really sad and disheartening.
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Oh, the small minds of so many who disagree with me

By Joy A. Kennelly

This will hopefully make you laugh as much as it did me. People come up with the craziest things when they search my name - now the biggest laugh is that I hate gays. What a crack up. They have no idea how many gay people I know and love and have in my life, yet "they" in their infinite wisdom have decided that's the case.

Totally cracks me up. I hate what certain ones are doing, but that's not saying I hate them as people. Just the stupidity of some of their current political actions. I would say that about any group that is wasting tax payers money and have actually.

I just calls them as I sees them. Now to get back to more pressing matters like organizing more big parties, more publicity for legitimate issues and other fun stuff.

See ya around. Don't be a stranger unless you're small-minded. Don't have time for that.


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