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Interesting commentary re: Radical Homosexuals

Seeing as this isn't going away, here's some interesting commentary's on this topic of hate which I didn't happen to write, but do agree with wholeheartedly.

Kevin McCullough :: Townhall.com Columnist
Why The Prop 8 H8ters Lost
by Kevin McCullough

Here's an excerpt - click on the link above for the entire article. See?

"There has been much "hate" described in media reports since election day in the nation, much of it related to the passing of Prop 8 as a Constitutional Amendment for that state and as such is no longer touchable by a state sanctioned court. Yet hate has abounded, not from the corners of Jewish synagogues, Mormon temples, Christian churches or Catholic cathedrals. Those are just the places we've been told "hate" resides.

The "hate" was also not found in any single ethnicity, political party, or geographical demographic.

No the side that has been doing all of the hating since election day in the troubled parts of our nation have been militant activists radicals, who happen to be mostly white, mostly godless, and nearly completely all choose to engage in homosexual behavior.

It is the radical activists roaming the streets, pushing elderly women to the ground, staging obnoxious protests outside places of worship, and in some cases interfering in the midst of worship services that have expressed all of the hatred seen since election day. They have even taken to harassing people on their way to or from the church door and their car.

But these haters are ignorant and as such, many Christians, Mormons, Catholics, and Jews have shown compassion upon them.

How are they ignorant?

For one they don't seem to understand the validity of Constitutional authority, Constitutional law, and Constitutional rule. They are running around ginning up the pathetic gatherings of theirs to "override" Prop 8. They don't seem to understand that the court is under the authority of the Constitution in the state of California. They don't seem to understand that if some Kangaroo judge attempts to hijack the resounding will of the people, having now passed in two landslide victories--even when outspent on the matter 6 to 1, they will have anarchy on hand. Given that to shred the explicit language of a state's sovereign constitution is to suspend all law, and all authority found in the law.

Secondly they don't seem to understand that those of us who choose not to engage in homosexuality, and even those who do--but do not take to acting like the equivalent of broodish animals--aren't fooled by what is attempting to be done. The activists keep marching, screaming and forcing spittle to fly in little old ladies faces, for what end? To change the definition of a word. Prop 8 didn't say that those who are protesting like wild coyotes can't create a contract in which every arrangement in life that they would like can be legally protected and allowed for. There is no discrimination going on against those who choose homosexual sex, they may still practice it, obsess about it, discuss it, believe it, and do it. But there is also no value in looking at the sacred sexual union of a man and a woman--with all the societal potential that such a union provides--and summarily saying that all other sexual unions should be considered the same exact thing. They are not the same biologically, emotionally, nor physically and it is easy to determine this.

Thirdly they are being grossly dishonest. No one has attempted to refuse a constitutional right to any of these persons. Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. The society has a right to sanction such a union because of that union's potential to insure the future of that society. Those who engage in homosexual actions cannot conceive. Those who do, do so simulating either heterosexual behavior either with a human or via artificial means. But nonetheless the ingredients that are required must be present to bake the proverbial cake.

But further on this point those who engage in homosexual behavior are still under NO discrimination. They can legally protect their estate, visit their partners in hospitals, and even dictate the conditions under which fidelity to that union be observed or insure adulterous penalties."

Saturday, November 15, 2008
Doug Giles :: Townhall.com Columnist
Radical Homosexuals Trample a Cross, Harass a Granny, Crash a Church, and Threaten Joe the Plumber’s Life
by Doug Giles

Here's some excerpts from his blog too. Get real people. These marches are not peaceful and never will be.

"Can you imagine what would happen if a gang of angry male Christian activists started shouting down and shoving around some nice old lesbian during a religious rally right after ripping her rainbow pride flag from her hands and waffle stomping it?

How much television coverage do you think that spat of stupidity would spawn? What kind of outrage do you think the gays would gin up over such an inexcusable and pathetic act?"

"And lastly to the radical gay guys, do you really believe that this kind of belligerent behavior is going to make Americans capitulate to your cause? Who came up with this strategy? Was it the same guys who thought that Clear Pepsi would be a real winner?"

Book Review of The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing The Principal Threat To Religious Freedom Today
by Alan Sears and Craig Osten
Reviewed by Sandra Alexander
13 June 2004

This book reveals where the homosexual movement is taking us, with its "six-point strategy" for changing societal perception of homosexuality. This strategy takes society through four stages, and we are now past the third stage and into the final and fourth stage leading to the moral demise of a culture.

In the Introduction to their book, The Homosexual Agenda, Mr. Sears and Mr. Osten ask the question, “How far down the road have homosexual activists taken us toward their goal of unbridled sexual behavior and silencing of the church?” (p. 14) They then describe the four stages which lead to the moral demise of a culture, stating that the homosexuals, after quickly passing through the first two stages, are now finishing the third stage, (‘The Mobilization Stage’) developing a common language and strategy for presenting their case to the public.

“They [homosexual advocates] reframed the issue, taking it out of the moral realm, and presented it as a ‘human rights’ issue. Those who opposed their argument were deemed ‘hateful’ or ‘intolerant’ toward those that are ‘different’ - even though the group’s only identification is that of a chosen sexual behavior.” (p. 14) This strategy is working, because “once an issue has been redefined from a moral absolute to an individual choice, society starts to be reprogrammed that the arguments of the group are valid and therefore special privileges for previous ‘injustices’ and for the affirmation of the behavior occur.” This is stage four, “The Legitimization Stage.” (p. 14) The authors warn us that we have now reached stage four and they ask the question, “How has one to two percent of the population achieved so much success in transforming American culture and restricting religious freedom?” (p. 17)

Okay, that's all for now. If you're interested in reading more, just click on the links. Very interesting is all I have to say - at least for now. How much longer till my voice is silenced? Are we living in America or what? Too weird. Never experienced anything like this before, but I guess there's always a first time right?

Damn. God bless 'em.


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