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Oh, the small minds of so many who disagree with me

Another gay protest story which is really sad and disheartening.

By Joy A. Kennelly

While the battle for married sodomy vs. domestic partnership sodomy wages on on the This is Hermosa forum, I've decided to put my focus elsewhere since the topic is beginning to get a little too graphic for me.

You too? You're not alone. Stop the madness!

Apparently now there's a nation-wide protest march planned for 11/15. You have to hand it to the gays & lesbians behind this movement. They really are good at organizing parades and protests. I guess all these years of organizing gay pride events is really paying off.

I'm sorry, it's just kind of funny to me. I either find the humor in the situation or remain angry that this is such a waste of taxpayers money and a mockery of the Democratic process.

Just so those of you reading from around the world realize, you may see a lot of gay protests going on, but this doesn't accurately reflect the state of our country's opinion towards this issue.

Straight people are not as angry and you won't be seeing any of us protest. You will also not see any other religious denomination other than the Episcopals supporting this movement either which is why the mainstream media consistently only interviews that denomination. Makes for a better story to have a church in an uproar, when in reality many are quite content with the decision and relieved truth be told.

Interesting, eh? You also won't read about this disturbance that happened recently in a Michigan church in the mainstream media which is really quite appalling and a poor reflection of the tolerance supposedly so a part of this movement. Yeah, right.

Michigan liberals attack Lansing congregation in the middle of Sunday worship - this is a blogger's version of what happened. Now for the media who was part of the publicity stunt's version - read the comments too because then you'll really see what America thinks of this stupidity.

Gay Anarchist Action Hits Church

Just thought you'd like to know. Scary isn't it? What a few radicals won't do to mock people with differing beliefs. Again, I ask you. Where's the tolerance? It's not there and it will never be there if this keeps up.

I also thought you should know that now that Obama is in office it looks like our CA Governator is attempting to curry his favor since he's now wanting to impose a 10% sales tax to our state and is NOW in favor of same sex marriage when before, while stumping for McCain, he wasn't.

Isn't that interesting?

Just goes to show what kind of influence Ms. Shriver actually has behind the scenes. Maybe Arnold's off the cuff remark that he's been sleeping in the garage is true and he got tired of not enjoying some of his married rights. HA!

Ironic how that works isn't it?

I called and emailed Arnold myself because I'm sick of politicians using public office to hold forth on personal views when they oppose what the people of CA have voted and approved in not one, but two elections. Spout off on your own time. Stop wasting ours. Sorry, that's just how I feel.

That goes for you too Mayor Villaragosa - hey, isn't his name supposed to split in half now that he's getting or has gotten a divorce? Just curious. Sorry, I'm feeling testy this morning and just feel like pushing back a little against the status quo that seemingly is accepting this BS. And it totally is BS.

However, since I don't want to receive new death threats like I have recently on Facebook from some stupid Danish students, I'll close for now.

Have a good one!


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