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Sarah Palin Rally at Carson Home Depot Center October 4, 2008

Manhattan Beach Home Town Fair 2008

By Joy A. Kennelly

Here's some fun pix from yesterday and a few I just love. The first one is a gift from my little nieces. Do they know their Auntie Joy, or what?

Girls art Doesn't this just warm your heart? My own little art lover diorama or whatever these things are called. I just love it. Made my whole day.

Football room Football room2 I just had to shoot this guy because this is the total guy's football haven. He said he has three daughters. I guess this is his escape. Isn't it a riot? You go guy! Happy football watching everyone!

911 memorial This is the entry way to the MB Home Town Fair. I got there early yesterday and shot these which is why there aren't many or any people in the way.:) Isn't this a total contrast to the Abbott Kinney Street Festival? Too fun. Total different vibe. Loved the artistry and art.

Check it out!

Aprons Art Art - cs Art socrates Buy art now Cowboys Photography  Baby clothes Carrie & me Carrie sommer Candy Clowns Dead dolls Flowers Garden Hats Jewelry Kelley Kotsches Love Love2 Me and palin Me at booth New recruits Registering to vote Vidal sign American spirit American symbols Opening parade Opening of parade with sign Parade Old timey car Usc babies Pottery Princess clothes Republican booth Republican booth2 Vote Signage with martha Republican booth3 Young guy with palin Republican sign  Trio of recruits

Pumpkins Happy Halloween everyone!


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