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For those who don't understand Barack Hussein Obama's pro-abortion stance...

By Joy A. Kennelly

I can't sit idly by and watch intelligent people defend Barack Hussein Obama's record on abortion as something that is Pro-life when it is so not. It's sickening the degree he is willing to allow babies to die and I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Watch this interview with a Registered Nurse named Jill Stanek who shares such a horrifying story that even Bill O'Reilly is speechless (a first, I'm sure.)

Jill Stanek on the O'Reilly Factor

You can read more about Barack Hussein Obama's horrible pro-abortion stance on her website: www.jillstanek.com. This news just makes me want to cry it's so heartbreaking. I can not understand how far our country has gone to think that killing innocent children is acceptable.

I'm speechless too. I'm sorry. This just breaks my heart. When I held my son for the first time and saw how precious he was I sobbed non-stop all night thinking about my decision to place him in adoption. My heart was wrenched out of my body and rung out to dry the pain was so unbearable to think I wouldn't have this little innocent baby in my life.

It didn't help to still be in the ward where all the other babies were with their mothers crying all night while my son was with his adoptive parents either. I had lost so much blood during his birth I had to stay in the hospital an extra night without him after receiving multiple transfusions. Something that doesn't normally happen, but in this case had to. It still hurts to think about it.

Please stop and consider the issue of life. I know it's not a big one to many people, but it is to the children we're killing on a daily basis. Abortion isn't just happening in the womb. These babies are being born and then allowed to die in hospitals no less.

I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face and my heart aches just thinking about it. Please reconsider your position on this campaign and put the unborn's rights ahead of something else that isn't as important in the grand scheme of things.

I'm sorry. I just have to say this. I know it's not popular. I know it's not PC. But abortion is wrong. If we don't stand up for innocent life, who will? And as a reminder, watch this video on Catholic Vote to help you understand why I feel so deeply about this issue. Thank you.



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