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Muscular Dystrophy Association Fundraiser raised over 45k!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Here's some of my pix from the recent Muscular Dystrophy Association fundraiser held at The Shore before my camera died. Suzanne, the organizer, promises to send me more and I'll upload them when I get them too.
Thank you to The Shore Mda signa
The total amount raised was over $45,000, which will go directly to MDA’s Summer Camp for kids with neuromuscular diseases.  Camp is free for the camper and is an opportunity for our kids to spend time away from their families and to participate in various activities with others kids that have similar disabilities.  Activities include swimming, talent shows, arts and crafts, and other things you would find at any other summer camp.

Congratulations to all our fundraisers!

Eric, suzanne and jerry's kid
2000 Olympic Gold Medalist and current Realtor, Eric Foinoimoana, greets one of Jerry's Kids with Suzanne Gutterman, organizer of the Lock-up.

Greycie & rack Luna G store owner/stylist, Greycie brought some of her wares and donated 20% of the sales to Jerry's Kids.

Group shot of TShore There were lots of raffle items and everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by The Shore's Chef David Linville.

Chef & food
Eric behind bars When everyone arrived they were rustled into jail to get their "mug shot" taken and kept "locked up" until they raised bail. Eric raised over 4,000 and was allowed to leave - don't worry.:)

Here's a blurb on his business from his website - "As a professional athlete and Olympic Gold Medal winner, Eric understands the dedication, passion, and commitment it takes to win on the court. As a local figurehead, real estate expert, and community activist, he understands the unique circumstances and special needs that VIP, executive, and celebrity clientele have. Eric's unique combination of professional experience, industry knowledge, and integrity makes him the ideal representative for any upscale executive clients in the South Bay or the state of California."

Thanks for coming Eric!

Cute fundraisers
Here were some handsome fundraisers who spent the day helping out. I teased the middle guy for slumming in Hermosa since he was from Manhattan.

JR checking in2 Speaking of Hermosa, our Mayor J.R., popped in and raised his bail quite quickly! We have some really fun pictures of him behind bars, but my camera died just as I was taking his pic. Lucky thing, eh? All the beach city mayors showed up in support which was great. Look for their "mug shots" in the paper this week.

Jr behind bars That's our Mayor JR, can you tell? Thanks for coming out and supporting Jerry's Kids JR!

Mda check out These lovely ladies checked everyone out and collected all the money. Thanks ladies!

More fundraisers
Everyone was provided with Sprint phones to make calls and raise money. These guys were just having too much fun! The guys below show what hard work it was.
Volunteers calling

IMe behind bars2 I was locked up too. If that's my crime, I don't mind doing the time.:)

Jason, chef, jerry's kid, suzanne2 - best The Shore Co-Owner and in-house Music Stylist, Jason Baran, Chef David Linville, a special MDA guest (whose name escapes me-sorry!), and MDA Organizer extraordinaire, Suzanne Gutterman.

All in all, it was a really special day and we're all glad we participated. Lots of great people came by and raised a whole lot of money which is great! Now, I really must run. More pictures I promise!

Have a great day!


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