What a difference time off and wise counsel makes... other stuff
Girls just want to have fun (including Kathy Griffin...)

Isn't it sad that Tony Snow has died now too? Other stuff...

By Joy A. Kennelly

It was so sad to hear the news last night about the death of Tony Snow. Just had to share. Makes me want to be a better person to hear some of the tributes given to him. What a quality guy.

Hit the local Greek Festival today over at St. Katherine's Greek church. OPA! It was very cute. Filled with tons of Greek people and others enjoying the Greek food, Greek booths, Greek music, Greek dancers, and Greek drinks. It's good to be Greek today!

Then caught some of the Manhattan Beach Polliwog Park free concert tonight. Country music, y'all. It was so nice to throw a couple blankets down on the grass and lay down watching the clouds roll by while I caught up with friends I haven't talked to in awhile listening to good country music. Happens every Sunday (not country every time, but a variety of free music. Thanks MB!)

Does anyone else find that their social life is cut in half now that you can't drive and talk on the phone without a headset? I really have to find mine because it's "driving" me crazy not to talk while I drive. Never realized what a habit this was until I can't do it.

Anyone else secretly texting, or talking into the phone in their lap with the speaker on? Not me!:) LOL

Time to get some writing down now. Got a lot business done Friday and have a lot to do this week too. Should be good.

Hope you had a nice weekend too.

C ya. Domiziano's info is coming soon. I promise.


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