What a fun weekend! Sharkeez pre-opening party and other stuff...

Hermosa Beach in the news last night... Blue 32 & The Shore

By Joy A. Kennelly

Real quick now...

I've just created another new blog because I'm moving my professional one from Wordpress over to Typepad. Here's the link: if you want to check it out.

If you want to watch the Hermosa Beach Planning Commission hearing, then click here: Go to the Planning Commission button and then click on the July 15 agenda's video link.

If you watch, notice the huge contrast in the way Blue 32 handles their approach vs. the casual, laid back way The Shore does. HUGE difference. Which is why The Shore wasn't restricted other than their closing time to keep with their ABC License.

I come on about 3:45:59 (no swearing this time, I promise.) till 3:48:16 - just drag the cursor till you find it. I used to produce high-end networking mixers all over Hollywood and Los Angeles in conjunction with my Short Pictures International Film Festival (4 mixers, private parties and other events a year in addition to the actual 2 day festival) back in the 90's and only recently have begun producing events again which has been a lot of fun.

But enough on that...

The hearing begins for Blue 32 at 11:22:00 and runs till 2:37:00. The Shore hearing begins at 2:37:31 and only runs till 4:17:53. Apparently, the poor Planning Commission guys were there for 7 hours total that night hearing everything else because there was a hotel development that had a lot of neighbors up in arms too. Never a dull moment in Hermosa Beach politics!

Also, if you want to keep up on the news happening in Hermosa Beach, here's another local site that is more into the politics and news coverage than even I am. It's called the Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Association so check it out here:

Following is the Channel 11 news coverage of the decision handed down by the Hermosa Beach Planning Commission. Apparently, Chef David Linville was interviewed, but this news link doesn't reflect that.

Blue 32 has had severe restrictions put on them (they must close at midnight, no dancing, must serve food with alcohol etc.) which is why it's probably the main focus. Whereas The Shore's Chef David's interview which is very mellow and nice isn't as exciting a news story, but is part of this news coverage only because their hearing happened the same night. And got cut on the online version!:)

If I find more, I'll post it, but enjoy the coverage in the meantime before it gets switched out:

I think if enough stupid people who only come here to get drunk and party see that Blue 32 is closing at midnight they might reconsider driving all the way down here and then we'll get the real tourists and clientèle we as a city welcome.

The Shore, which can still have dancing, charge a cover, continue with quality live entertainment and stay open till 1am because it was determined to be abiding by its Conditional Use Permit, has some great events coming up which we'll be sure to let you know about.

Empty shore from the front2

That's all for now. Off to enjoy my Friday night and rest my neck...


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