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Girls just want to have fun (including Kathy Griffin...)

By Joy A. Kennelly

I don't know what those Greeks put in my iced coffee today, but it's 4:30am and I'm wide awake! It's the only thing I can think of. Just teasing. Or am I? That, plus the fact that I totally overdid my fun today and my back is telling me so in no uncertain terms. I'm waiting for the two Ibuprofen to kick in to put me to sleep.

Backs are so weird. When you're feeling good and not injured, you never know it's there. However, once you're hurt, then it feels like a hot burning rod that says, Here I am. Don't sit there. Wait, don't lie like that. No, that's not right either. Stop it. You're hurting me! OUCH! OUCH!


Fortunately, I will have relief in the morning when I visit the doctor's office. Oh wait, it is morning. I don't think I've ever in my life stayed up this late except for..., oh let's not go there. Memories, like the corners of my mind. Is that the verse? I think I'm becoming delirious. Just kidding.

What totally cracked me up, is here it was 3:30am in the morning and since I'm not sleeping I think, let's see what all the other insomniacs watch. Lots and lots of informercials, but then, I flip to Bravo and guess who was on?

My new best friend, Kathy Griffin! I can not even believe it. I can't get away from that redhead. She was just what the doctor ordered. She's my Oprah. You know how other people turn on Oprah to escape their life? Well, I'm watching Kathy to escape my pain. Thank you Ms. Kathy Griffin.

Thank you too, for bleeping out the bad words. Although I have to admit, I did swear during a recent Hermosa Beach Planning Commission meeting which was televised, so I'm not innocent either. However, it's much more pleasant to watch your show sans the F bombs. Now if you could only teach Chris Rock to clean up his act too.

Wouldn't it be funny if someone washed out all the celebrities mouth's who swore on TV? Think of all the lives that could be changed by cleaner airwaves - young kids growing up realizing that the F word isn't an adjective. Teen-age boys realizing that the F word doesn't signify making love. 20 somethings the same thing. 30 somethings same thing. 40 somethings I don't know. Our whole world might have an expanded vocabulary!

I AM SO TIRED! Why can't I sleep? I'm telling you. Don't order Greek iced coffees if any one ever offers you one ok? Trust me, it's murder. My body is so tired, but my mind is racing a 100 mph. TURN OFF PLEASE! Generally whenever I've not been able to sleep before, I blog and then my mind goes calm and I can sleep.

So, back to Kathy. So, here I am, 3:30am in the morning watching Kathy go to a Bear convention. Now when I first heard the news, I thought it was for people who get off dressing up in bear costumes which is funny and weird as it is, but it's not that. It's gay men who look like bears.

Now that really is Life on the D list. Too funny.

Now what was so hilarious about this one is that Steve Woz, her beau (you know, the guy who created Apple Computers with the other Steve), actually looks like a bear himself and the bear gays were into him! Woz is such a crack-up because he's so brilliant and yet so naive it's really endearing. She kept calling him the Billionaire bear. Wouldn't you like to take him home with you?

I now see why Kathy likes him and vice versa. She's very smart. He's very smart. He's not phased by her act. She's not phased by his wealth. He accepts her for who she is. She accepts him for who he is. Isn't that what we all really want after all? They're adorable together.

I also learned why Tom, her male assistant, always looks so odd. He plucks out his top eyelashes! No wonder! I thought it was because he just looks bug eyed, but now that I know this... Makes total sense. Nothing against you Tom. You're a good man, but you have to know this isn't helping your appearance.

I should talk. I pull hairs out of my eyebrows just for the hell of it when I'm too lazy to do it properly. I figure I'm so blonde no one can really tell what my brows look like anyway, but every so often there's these little gaps that show up when I put color on them.

Stop looking at me! It's really not that noticeable, but since Tom shared his beauty secret, I felt I should share mine too. I'm bonding. Don't try this at home.

Now if these stupid Ibuprofen I just took would only kick in. I've been trying not to take any drugs because I find when I do, then I really over do it because I don't know when I'm hurting my back as easily. When I'm not, then I do. However, I'm trying to sleep so hopefully this will kick in soon. I really must get some Motrin and GoChi Juice asap.

GoChi Juice is a natural anti-inflammatory and also helps your sleep. When I was drinking it before I felt really good and slept really well. Now, without it. OUCH! Insomnia! However, I'm trying not to complain because who wants to hear someone going on and on about this? I don't. I bet you don't either.

But if it bugs you so much, stop reading ok? I'm not paying you right? Sorry, feeling a little grouchy. Meow. Hiss...

Okay, I think that's all I wanted to say. I just really wanted to have some fun today because I'm so tired of not being able to live my normal life since this accident. Guess I really need to baby myself which I don't like doing.

Oh, and nothing against the Greeks. I'm just teasing. I'm also just teasing when I refer to my friend as a Desperate Housewife. She laughed so so should you ok? Life's easier when you can laugh at yourself. Right Kathy?

Okay, time to try to sleep again. Opa!


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