What a great weekend - just what the doctor ordered
No Glass Ceiling, Just Blue Sky by Marcy Blochowiak - enjoy!

What I love about living by the beach...

By Joy A. Kennelly

My favorite thing to do living at the beach (besides swimming in the ocean and watching hot guys play volleyball and surf) is walking down to the ocean at dusk, finding an empty lifeguard station and sitting up on the wooden planks watching the sun go down framed by the open rails.

The tide goes in and out, in and out like clockwork leaving behind a thin layer of water that reflects the beautiful sunset sky like abalone shells across the sand. Occasionally someone walks by, but otherwise it's just me and the ocean. It's so peaceful I just love it. I look out across the ocean and feel God is in control.

I also love watching the lights come on along the pier and the city as the sun disappears into the ocean. This is just my favorite time of night.
Lifeguard stn & Sailboat
Care to join me? 


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