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What I love about living by the beach...

What a great weekend - just what the doctor ordered

By Joy A. Kennelly

This has been one of the most spontaneous weekends I've had in forever. Saturday included attending my friend's child's preschool graduation dinner celebration which is always adorable because they love my attention.

The littlest got to pick the restaurant and when I was telling Kirsten some of the questions I had asked at my last event like what is your favorite South Bay restaurant, Kira piped up and said what is yours Auntie Joy? I knew I had to win points so I said why Mimi's of course (since that's where she had chosen to celebrate.)

She was so thrilled she said "That was a good answer." all proud and all like she's got it going on with choosing great places to eat. Too cute. I just love those kids. I love Kirsten too. She's family to me and like the sister I always wanted. Good, good, good people.

Then spent some time with the parents who always crack me up because they bicker over politics like nobody's business (I think my mom has a slight crush on Newt Gingrich to be honest!) before dashing off home to get ready for The Young Dubliners at St. Rocke - a place I like to call the South Bay's House of Blues.

Very modern, sophisticated, stunningly beautiful lounge and restaurant. Highly, highly recommend a visit. Great music too. It's new so if you haven't heard of it, it's the one which replaced the old Pitcher House. You must check it out sometime. Tell 'em Joy sent you. :)

Didn't have a chance to experience the food since it was 11pm when the band came on, but did enjoy the ambiance and electric vibe of everyone attending. Lots and lots of fun. It was so nice to drive 15 minutes and be some place like that. Normally I drive an hour each way when I go to Hollywood. OY! With gas the way it is now too...

Sunday of course hit Bay Cities Community Church like I always do and heard Jim's Father's Day sermon on Understanding Men. I think I'm beginning to understand them more. Now just need to find one to practice on! LOL

I get that men compartmentalize things. I understand men can't multi-task. I also understand men think about SEX all the time. Let's see what else? Oh, men do nothing that's how they get unstressed whereas women feel better when we talk through our stress. So true! It was a good reminder though. I love going to church because I always hear what I need to hear to live a better life in all areas of my life.

Dashed to Dad's to give him his Father's Day card and gift. Was going to cook him a special dinner, but mom had started already so just made brownies instead. I'm much more of a baker than a cook so it's all good. I need to find a man who likes to cook!:)

Afterwards, spur of the moment, was invited to join a few friends to watch the USA vs. Barbados soccer match at Home Depot in VIP seats. I grew up playing AYSO soccer and thought maybe we'd see David Beckham. We were a wee bit late and if he played, we missed him. Bummer. I am a blonde though so if I got my teams mixed up... Sorry, my bad.

I got some great pix though which I'll have to upload another time. It was great to see the huge American flag in the stadium and see how patriotic everyone was. Go America!

I am absolutely LOVING this camera! It takes the best pictures so easily and quickly. Now if I would only read the manual I bet my pictures would be even better! (I'm not just saying that. Numerous people have said I should enter some contests and you know what? I'm going to! Why not. It's a fun hobby and I'm having a lot of fun with it.)

After the game came back to the Beach House Hotel to connect with some of Joy's friends. Yes, there are now two of us living in the South Bay and we're now the bestest of friends. With a name like Joy, you can't be unhappy for long right? I've only met two other Joys in my lifetime and we've always become fast friends.

There were too many women at the suite party (all very nice, but not what we had in mind so...) left to find greener pastures. Hit a few spots and then dropped into The Shore to share it with my friends. Chef Dave was there and made everyone the best appetizers ever.

I didn't know this, but apparently The Shore won numerous food awards recently by all the local papers. They're sending me the specifics and then I'll post them here to let you know too. They have been working very hard for over the past six months to build the restaurant side of the business since the live entertainment side is great. Yes, they do serve food and not just alcohol. It's true!

Mike, one of the owners, told me that they were extremely close to their 50/50 (I believe he said it was 46.1/ whatever the difference to that is) and since they have such an amazing chef and cuisine, it's only a matter of time before they're completely in balance if not over. I wish them well in achieving that goal.

That's what I like about these guys. They really see what they need to do and they're busting their butt to do it. Not that others haven't, but apparently Dave is one of the higher paid chefs in the South Bay and rightly so. The food is that good. (Full disclosure, I'm publicizing them now, but I would say it regardless. I don't lie and you know me! I love to eat!)

I don't have all the pix of the food and such uploaded yet, but promise to put them up soon. You will want to make the trek to the beach to check it out I promise you that. Here's a few to pique your appetite. Scallops Shrimp Beef

I'll post the press release for this upcoming tasting party soon too. Just waiting on a couple more things to finalize first ok?

After a lazy, fun, delicious afternoon being pampered and catered to by Chef Dave (delicious, fresh food and smooth wine), we wandered back to Joy's house to catch the final minutes of the Laker's game.

Go Lakers! It seems like high drama and totally fixed from an outsider's perspective because why else would the games go the full 7? Some of the injuries people have told me look totally fake, but hey, this is only my third game watching ever so what do I know?

That's what was so funny about today. I'm totally not that into sports and today was just filled with them! First soccer, then basketball. Oh, and even a little golf. What's happening to me? I don't recognize myself! Guess that's what happens when you hang in the South Bay long enough. That's what everyone else is into. Okay, now I get it.

It was just simply the best day. I'll upload pix soon. Have a good one. Now to get ready for my very busy week.

Good night!


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