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Last night at The Shore was a lot of fun - great food, beautiful host, fun people

By Joy A. Kennelly

I don't know why man ever created high heels because every single time I wear them (making me 6' plus!) my feet ACHE the next day. Just soaked my tootsies while talking business on the phone and now must run out to a meeting, but didn't want to leave you hanging too long about last night.

Once I've downloaded, edited and selected the pix, I'll upload them and (sung to the tune of The Brady Bunch)

I will tell you a story of a place called The Shore... and the lovely Chef Dave who made our night. He  cooked his tasty treats for us to eat and man did we ever eat.

And the pretty hostess, named Melissa who interviewed everyone and gave out all the prizes.

Next chorus

The surfers who represented Surfrider shared the message that we don't need any more pollution in our oceans.

And the guests who've never before stepped inside, were pleasantly surprised.

Let's not forget (okay, sing this part real fast) Curly Hair Specialist, Kym Chartrand's sponsorship of the Goody Bags, with special Deva gel for everyone.

Now curly haired people everywhere are rejoicing to have their curls under control, but those of us with straight hair can find the curl in there too.

And the dress given by Luna G's Greycie Baran went to a man who is going to trade it for his wife. We all laughed and had a fun time living the stylish life.

(sing the next part to the tune of The Brady Bunch, The Brady Bunch)

The Shore Restaurant. The Shore Restaurant.

Okay, it's stretching it a little bit, but if you sing it as you read it it does make a little sense! More to come!:)

Have a great morning.


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